Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 2424: Publicity



Zhang Yan has already been gearing up for a drink. He’s just average about drinking. Of course, the wine here in Yuanzhou is very good. He would definitely like to drink more.


He didn’t come for wine, but for Chu Mingxuan, Master Chu. In addition to having a hobby of wood, Zhang Yan also has a hobby that is very in line with the characteristics of Sichuan people, that is, he likes to watch face-changing.


His idol is Chu Mingxuan. Of course, the way he chases stars when he is older is definitely different from that of young people, but as long as it is Chu Mingxuan’s performance, if he can get tickets, it will not fail, so I heard that Chu Mingxuan came to Chef God He was naturally very happy that the shop was performing here.


In the early stage, he was well prepared. Zhang Yan reviewed Chu Mingxuan’s plays at home, and then spent a week in self-cultivation at home. In order to earn enough character, so that he could get a spot to drink at one time, he set the time. In tomorrow, there will be a performance by Chu Mingxuan tomorrow.


The matter of saving character is more metaphysical, and it mainly depends on the face. Ou Huang saves in a second, but some non-chiefs need to save for several years.


Zhang Yan hasn’t told anyone about this yet, but when he saw the man with the waist drum hanging around his waist, the first thing that came to his mind was the performance in the tavern, after all, he had been paying attention.


“You’re right, I don’t know if it’s true.” Cheng Zhaomei looked at the man at the signboard of God of Cooking’s shop several times, then looked around and stood under the eaves across the street, thinking that Zhang Yan might say correct.


The person who was observed by Zhang Yan and Cheng Zhaomei was Sun Ji. He had just rushed over from Star City to come here for an interview at the invitation of Yuanzhou.


To a certain extent, what Zhang Yan and the others guessed were correct. Sun Ji was indeed here for the performance in the tavern.


As an authentic inheritor of Fengyang Huagu and Huagu Opera, Sun Ji is also quite famous in this flower drum circle. When he performs, he is almost always full of friends. He would not come to the tavern to perform in this way. .


He really has no shortage of stages for performances, and he is not a lover of food. It is good to have delicious food, and if not, he is not forced.


Sun Ji is somewhat Buddhist, and the only thing he loves is Huagu Opera and Fengyang Huagu.


But it’s just such a coincidence that Sun Ji and Si Jinning have a very good personal relationship and are good friends from the past year, while Si Jinning hasn’t left since he came to Rongcheng, and under the pretense of staying here to accompany his little apprentice Grow up, teach her by the way.


As for eating at least one meal a day at the God of Cooking Store, the reason is even simpler. If the hotel is close to the hotel, eating is naturally the principle of being nearby, which sounds very reasonable.


Si Jinning is a warm-hearted person. After hearing his apprentice Zuo Zuo say that Yuanzhou wanted to find some quyi artists to perform in the tavern to enrich everyone’s life after dinner, he immediately thought of doing it himself.


After all, the salary is a lot. That Ergou apprentice is paid three meals a month. As a master, he is a big man in the world of storytelling. How can he get twice as much? Then he thought of what his little apprentice Zuozuo said was Storytelling, on the contrary, Apprentice Gou is talking about cross talk. You can only play together without repetition. What he said is very good, but it is also storytelling.


After thinking about it again and again, I gave up this tempting idea. Anyway, he has money. It’s a good idea to buy a house here to support the elderly. , of course, if it is a dog apprentice, then it is another matter.


If Gao Hui knew his image in the eyes of his master, it would be too late to cry.


Giving up the opportunity to recommend himself, Si Jinning instantly remembered that he had a friend who sang Huagu, not only Huagu opera, but also Fengyang Huagu. You can come here to perform.


Adhering to the principle of sharing good things with everyone, Si Jinning told Sun Ji about it very hospitable, and of course informed Yuanzhou about it in advance. .


Yuan Zhou called Master Sun Ji personally after hearing what Si Jinning said, and he decided to come after hearing Yuan Zhou’s intention to promote various quyi.


For the Buddhist Sun Ji, there is no more reason to be more inspiring than being able to spread the word about the declining hubs.


So it’s okay to say that Sun Ji was invited by Yuanzhou, or it’s okay to say that he was invited by Si Jinning.


Si Jinning had something to do with an old friend at noon today, but there was no way he could come.


But he has already inquired clearly. Many banquets in the small shop need valid reasons to be booked. After getting the exact date of Sun Jilai’s arrival, he ordered a table of boat banquets in the shop. This is what he wanted to eat for a long time. Well, taking advantage of this time, I successfully booked this banquet in the name of helping Sun Ji to wash away the dust.


The time is this evening, so Si Jinning went out to visit friends with confidence and waited for the dinner in the evening. Thinking of a delicious banquet, he was not so resentful about the high salary that Sun Ji might get from the small shop. If he didn’t come, Si Jinning would definitely have to wait until his or his apprentice’s birthday before he could eat it.


Speaking of this, I don’t know if Si Jinning recommended Sun Ji to come here because he wanted to eat dinner, maybe only he himself knows.


And Sun Ji is a serious person. Since he promised to come here to take the stage, as a master, he has his own ideas and wants to come to the store to inspect and try it first~IndoMTL.com~ But when he walked to the door of the store, he found that there was no No one thought about some of the information they had found before, so they roamed under the opposite eaves.


His plan is to have a meal first, and then propose to the boss to see the venue, interview by the way, and get together with old friends in the evening.


Sun Ji has always been serious in his work. Before coming here, he has already checked a lot of Yuanzhou’s information. He knows that Yuanzhou’s position in the culinary world is extraordinary. Although he has not seen Yuanzhou himself, he wants to With the idea of ​​promoting Quyi, he gave Yuanzhou great respect and was very willing to do things according to the rules of the Yuanzhou store.


The time passed by, and when the queue officially started at 11:00, the people waiting under the eaves near the store, as if they had practiced Lingbo’s micro-steps, quickly arrived at the queue.


Because of his unskilled business, Sun Ji was squeezed out of the first echelon to the second echelon, but he was very quiet and did not fight, so he was in the middle.


Cheng Zhaomei and Zhang Yan are naturally very familiar with each other. When they saw the appearance of the black beast, they immediately knew that the queue time was up, so they were very alert, so they logically queued behind Wu Hai and the others. , the action is fast.


“It’s lunch time, please come in for the first eighteen diners.” Su Ruoyan smiled while standing at the side of the door of the small shop.


As she speaks, lunchtime officially begins.


Diners streamed in, the first tier of people all walked into the store with smiles and anticipation, and Sun Ji felt a little curious when he saw this scene.


“How delicious is this to make diners look forward to it?” Sun Ji said that as a person who just lives by, he can’t imagine what kind of delicious food can make people look forward to it so much.




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