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When I saw this, I didn’t buy 70% of the total or didn’t clear the cache. “She… she… said we… made false claims and the quantity was… exaggerated.”

Manager Li’s face was as dark as ink. After Qiao Nuan finalized the list, he read it and found it was fine. If you can make the other party refuse to criticize directly, these two people must have offended each other.

That’s the boss’s relative, whom he never dares to mess with. You can’t blame her, you can only blame the two people in front of you.

“You have been in the company for so long, why are you still so stupid! Go out and reflect on yourselves!”

The eyes of both of them were red, and they walked out with their heads lowered.

Even Qiao Nuan was a little surprised. These two people were simply more “capable” than she thought. She originally let these two people go over and was scolded, but in the end they were not approved.

These two people are also talented people. Where did the Yuanxia Business Department recruit talents?

“Manager, let me go.” Qiao Nuan stood up. After all, he was the one sent by her. If there was a problem, he still had to handle it himself.

Manager Li nodded, “Start work directly after approval. Complete Yu Chuang’s order as soon as possible and strive for long-term cooperation.”



Qiao Nuan slowly walked towards the Finance Department. She had been in Yuanxia for half a year and had dealt with Manager Deng several times. In the past, the one who had the best relationship with her in the business department was Zhao Jiahui. They each worked on small projects, but it was Zhao Jiahui who came to Deng Rong for large investments.

“Manager Deng.” Qiao Nuan said softly.

“Hey, isn’t this the new team leader Qiao of the business department?” The other party turned his pen and shook his chair.

Qiao Nuan put the list on the table, “Manager Deng, please take a look.”

She looked down and said, “Didn’t I say I wouldn’t approve it?”

“Yu Chuang’s project boss is also very concerned about it and will report on this project at the meeting next Monday morning.”

“Are you threatening me?” Deng Rong narrowed his eyes.

“State the facts.”

“Little girl, don’t show off.”

Qiao Nuan smiled softly. She didn’t smile very much, so when she smiled, she looked particularly good-looking. The sharp light in her whole body was suppressed, making her look very pretty.

“It’s good to live more comfortably.”

Deng Rong looked at her, suddenly pulled up the list, and wrote his name on the last page.

Qiao Nuan picked up the pen when she closed it and said, “Thank you, Manager Deng.”

The other party did not speak, but looked at her calmly with disdain.

“See you later, Manager Deng.” Qiao Nuan turned around and walked out step by step, her pace not hurried or slow.

We need to treat different people with different attitudes. The more we talk about Deng Rong at this time and with this personality, the easier it is to make mistakes. Simply treat her as an ordinary financial department manager.

The most important thing now is that Yu Chuang’s first project can be started.


When the salary was paid at the end of the month, Qiao Nuan looked at the amount. For a business department leader of a large company, this salary could be said to be quite high.

After all, commissions from all projects account for 80% of her total salary.

She directly drew out half of it, threw it into a familiar account, and got the call right after taking a shower.

Wearing thin pajamas and not bothering to dry her hair, she answered the phone.

“Nuan Nuan, Aunt Wang said that you… sent money again.” The voice on the other end was a little old, but the words were full of concern.

Qiao Nuan relaxed her tense facial muscles and lay gently on the sofa with a smile on her lips.

“It’s okay, it should be.”

“You kid, you should keep your money for your own use. It’s not easy for you to make money…”

“It’s easy for me to make money, Mom Qiao.” She said softly.

The other end sighed, “You girl never say you are suffering, but how can you not be suffering!”

Seeing that the other end was about to cry, Qiao Nuan quickly said: “I’m fine. Mother Qiao, take care of yourself and tell me if you need anything.”

“I don’t need it. I have everything. Jiaojiao takes good care of me. You… just take care of yourself. Don’t work too hard. You must take care of yourself when you are alone outside!”

The other end gave careful instructions and the two of them talked a few more words. After Qiao Nuan hung up the phone, she sat on the sofa for a few minutes before going to the study to continue working.

The temperature slowly dropped late at night, and she was too lazy to wrap up her clothes.


“This ad is okay.” Rong Jin rarely praised an ad screen.

Yang Dazhou looked up and as a competent secretary, he said almost immediately: “This is Yu Chuang’s new publicity project.”

It’s really interesting, and the location is just right. It doesn’t make you annoyed when you look up, but makes you patiently read it.

Rong Jin nodded and said nothing else. Yang Dazhou took a look at it quietly, wondering if he needed to dig out the follow-up?

As he was getting off work in the afternoon, Yang Dazhou hurried in with a pile of information.

“Boss, Yu Chuang’s project is done by Yuan Xia. From publicity to listing, everything is entrusted to Yuan Xia. Party B’s representative… Qiao Nuan.”

No wonder Yang Dazhou wanted to mention this name specifically. After all, he could recognize the woman applying lipstick to his boss at a glance even from a simple one-inch photo.

Rong Jin paused, threw away Yuan Xia’s information, and took out Qiao Nuan’s copy alone, and a familiar face came into view.

It’s true that you can’t find anything even if you wear iron shoes, and it takes no effort to get it.

The corners of his mouth raised slightly as he read Qiao Nuan’s resume carefully. The words “high school graduation” in the education column were bolded. Rong Jin tapped his fingers on the table, remembering the open book with complicated formulas written on it.

Stand up and say, “It’s time to get off work.”

Leaving the secretary holding the documents with a silly look on his face, he went straight downstairs and drove to Yuanxia.

Yu Chuang’s project is in progress, and there are still many follow-up matters. And he has just taken over as the team leader, and Qiao Nuan has a lot of things on his hands.

I finally came to an end and looked at the time, it was already half past six…

She stood up and felt dizzy. Qiao Nuan shook her head while holding on to the table.

When she regained her vision, she touched her forehead. Her cold did not go away, but turned into a fever, with a scalding temperature.

With a bag in one hand and a coat in the other, I walked directly to the bus stop opposite. This situation is not suitable for driving.

The car arrived quickly, and there were not many people. Qiao Nuan walked directly to the last row, sat down by the window, leaned against the window gently, closed her eyes and rested.

She rarely slows down, is always in a hurry, and rarely even thinks about things other than work.

I have become accustomed to high-intensity work, so much so that when I close my eyes, my mind is full of projects and lists.

Which order must be processed first, which two can be carried out at the same time, which step can be left to others to keep an eye on, and which step must be guarded by oneself…

The car moved slowly, Qiao Nuan’s breathing became more and more steady, her cheeks turned red, and her head swayed with the car.

Li Qi is a bus driver, but now he is highly concentrated, sometimes speeding up and sometimes slowing down.

There is a strange Bentley following him!

If he is fast, he is also fast; if he is slow, he is also slow.

Li Qi thought to himself, would anyone care about him, a greasy middle-aged man?

Don’t be careless. Since you are a pervert, your thoughts may be different from those of ordinary people!

Besides, his face is not good, but his heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys are good! These days there is nothing you can’t think of, no pervert can do it.

Thinking about this, he immediately drove the car beyond its limit. He would do this here and there, and he would overtake a car from time to time, creating a new way of driving the bus.

Rong Jin thinks there is something wrong with this driver!

Can you still be a bus driver if you drive like this? If you look at him here and there, it’s obvious that his skills are not good!

This is seriously irresponsible to passengers!

Thinking about this, he raised his head and glanced at the girl leaning against the window above.

She sleeps so soundly!

She is so pretty!

The more I looked at it, the more pleased I became, and before I knew it, I drove my car and followed her.

While waiting for the traffic light, Rong Jin looked at her more blatantly.

Her cheeks were red, and she was more pitiful than usual when she was sleeping. She didn’t have sharp eyes, and she instantly turned into a petite little girl.

Rong Jin didn’t blink until the car started moving again, then he quickly followed.

I don’t know how many stops passed, but the driver was too lazy to avoid the Bentley.

Rong Jin’s phone rang, he answered it, and heard the other end say: “Boss! Where have you been?! We agreed to discuss business?!”

Xu Ke was roaring over there, and Rong Jin was suddenly startled. Why was he stalking this little girl like a pervert?

This thought came to an emergency stop.

I calmed down for a few seconds, looked at the back of the car that was driving away, and the little girl’s sleeping face was no longer visible, and then turned around.

On the way back, the corners of Rong Jin’s mouth unconsciously raised.

That girl looks fierce. She is so cute when she sleeps. She must have sat and stood. I wonder if other emotions will appear on that calm face when she wakes up later and sees that it has passed. ?


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