Heavenly Monarch of All Times Chapter 2301: Intense fighting


“Yes!” The eight thousand dead night guards responded in unison, and the sound shook the world.

Nie Tian frowned, and his heart sank: “It seems that if you want to break through the siege, you must fight hard.”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!” At this moment, the countless guards of the dead night roared wildly, and one after another, violent and boundless attacks, came from all directions to smash Nie Tian.

These dead night guards are obviously well-trained and cooperate very well with each other.

A group of a dozen or more of them joined forces to attack and kill Nie Tian.

“The Twelve Heavenly Sword Formation, open!” Seeing this, Nie Tian did not hesitate, his whole body surged with sword intent, and twelve giant sword shadows rose into the sky like giant dragons.

“Kill!” At the next moment, he let out a low growl, his eyes locked on a dozen guards of the night, and when his figure moved, Xing Chentian slashed out and charged straight.

“Boom! Bang bang bang…” In the void, there was a roar, and the terrifying muffled sound was endless.

Nie Tian’s figure was like a violent sword, fierce and terrifying.

Where his sword shadow passed, there were ghosts and wolf howls, and dozens of black-clothed figures were directly impacted and flew backwards, splattering blood in the air.

At the same time, Nie Tian was also hit by several attacks, and the armor of the star soul around him was shattering, as if it was about to crack in the next moment.

“This guy is really a lunatic, so scary!” Countless guards of the dead night, seeing this scene, their eyes were horrified.

How could they have imagined that Nie Tian was so strong, he resisted the attack with all his might, and killed dozens of night guards.

“Damn!” Ye Shenli was in the distance. Seeing this scene, he roared: “A bunch of trash, what are you waiting for, give it all to me, kill him, kill Nie Tian!”

At this moment, Ye Shenli is in a state of madness, like a lunatic.

He only has Nie Tian in his eyes, he must kill the latter!

“Kill! Kill! Kill!…” In an instant, countless shouts of killing sounded, and the guards of the dead night shot in succession, arrogantly smashing at Nie Tian.

Nie Tian’s figure was like a mountain, standing high in the sky, with a violent sword intent surging around him.

The corners of his mouth were dripping with blood, and the armor of the star soul outside his body had cracked several dazzling cracks.

He had been running wild for a long time, and his strength was running out.

Adding to the fact that it’s too much to fight against so many Guardians of the Night at the same time.

Even if his martial physique is terrible and his recovery ability is amazing, he can’t stand this consumption.

“Nie Tian!” At this moment, the figure of the little fat cat suddenly appeared, disappeared in a flash, entered the primordial space from the nine poles, and said anxiously: “The situation of the little girl is not good, the bloodline is not good. Jian Yin can’t hold back anymore, get out of here quickly.”

Nie Tian’s face sank, his eyes piercing as if killing.

He doesn’t want to leave here, but he is facing 8,000 late-stage powerhouses of the Supreme God.

“Never mind, let’s fight!” The next moment, his eyes were fixed, the supreme dragon veins in his body were running wildly, the majestic and mighty dragon energy was released with a bang, and an endless ocean of thunder appeared behind him.

“Roar!” Immediately, the crimson dragon appeared, and the sound of the dragon’s roar shook the world.

“What a terrifying aura!” Seeing this scene, the guards of the dead night exclaimed in unison, their expressions shocked.

But after all, there are so many of them, and their power is amazing.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!…” Almost in an instant, countless terrifying attacks descended on Nie Tian.

“Since you want to kill, I will accompany you to kill!” Nie Tian roared and stepped on the scarlet giant dragon, his eyes were extremely red, like a demon.

He activated the flames of chaos, covering the crimson dragon.

The next moment, the giant dragon rolled out, the huge body stirred boundless madness, the dragon energy raged, and the space shook.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!…” Countless attacks bombarded the dragon’s body, leaving large and small wounds, and the dragon energy began to dissipate immediately.

But Nie Tian didn’t care about it at all.

“Roar!” The giant dragon shook the sky, rushing to kill the world.

“Ah!…” Above the sky, endless screams rang out, and countless figures in black, under the oppression of the mighty Dragon Might, exploded directly, turning into blood and dissipating.

The air was filled with a strong **** smell, and the air turned a dark red color.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!…” Along with the muffled sound, the scene where Nie Tian passed was bloody.

“This…” Ye Shenli watched from a distance, took a deep breath, and his expression stiffened.

Nie Tian’s strength exceeded his expectations.

In front of 8,000 dead night guards, he was able to fight back strongly.

Nie Tian’s horror is unbelievable!

In the blink of an eye, Nie Tian killed more than a hundred guards.

“Roar!” At this moment, the crimson dragon roared, and the terrifying dragon roar shook the world, but at the same time it was accompanied by mourning.

Although Nie Tian killed a lot of people, the scarlet dragon’s body was already covered in scars, and the dragon’s energy was overflowing everywhere, and it was no longer able to support the dragon’s body.

But the guards of the dead night were still staring at Nie Tian.

There are too many of them, and even if Nie Tian is extremely brave, it is impossible to kill them all.

However, they were shocked by Nie Tian’s toughness, and they were all watching, not daring to take another half step forward.

“A bunch of rubbish! Idiots! What are you looking at? Charge this prince and kill Nie Tian!” Once again, Ye Shenli’s roar sounded like a lunatic, his eyes were bloodshot and red.

“Kill!” The night guards reacted, and they roared in unison, and the violent killing momentum covered the sky and the sun.

Nie Tian felt the rolling momentum, his eyes changed, and his face was extremely low.

“Roar!” The crimson dragon wailed and rolled out, launching its final impact.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!…” The huge dragon body endured countless terrifying attacks.

“Bang!” In the end, the crimson dragon couldn’t bear it, and it collapsed with a bang.

“Hahaha! The dragon is broken, the dragon is broken.” Ye Shenli laughed wildly when he saw this scene, and shouted: “Nie Tian, ​​this prince wants to see, what else do you have? Ability.”

“This time, you will die!”

The violent and murderous voice resounded in the air, and Ye Shenli’s face was ferocious and twisted, like a devil.

He hated Nie Tian so much that being able to witness the tragic death of the latter made him feel a perverted sense of satisfaction.

“Really?” Nie Tian stepped out and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. There was no fear in his eyes, but a strong fighting intent.

“You, do you still have strength?” Ye Chenli looked at Nie Tian from a distance, feeling the cold aura in the latter’s eyes, his face turned pale with fright, and his voice trembled.

“Ye Shenli, you will know right away that my power is beyond your imagination!” Nie Tian roared, then blood gushed out of his body, merged with the sword intent, and inspired a powerful strength.

“It’s so strong!” The night guards suddenly felt Nie Tian’s formidable aura, their eyes trembled, and they screamed in surprise.

It seems that the aura of Nie Tian’s whole body is even more terrifying than before!


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