Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 2422: What Yuan Zhou is not good at


Yesterday, Cheng Zhaomei called and said that he wanted to come to the store with Zhang Yan to discuss some important matters today, and asked Yuanzhou if he had time, so he made time for it.

Zhang Yan looked at Cheng Zhaomei and motioned for him to speak. This matter is a matter of the Sichuan Cuisine Association. Cheng Zhaomei, as the president, is responsible for it, but because he is very concerned about the affairs of the Sichuan Cuisine Association, he will not come to see when there are important events. I just felt uncomfortable.

That’s why they came together this time, of course, because Zhang Yan and Yuan Zhou were familiar enough to do this. As Yuan Zhou’s status improved, most people would not dare to disturb him at will.

Seriously speaking, the relationship between Zhang Yan and Cheng Zhaomei is actually very complicated. It stands to reason that they are ten years apart, and they should be different in seniority, but they are chefs of the same period, and they are considered to be of the same generation. His daughter Zhang Ying wants to be called Cheng Zhaomei Uncle Cheng.

However, Cheng Zhaomei later took Yuanzhou as her teacher, and Yuanzhou’s cooking skills were honestly better than Zhang Yan, but she was the youngest.

It’s not easy to count down this circle, so since Cheng Zhaomei became the president, Zhang Yan has always been called that. In the past, it was also a title to be called Technician Cheng. wrong.

Cheng Zhaomei saw Zhang Yan’s eyes and said directly: “Master, when I recently read some past materials in the association, I found that many classic Sichuan dishes passed on by word of mouth are on the verge of being lost. It’s not that the master doesn’t want to inherit it, but I couldn’t find a suitable successor, and many of them have lost their reputations. Even I found that some dishes have never been heard of at all. I think that letting these dishes disappear is definitely a considerable loss to Sichuan cuisine.”

After a pause, Cheng Zhaomei continued: “Sichuan cuisine itself is about a hundred dishes and a hundred flavors. If it loses some of its uniqueness, then Sichuan cuisine will probably not go far.”

In her position to seek political affairs, in the past Cheng Zhaomei was only Yuanzhou’s apprentice, all she thought was to learn cooking skills, and to open Cheng’s small shop well is everything in life. Since serving as the president of the Sichuan Cuisine Association, Sichuan Cuisine The future trend and development is also his top priority, which is almost on a par with learning how to cook well.

Cheng Zhaomei’s cooking is also quite good, at least he is very good at cooking, even if he competes with other famous chefs for a long time, so since Cheng Zhaomei became the president of the Sichuan Cuisine Association, he wanted to promote Sichuan cuisine to the top eight The first to create a cuisine.

Increasing the voice and importance of Sichuan cuisine in many cuisines has always been his goal.

The problems of Sichuan cuisine discovered by Cheng Zhaomei actually exist in other cuisines. In the past, the chef industry was a form of mentoring and apprenticeship. This method has advantages and disadvantages.

There is no paper-based text transmission, but only through the mouth Sometimes there are changes in tone and speaking habits.

This has resulted in a lot of dishes. Now only some masters can cook, but there is no embarrassing situation for inheritors, which is also the situation that Cheng Zhaomei is currently worried about.

“The problem you mentioned is not only for Sichuan cuisine but also for other cuisines, so what are your thoughts?” Yuanzhou asked.

I am very reassured and optimistic about Cheng Zhaomei Yuanzhou. Not only is she good savvy, but she is also very hard-working, otherwise it would be impossible to accept him as a disciple even in order to complete the tasks of the system.

Cheng Zhaomei obviously had thought about this issue for a long time, and naturally discussed it with Zhang Yan, so she gave it to him, and Zhang Yan was responsible for drinking tea.

So I don’t know if Zhang Yan came here to worry about the Sichuan Cuisine Association or just to drink the top-quality tea from Yuanzhou.

“Actually, there is no good solution at present. This problem has existed for a long time, and some dishes have disappeared. Without the master’s craftsmanship, there is no name, and almost no one can make dishes, except for the master. Other than that.” Speaking of which, Cheng Zhaomei licked her lips a little embarrassedly and continued: “So if you want to ask the master to come forward to communicate with the existing masters, and then let those masters record their special dishes as videos and save them. Down, not only to leave information but also to find an inheritor.”

“Of course there are some dishes that have been lost. It would be better if the master could take time to restore them. But this matter is not in a hurry, you can take it slowly, and the master can follow his own ideas.”

Cheng Zhaomei knows how busy her master is, and now she has increased the workload for him, which is very embarrassing, but only Yuanzhou has such strength to restore easily. It cannot be said that it can be restored, it is obviously not proportional to the effort, and it is not cost-effective.

Yuan Zhou pondered for a while and said: “What you said is indeed a method, but Sichuan cuisine alone is not enough. Your other junior brothers and sisters may also encounter such problems. As a template, fix this method, and other cuisines will follow this pattern in the future, which will be better.”

In fact, except for some minor differences~IndoMTL.com~ Yuanzhou treats direct disciples and registered disciples there is not much difference, of course, Cheng Zhaomei will get a lot of attention from Yuanzhou, but it is true, the pressure is not the same, no matter how you say it Big brother.

Cheng Zhaomei’s eyes lit up when she heard Yuan Zhou’s words. It is definitely better to do this, not only for Sichuan cuisine but also for other cuisines. As the reserve president cultivated by Zhou Shijie, his overall view is quite good. .

Originally, Zhou Shijie’s goal was Yuanzhou’s at first, but since Yuanzhou’s cooking skills became better and better, and he separated the Huaxia Celebrity Chef Association from the Asian Celebrity Chef Association, he basically gave up this idea.

The layout of the kitchen alliance is still small, which will limit the development of Yuanzhou. Zhou Shijie does not want to see such a thing. Although it is a pity, he still reluctantly gave up, but Cheng Zhaomei, who was trained by Yuanzhou alone, can do it. Not only the high cooking skills, but also the cooking morals will not be a problem, Yuanzhou has nothing to worry about.

“This is indeed possible. Xiao Yuan’s idea is very good. Wouldn’t it be better if we added dessert.” Zhang Yan couldn’t help but say something for his good friend Ji Yi.

Mainly because Ji Baozi was heartbroken that Yuanzhou didn’t belong to their dim sum world, but unfortunately he was amazed by Yuanzhou’s cooking, so he was really tangled.

“In terms of dim sum, I don’t know all about it, but I’m not able to get it, so I need to settle for a while.” Yuan Zhou thought for a while.

Although each cuisine comes with a lot of dim sum recipes, as long as the recipes for rewarding the cuisine will be handed over to him by the system, even if the street food package has been received, there are actually many snacks. The practice of dim sum is something he doesn’t know, and Yuan Zhou knows this.


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