Godly Student Chapter 6544: Absolutely not!


Latest website: “In your opinion, how much more estimation should we make?” Shi Cong asked again.

“It’s hard to say. Since they are people hiding in secret, it could be a few thousand at least. If it is more, it’s hard to say!” Ding Hong also said with some uncertainty.

“If this is the case, then we can’t send out all the more than 200,000 immortals from the Inner Dynasty just because their Holy Dynasty showed up, right?

I’m afraid this is too outrageous. What if this is their plan to deliberately attack the east and attack the west? “Shi Cong said.

“If you ask me, if they are really making an attack in the east, maybe it will be okay. Aren’t there people from the Immortal Mansion there? I suspect there are even real immortals sitting there.

So if their Holy City really dares to transfer us all out, wouldn’t it be like falling into a trap if they secretly come to the inner court themselves? “Ding Hong said with a smile.

“That’s what I say, but it’s hard to say whether those guys are reliable. What if they are not?

If the Holy City wanted to come to the inner court, it would also be to destroy that passage.

Now that the passage is still there, even if our losses are really too great, at least reinforcements can come from the fairy world through that passage.

But if they really destroy the passage in a sneak attack, then we won’t even have reinforcements, and that will be the real danger. “Shi Cong said.

“How many immortals do you think it would be appropriate for Stone Immortal to send there?” Li Xiuming asked.

“It’s still 30,000. Even if they hide 20,000 people and reach 30,000, their strength cannot be the same as that of real immortals.

Imagine when they captured those immortals alive, didn’t they also capture one by several people?

So even if 30,000 people fight against 30,000 people, they should definitely not be opponents. “Shi Cong thought for a while and finally said.

“Thirty thousand people? I’m just worried that these 30,000 people will disappear inexplicably again, right?” Ye Hongzhi said worriedly.

“This should be impossible. If it is true, it means that the disappearance of Qin Hui and the others is really the fault of the Holy City!” Shi Cong said.

“But even if we know it was the Holy City, what’s the use?”

“How could it be useless? They didn’t disappear anywhere, but they disappeared far away from the Cheng family. Does that mean that the Cheng family has a great relationship with the Holy City?

So if these 30,000 people disappear again, then we don’t have to look for the Holy Dynasty’s nest anymore. We can just go to the Cheng family directly. Those who don’t believe in the Holy Dynasty will not come out! “Shi Cong said simply.

“But not only have we not yet figured out the situation in the Holy City, we have not even figured out the situation of the Cheng family.

If we go directly to the Cheng family and these two forces come out in full force, we may not be able to stop them.

I think we should take it slow. Now that the Holy City has taken the initiative to show up, we should not provoke the Cheng family first.

Although this Cheng family is most likely just a subsidiary of the Cheng family, it is obvious that the Cheng family also has many strong people.

We do not need to deal with two forces at the same time.

Once we destroy the Holy City, the Cheng family will have nothing to fear. “Wu Yongyan said.

“In that case, why don’t we destroy the Cheng family first? After all, the Cheng family is most likely just a subsidiary force of the Holy City. No matter how strong the Cheng family is, it cannot be more powerful than the Holy City.

So in comparison, it will be easier for us to destroy the Cheng family.

When the Cheng family is destroyed, we won’t have to worry about the Cheng family going to support the Holy City.

With only one holy city left, wouldn’t it be easier for us to deal with it? “Xie Kang said.

“Of course not, the Cheng family is in the light, and the Holy City is in the dark. If we destroy the Cheng family, but the Holy City is hidden, it will be difficult for us to destroy the Holy City.

But on the other hand, if we destroy the Holy City first, where can the huge Cheng family escape to?

As for the support issue, it’s actually pretty much the same.

Don’t all the cities of the Cheng family have spies from their lord?

When we attack the Holy City, once the Cheng family sends troops to support us, we will receive the news immediately.

In this case, we can also take precautions in advance and even destroy the Cheng family’s reinforcements halfway.

But on the other hand, if we attack the Cheng family, we don’t even know where the base of the Holy City is. How do we know if they have reinforcements coming?

And their reinforcements can catch us by surprise, which is very detrimental to us.

So we must deal with the enemies in the dark first, then the enemies in the light will be easy to deal with! “Wu Yongyan said.

“Wu Xianyou is right, and our mission is to get rid of the Holy City. Get rid of the Holy City first. If the Cheng family escapes, it won’t matter.

But if we destroy the Cheng family and the Holy City hides itself again, what will we do?

We can’t always stay in the human world and wait for the Holy City to appear, right?

Then we may never want to return to the fairyland again! “Li Xiuming agreed.

“That’s right. From this point of view, we should really destroy the Holy City first. As for the Cheng family, it depends on the situation whether it is destroyed or not!

If we can return to the fairyland after destroying the Holy City, then whether the Cheng family is destroyed or not will have nothing to do with us! “Xie Kang couldn’t help but say.

“No, dear immortals, the Cheng family is powerful and no longer weaker than the immortals. If all the immortals just returned to the immortal world, wouldn’t this world belong to the Cheng family?” Listening to the conversation of these immortals, there was nothing at first, but when I heard this, I immediately felt something was wrong and quickly spoke.

“What does it have to do with us who owns this human world? It’s not ours anyway!” Xie Kang said nonchalantly.

If it weren’t for the fact that he couldn’t return to the fairy world now, he wouldn’t even want to destroy the holy city.

That thing is just a monk in the human world who has the strength to compete with the immortals~Soverse.com~Can this holy city be so easy to deal with?

But there is no way, who told the Immortal Mansion that they can only return to the Immortal Realm after they get rid of the Holy City!

So even if this Holy City is a hard nut to crack, they can only stay and chew it hard.

But now that the Cheng family can get help from the Holy City and become so powerful, they can also capture immortals alive, which means that they are also at risk of getting into trouble.

It would be great to be able to get rid of a holy city. Why would they take the risk to deal with a Cheng family that needs to be dealt with at all?

“But since the Cheng family has received the inheritance of the Holy City, giving them such great strength, then the Cheng family and the Holy City are already of the same origin.

The Immortal Mansion will definitely not want to see this, so once the human world falls into the hands of the Cheng family, the Immortal World will definitely blame all the immortals.

I think all of you immortals don’t want to be punished by the Immortal Mansion as soon as you return to the Immortal Realm! “The Lord reminded.


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