Godly Student Chapter 6359: Scare the Cheng family to death!


At this time, the enemy has not yet appeared, and those who can absorb the spirit of the fairy are doing their best to absorb it. After all, such good opportunities don’t come around all the time.

For these monks in the tribulation period, the spirit of the fairy spirit is like a person who has been thirsty for too long and suddenly encounters the rain falling from the sky.

They have been longing for this rain for too long.

But they never thought that one day there would be so much fairy spirit in the human world. This sweet rain made it difficult for them to suppress their emotions.

They just hope that this war will never come, so that they can continue to practice here until they ascend to the fairy world.

Although other monks below the Tribulation Stage cannot absorb the spirit of the fairy, they also know that the internal army is now heading towards Tianshan City.

This also means that before long, they will also start a war to kill the enemy.

So they also began to absorb spiritual energy and practice.

Although they also know that in such a short period of time, even if they practice, there will be no improvement, but everyone else is practicing, and it is a waste of time for them to be idle.

And they have just realized that lack of strength is never a comforting thing.

So they all want to reach the tribulation stage as soon as possible. Only in this way will their lives be more protected.

Now that I practice one more day, I am sure that I will be one day closer to the time of transcending the tribulation.

Two months later!

An army of more than 80,000 people is still almost 20,000 miles away from Tianshan City, the target this time, which is about four or five days.

At this time, they found a spacious and secluded place to temporarily camp.

On the way, since they came out of Tianfu City in the Inner Dynasty, they have been walking to remote places. The purpose is not to let others discover the news that they sent troops to the Cheng family.

Even if it was not the Cheng family who discovered them, as long as news spread, no one was sure whether the news would reach the ears of the Cheng family.

So they have always been cautious.

When I just came out of Tianfu City, because the target was too big, I was afraid that others would find me even if I came out at night.

In order to hide their goals, they all headed west at the beginning, just to give others an illusion.

But then they began to adjust their direction and quickly moved towards the south.

Because there are so many immortals, their anti-detection capabilities are very powerful. Anyone who wants to get close will almost be discovered by them.

While passing through some spheres of influence along the way, there were indeed some spies from outside the DPRK who wanted to get closer to investigate, but they were all killed.

So they are now very confident that there will definitely be no discovery of the news about their arrival in Tianshan City.

During this period, they have been receiving news from Tianshan City. Everything in Tianshan City is as usual, and there is no sign that Tianshan City is preparing to fight.

This also means that Tianshan City does not know that the army of the Inner Dynasty is approaching Tianshan City.

But even so, they are still very cautious.

Now I am not in a hurry to go to Tianshan City, but I want to confirm the situation of Tianshan City. After all, it has been more than half a month since I last received news from Tianshan City.

“Our actions this time were so covert. When we suddenly appeared in Tianshan City, I don’t know what the expressions of the people in Tianshan City would be like!

Especially if they knew there were immortals here, the garrison in the mountain city that day might have been frightened to death on the spot. “After setting up camp, many people took out dry food and sat around to have some fun.

Many of them have followed the armies of the Inner Dynasty on expeditions over the years!

So they all know that the DPRK has been quite frustrated over the past few years.

Originally, their inner court was in charge of these outer dynasties, so the inner dynasty was always aloof in front of the outer dynasty.

This also made them look down upon Wai Chao.

But since those outer dynasties rebelled against the inner dynasty, these guys have the support of the holy dynasty, and the inner dynasty has never taken advantage of these outer dynasties.

Originally, after the Holy Dynasty disappeared a few years ago, their outer dynasty took the opportunity to take back a lot of territory taken away by the rebel dynasty. However, just a year ago, the armies of their outer dynasty were attacked by the Holy Dynasty again. , most of the army was wiped out.

So they hate the Holy Dynasty extremely.

When they first sent troops to the Cheng family, they still didn’t understand. But later they found out that the Cheng family seemed to be related to the Holy Dynasty.

Knowing this relationship, they wanted to tear the Cheng family into pieces to see how these guys could prevent them from regaining the lost territory.

Of course, the power of the Holy Dynasty is also deeply rooted in the inner court.

After all, all the powerful men from the Holy Dynasty had gone to their inner court, and in the end they were unable to keep them and watched them escape.

So the power of the Holy Dynasty can be seen. If these immortals did not go out together, they would really not dare to come to the Cheng family. ~Soverse.com~ Even if the Cheng family is only related to the Holy Dynasty, they also feel that there may be strong men from the Holy Dynasty sitting in the Cheng family. If they encounter it, it will be difficult to deal with.

But now they don’t have any fear. Instead, they are very much looking forward to arriving at the Cheng family as soon as possible to let them know that there is a price to pay for being a holy dog.

Even if they really encounter the powerful men of the Holy Dynasty, these powerful immortals will help them resist.

So in the eyes of these people, their expedition to take down the Cheng family this time was completely certain, and naturally there was nothing to be afraid of.

“It’s not enough to be scared to death. Since the Cheng family has a relationship with the Holy Dynasty, they must have seen strong men from the Holy Dynasty. Moreover, the Cheng family may have strong men from the Holy Dynasty to guard them, so they want to scare them. They will definitely not die.

However, our magical soldiers descend from the sky, and the powerful immortals are approaching the city. It is possible that they cannot defend Tianshan City! “Someone said.

“You really think highly of the Cheng family and the Holy Dynasty. I admit that the strength of the Holy Dynasty is indeed very strong, even stronger than our Inner Dynasty.

But no matter how powerful their holy dynasty is, can they compare with these immortals?

Especially those ten immortals, all other immortals are respectful in front of them, which shows that the strength of these ten immortals is extraordinary among the immortals.

Let alone the Cheng family, even if the Holy Lord of the Holy Dynasty comes in person, there is only a dead end. “Someone said dismissively.

“That’s true. In front of so many immortals, it is not easy to destroy the Cheng family.

I even suspect that our task this time is not as simple as destroying the Cheng family.

Otherwise there would be no need to dispatch so many immortals.

I think our Lord may want to find the Holy Dynasty’s lair through the Cheng family, and then kill them all! “Some people speculated.


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