Godly Student Chapter 6543: Well done!


Latest website: “But Lord, if all the people in our inner dynasty are taken back, then the world will really have nothing to do with us. How will the people and forces in the world view our inner dynasty?

Aren’t we the laughingstock of the world? “The great elder was really frightened when he saw that the Lord said it so simply.

Although the current situation of the inner dynasty is indeed not as good as before, it still controls so many outer dynasties.

But the Lord actually directly said that he would call everyone back in the Inner Dynasty and hide them all in the Inner Dynasty. If this spread, it would be really embarrassing.

Especially now that the Holy Dynasty has appeared, and their internal dynasty doesn’t even want their own territory, others will naturally think that they are afraid of the Holy Dynasty.

Although this is indeed true, it really doesn’t sound good to say it out loud.

Will they be able to hold their heads high in this world in the future?

“These things themselves don’t have much meaning. Think about when our inner dynasty was in charge of the world, who would dare to slander our inner dynasty?

But what about now? Those outer dynasties have betrayed our inner dynasty, what can we do to them?

If the world wants to see a joke, our inner dynasty has long been a joke to the world, so why wait until now? “The Lord looked disdainful.

Having lived to this point, would he still care about his face?

As long as those immortals are unwilling to take action, then what’s the point of their inner dynasty barely holding on to those territories?

Rather than letting their holy dynasty seize all the territory and kill all the monks in their inner dynasty, they might as well give up on their own initiative!

As the saying goes: As long as the green hills remain, you will not be afraid of running out of firewood.

As long as their people are still there, there will always be opportunities in the future.

“Lord, having said that, does our Inner Dynasty really recognize it this way? Do we want to watch the Holy Dynasty take over the world and stay here in the Inner Dynasty for the rest of our lives?” The great elder looked at him in front of him. The situation feels very pessimistic.

Their internal dynasty was aloof before. Who in the world dares to look down upon their inner dynasty?

But now, they actually want to hide themselves. This is really equivalent to converting the bright moon wheel in the sky into the fluorescence on the ground. It is simply incomparable.

How could he be willing to do so!

What’s more, it is even more unacceptable to ask him to accept that the Holy Dynasty is in charge of this world and have them ride on his head.

“What are you worried about! I’m just saying, aren’t there still those immortals here? If all the people in our inner court return, can their immortals still stay with us in the inner court?

You must know that they cannot stay in the human world forever, they will always return to the fairy world.

But now that they dare not deal with the Holy Dynasty, they will never want to return to the fairy world.

So we really have to take back all the people. It’s not us who have to worry, but those immortals! “The Lord explained.

“Then they won’t sneak back to the fairy world, right?” the elder asked worriedly.

“No, I also understand something. The fairy world let them come to the human world just to destroy the Holy Dynasty.

Before they destroyed the Holy Dynasty, there seemed to be no way to return to the fairyland. ”

“I see. If that’s the case, then this matter will be easier to handle. If they don’t want to go, they have to go, unless they don’t want to return to the fairy world!” After the great elder received such important news, he finally felt at ease. I feel relieved.

This holy dynasty is so powerful, it’s just that they are no match for the inner dynasty.

But if these immortals don’t dare to go, that would be unreasonable.

If they don’t go, then who can destroy the Holy Dynasty?

Even if the Holy Dynasty has the ability to fight against the immortals, can’t these immortals also kill the people of the Holy Dynasty?

So this is their only hope to destroy the Holy Dynasty. If these guys cannot return to the fairy world before getting rid of the Holy Dynasty, then the immortals will not be able to do this.

Unless they don’t want to go back to the fairy world.

The great elder went down the mountain with satisfaction, and the Lord went to the back mountain with this news.

The Lord can see clearly now that those immortals seem to be dissatisfied when they come to the human world, but they are forced by the power of the immortal mansion.

The most important thing is what he just said to the great elder, these immortals can only go back after getting rid of the Holy Dynasty.

In this case, what does he have to worry about?

To put it bluntly, these immortals and their inner dynasty are basically grasshoppers in the same boat.

If they are unwilling to act, then it is best to harm their own interests.

As long as he understands this, he won’t worry at all.

If these Immortal Associations are really afraid of death and dare not deal with the Holy Dynasty, then he will call back all the people from the Inner Dynasty, and there will be no need to waste so much manpower to garrison so many territories.

Whenever these immortals are willing to go to war with the Holy Dynasty and capture the Holy Dynasty, he will release these people and let them easily take over all the territory. Wouldn’t it be happy?

However, the Lord was wrong this time. After hearing the Lord’s report, the immortals did not show much concern, but were somewhat happy.

“We were worried about not being able to find the home of their Holy Dynasty. Now that they have shown up, it will be easier.” Li Xiuming said with a smile.

“That’s right, now that they have shown up, we don’t have to waste so many immortals going to the Cheng family to risk testing, and maybe tens of thousands of troops disappear inexplicably.

Let’s send people to Wusha City now! “Ye Hongzhi also said excitedly.

“The reason why we sent people to the Cheng family was actually to inquire about Sheng Chao. Now that Sheng Chao has shown up on his own~Soverse.com~, there is no need for us to go to the Cheng family again.

What we have to consider now is how many people should we send to Wusha City? “Ding Hong said.

“Lord, do you know how many troops their Holy Dynasty dispatched this time?” Shi Cong asked.

“The news I have received so far is that they not only occupied Wusha City, but also all the surrounding cities, almost at the same time.

This means that they should be done by different people. There are only more than 200 people in Wusha City.

There seemed to be hundreds of people in other cities. Calculating this, their number was probably only a few thousand, and it should not exceed 10,000 at most! “The Lord said after a rough analysis.

“Isn’t it more than 10,000 people? How many people do you think we should send this time?” Shi Cong asked.

“Since they have taken the initiative to show up, they may have hidden part of their strength in secret, so we are afraid that at best we have to estimate a little more!” Ding Hong said.


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