Godly Student Chapter 6360: The layout is too big!


“It would be great if we could find the home of the Holy Dynasty through the Cheng family and catch them all.

The reason why we have been suffering at the hands of the Holy Dynasty over the years is actually a large part of the reason why the Holy Dynasty has always dared to hide in the dark and did not dare to confront us openly and openly.

If we could have found their holy dynasty’s home base earlier, they might have been wiped out by our inner dynasty. “Some people were even more excited when they heard that they were going to wipe out all the Holy Dynasties.

“I don’t know whether our Inner Dynasty could destroy the Holy Dynasty before, but now that our Inner Dynasty has even invited the Immortal, I don’t believe that the Holy Dynasty can still fight against our Inner Dynasty.

As long as we can really find out the home of the Holy Dynasty through the Cheng family this time, then the Holy Dynasty will definitely not be able to escape this time. ”

“Then if this is the case, we directly destroy the Holy Dynasty this time, then I don’t know what kind of rewards we will get when we go back!” Someone said very excitedly.

Although the war has not yet begun, they seem to have seen the destruction of the Cheng family and even the Holy Dynasty. It is really exciting.

“Even if the Holy Dynasty is really destroyed, the credit must be mainly due to these immortals. What are you so happy about!” someone said speechlessly.

“That’s right. Even if we find the Holy Dynasty’s home base, we still don’t have the ability to destroy the Holy Dynasty.

So in the end, being able to rely on these immortals has nothing to do with us.

Although the strength of the Holy Dynasty is definitely not as good as these immortals, their strength is definitely stronger than ours.

And these immortals may not protect our safety, otherwise why would they bring us here?

With their strength, as long as they really know where the Holy Dynasty’s lair is, it will certainly not be difficult to destroy them.

So take a closer look for yourselves. If you really find the Holy Dynasty’s lair, do you think it is really a good thing for us?

Maybe we are the vanguard, and we will be the first to die when the time comes. Do you still want to go back to receive the award? “Someone reminded me.

“No way? Are these immortals asking us to die? But what good will this do to them?” When he heard that he was the cannon fodder to die, he suddenly couldn’t be happy anymore, but became extremely scared.

“So you’d better hope that we can’t find the Holy Dynasty’s lair this time. Our mission is to deal with the Cheng family.

As long as the Cheng family is wiped out, our mission will be completed, and we will receive the rewards we deserve. This is enough.

If the Holy Dynasty’s lair is really discovered, then we may be in misfortune, and we may really lose our lives.

Compared to your own life, what is the use of no matter how big the reward is? ”

“You’re right. It seems that we really can’t find the Holy Dynasty’s lair this time, otherwise it will be too dangerous!” This person was also frightened into a cold sweat, and suddenly felt that he couldn’t imagine too many beautiful things.

Reality is always cruel. Think about the condescending attitude of these immortals along the way.

In the eyes of these immortals, they are just a group of ants, and they don’t like them at all.

So how could they care about the lives of a group of ants?

If the Holy Dynasty’s lair is discovered, they will definitely become pawns and die first.

Although rewards are good, life is more important.

Without lives, no matter how good the reward is, it is of no use.

“So, people should not be too greedy. Once you are greedy, you may lose a big thing for a small amount. Even with these immortals here, I think it is definitely not that easy to destroy the Holy Dynasty.

Otherwise, our Inner Dynasty would not have been forced to do this by the Holy Dynasty in recent years.

Now the Lord has invited all the immortals out, which is enough to show how extraordinary this holy dynasty is!

Although it is not our choice to be selected for the expedition, I don’t expect any reward or reward, as long as I can return alive every time I go to the expedition.

As for the rewards, as long as I go back alive, the rewards I deserve will naturally be huge, and that’s enough. “One person said.

“You’re right, I just want to go back alive now, as long as we can successfully destroy the Cheng family this time.

As for the destruction of the Holy Dynasty, let’s leave it to the latecomers. I don’t want to participate in such a dangerous thing! “The man obviously woke up and said with a smile.

“The Holy Dynasty will definitely be difficult to destroy, but the Cheng family should be easy to destroy.”

“Don’t say it too early. Do you know that the Cheng family has risen very quickly in recent years.

In particular, they came up with an extra-ethnic mission thing, so that everyone can go to the Cheng family’s territory to receive various extra-ethnic tasks issued by the Cheng family.

Complete their tasks outside the clan to obtain corresponding contributions, which can be exchanged for the resources they want in the Cheng family.

As a result, a large number of monks have flowed into the Cheng family’s territory in recent years, and the Cheng family has also taken this opportunity to recruit many strong men.

So don’t think that the Cheng family is easy to deal with.

If these immortals were not here ~Soverse.com~ it would be up to us, even if the Cheng family did not have the help of the powerful men of the Holy Dynasty, we might not be able to take it down. “Someone explained.

Monks who stay in the Inner Dynasty all year round naturally do not know these things, but for some people who often leave the Inner Dynasty, they still know more or less about the affairs of the Cheng family.

“Everyone can go to the Cheng family to receive tasks? Everyone can exchange resources at the Cheng family? Doesn’t this mean that we are supporting everyone in the world?

Does his Cheng family have so many resources? “People who heard about this for the first time were immediately surprised.

Such an approach was obviously beyond his understanding.

In any force, there will actually be a task system. It is normal to receive corresponding rewards for completing the tasks of your own force.

But I have never heard of any force that dares to open up resources for exchange to outsiders.

If this were the case, others would not need to join the Cheng family but could also exchange for resources. This would be really cool.

Many people think that after joining a force, they will have a backer and resources for training.

Therefore, people who join a big force will always be envied by others.

But they don’t know that joining a force actually means they have lost too much freedom.

They are equivalent to having to work hard for the power.

There are many people who would rather be free than join forces and become free and unrestrained casual cultivators wandering around the world.

However, although casual cultivators are free, they do not have enough backers and resources to support them. Not only is their cultivation speed slow, but they are actually quite humble in front of powerful cultivators.

Because they have no backing, once they offend a powerful disciple, they simply cannot bear the wrath of the other force.

And by doing this, the Cheng family has obviously completely broken the current cultivation pattern in the world. This is really amazing.


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