Godly Student Chapter 6542: It doesn’t matter!


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Inner court!

In the past, the Lord basically did not pay attention to the affairs of the outside world, so these matters were handed over to the various chief elders, that is, the five elders were in charge of the affairs of various external dynasties.

But now because of the emergence of the Holy Dynasty, and the Holy Dynasty involves the secrets of the immortals, Tianqiong Peak is no longer indifferent to worldly affairs, but deals with the affairs of the Holy Dynasty.

But they haven’t found the Holy Dynasty’s home base so far, so Tianqiong Peak actually doesn’t have many Holy Dynasty matters to deal with.

Later, when the Lord and the immortals on the back mountain of Tianqiong Peak set their sights on the Cheng family, Tianqiong Peak’s main target was also on the Cheng family.

Of course, the Cheng family is only one of their targets. There are still a large number of monks in Tianqiong Peak looking for the Holy Dynasty’s home base.

So now that there is news of the birth of the Holy Dynasty in Wusha City, Tianqiong Peak naturally also got the news, and spread the news to Inner Tianqiong Peak.

However, Wusha City was originally an area controlled by the Grand Elder’s Mansion, so the news from Qi Jiang naturally reached the Grand Elder’s Mansion.

When the Great Elder Gu Ziyi received the news from Qi Jiang, he did not know that Tianqiong Peak had actually received similar news.

But Gu Ziyi did not dare to delay, and immediately went to Tianqiong Peak with the news about Qi Jiang.

Because Qi Jiang made it clear in his letter that the person coming was a powerful man from the Holy Dynasty, and he was most likely an immortal.

The disciples of the Inner Dynasty outside do not understand the secrets of the Inner Dynasty, but they already know that there are real immortals in the Inner Dynasty.

Both the Holy Dynasty and the Cheng family have the ability to capture immortals, so when they saw the news from Qi Jiang, they were not surprised at all when he mentioned that those powerful men in the Holy Dynasty might be immortals. .

It’s just that Sheng Chao has appeared again, and that’s what worries him.

The master of Tianqiong Peak comes to the mansion!

“My lord, I have just received news that the Holy Dynasty has appeared again and has invaded Wusha City.” The great elder knelt on the ground and said respectfully to his lord.

“I already know about this!” the Lord said calmly.

“Your Majesty is really powerful. His subordinates only knew about this news. Your Majesty already knew it. But what does your Majesty think we should do now?” The great elder was also confused. His Majesty never asked about these things. , he actually knew it earlier than he did. Could it be that the Lord also sent someone to investigate outside?

“You should go back first. If we want to deal with the Holy Dynasty, our inner court has no choice. This matter must be handled by those immortals.

Now only they can deal with those from the Holy Dynasty, which also saves our Inner Dynasty disciples from making some fearless losses! “The Lord said calmly.

Since he is the leader of the Inner Dynasty, he can naturally only get involved in the affairs of the Inner Dynasty.

As for the immortals in the back mountain, they are beyond his control.

But this holy dynasty is not only a matter for the inner dynasty, but also a matter for the immortals, so he only needs to inform the immortals of the news, and they will naturally find a solution.

Otherwise, even if their internal dynasty really sends some tribulation-transcending monks there, it would actually be meaningless.

He already knew that the strong men of the Holy Dynasty killed hundreds of monks in the Tribulation Stage with one palm, and even the protective formation of Wusha City was broken open with one palm.

This could not be more clear. The people dispatched by the Holy Dynasty are likely to be those strong men who sneaked into the Inner Dynasty back then.

Before becoming the Lord, there was nowhere in this world that he had not been to!

He has also been to Wusha City. Although he has not seen the city defense formation of Wusha City, Wusha City is a big city. For a big city like that, how weak will the city defense formation be?

At least a monk in the Tribulation Stage will never be able to crush it with one palm.

So from this point alone, it can be seen that the Holy Dynasty has indeed sent a strong man with considerable strength.

Even if these people really cannot compare with the immortals, the monks in the tribulation period of the inner dynasty may not be their match.

If the inner dynasty monks from the tribulation period are sent there, there will be no way to kill those from the holy dynasty, but it will only cause greater losses to the inner dynasty.

Besides, even if the people from the Holy Dynasty who invaded Wusha City were just ordinary monks, who can be sure that there are no powerful people in the Holy Dynasty who can compete with the immortals hiding in the dark?

Perhaps just waiting for their inner court to send out the tribulation period monks, wouldn’t they just fall into their trap?

So if you want to send someone, you can definitely only send an immortal. This is the safest way.

“My lord, will those immortals really intervene? If they don’t, what will we do?

We can’t let them show off their power on our territory, then our internal affairs will be really embarrassed! “The great elder saw that the master wanted the immortals in the back mountain to take action. Although he was very happy in his heart, he was even more worried that those immortals were unwilling to take action.

“Don’t worry, didn’t I tell you? I invited them here just to deal with the Holy Dynasty. If it were to deal with other people or forces, they might still refuse.

But in dealing with the Holy Dynasty, what reason do they have to refuse? “The Lord said with certainty.

Although he doesn’t have a good impression of those immortals, and he also thinks that those guys are quite timid, but if Rui wants to deal with the Holy Dynasty ~Soverse.com~ now, they still have to take action.

After all, those guys from the Holy Dynasty can even capture immortals alive. If the immortals sent by these immortals are not strong, they might be captured alive by the Holy Dynasty again, so they have to send more powerful ones. Only the immortals can do it.

“That’s good! Otherwise our inner dynasty wouldn’t have so many tribulation-level monks to deal with those strong men from the holy dynasty!” The great elder felt relieved when his master said this.

I just hope that those immortals can be more reliable and solve the scourge of the Holy Dynasty as soon as possible.

At that time, ten thousand strong men from the Holy Dynasty sneaked into the Inner Dynasty and almost overturned the entire Inner Dynasty.

You must know that almost all the monks who stayed in the inner dynasty during the Tribulation Period, excluding those who could not come out of seclusion, came out in full force, but in the end they were not able to repel those 10,000 people.

Later he learned that in the end, there had to be an immortal behind him to support him, otherwise, the inner court would really be in danger.

So he knew the horror of this holy pilgrimage.

Although the Holy Dynasty has been hiding for several years since that incident, their comeback now shows that they are more confident. Maybe there are more strong people like that back then. How can this be their internal dynasty? Can you handle it?

“It doesn’t matter if they don’t take action. Anyway, they won’t be able to return to the fairyland for the time being. At worst, we will also take back all the people in the inner court until they take action!” The Lord said nonchalantly.

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