Godly Student Chapter 5803: He sure has the token!


“That’s right, this kind of mortal Dzogchen itself cannot be judged by ordinary mortal Dzogchen monks. Even if the eight virtual immortal Dzogchen monks are somewhat vain in terms of realm, their real strength is not as good as Most of the virtual immortals are Dzogchen.

But the fact is that even if their strength is only comparable to that of Xu Xian’s early stage, the strength of this tribulation stage is already terrifying. “Someone said.

“That’s true, no matter how much you fight in the Transition Tribulation Stage, you’ve never seen someone who can kill the Void Immortal Stage in the Transition Tribulation Stage.

And he killed eight Xuxian Dzogchen in one go, this situation is really amazing.

If this is the case, it will be even more difficult for all of us to get the token and leave this world this time. “Someone said with great worry.

They have long heard that it is very dangerous to grab tokens at the end, but now such an extraordinary and terrifying opponent has appeared, which is a huge blow to everyone.

Most of the people here are in the virtual immortal stage, especially for those monks who are in the virtual immortal Dzogchen period, their competitive advantage is the greatest.

After all, although there are old monsters, there may not be many of them.

Moreover, there will definitely be competition among the old monsters, so as the Xuxian Dzogchen who is second only to the old monsters, they actually have the greatest chance.

But now that such a person pops up all of a sudden, even the Xuxian Dzogchen can be killed in an instant, then they have no sense of security at all.

“He’s just in the tribulation period, do you think it’s possible for him to have a token?” Someone suddenly thought.

After all, only low-level monks will look for tokens, and virtual immortals like them will basically not look for tokens anymore.

Because they want to continuously improve their strength and reduce the pressure brought by the old monsters, at the same time, they also need to increase the distance between them and the low realm.

So during the past hundred years, they have been almost completely cultivating.

It’s just that after Xuxian’s Great Consummation, their realm was completely stuck.

It is no longer feasible to improve the strength by raising the realm, and can only continuously improve one’s own strength in the realm of Xuxian Dzogchen.

But after reaching this level, it is impossible to improve the strength as much as before.

So a hundred years seems to be a long time, but in fact their strength has not improved much, so they are racing against time, and dare not spend a lot of time looking for tokens.

Unless the luck is overwhelming and tokens suddenly appear when they kill the beasts, otherwise they are almost all self-cultivation.

This is why they are afraid of the old monsters, because the old monsters have been here for thousands of years. Although the strength of each hundred years is very limited, after years of accumulation, Thousands of years, that is, tens of hundreds of years, the gap in strength is relatively large at this time.

Therefore, they are also Xuxian Dzogchen, but the strength of the old monster is indeed much stronger than the general Xuxian Dzogchen.

Especially some old monsters with excellent talents, their strength is even stronger.

Of course, it cannot be said that all old monsters will definitely be stronger than other Xuxian Dzogchen.

After all, it is still a matter of talent, as long as the talent is good enough and has enough fighting ability to leapfrog, just like Cheng Yu.

He can kill eight Xuxian Dzogchen so easily in one Transcending Tribulation Period, so if he is not an old monster, his strength may not be weaker than the old monster, and he may even be less talented than those who are not very outstanding The old monster is much stronger.

Although this is the case, there are still a small number of special characters like this after all. Most people’s strength actually follows the rules, and they all obey the laws of realm and time. Not everyone can fight in this world. .

As for Cheng Yu, as a transcending tribulation period, in terms of realm, there is no doubt that he belongs to a low-level monk. Such a person should be more likely to look for tokens.

“Although that person is a low-level monk, his strength has already surpassed the imaginary fairyland. Does such a strength still have time to find tokens?

It is estimated that he has been practicing like us, otherwise how could he have such a powerful force? “Someone retorted.

“Oh! I understand!” But at this moment, someone suddenly shouted loudly.

“What do you understand?” Everyone looked at him suspiciously.

“I see, that person may really have a token on him, and there may be more than one token!” The person said excitedly.

“How do you say that?” Everyone obviously didn’t understand why this guy was so sure that Cheng Yu had a token on him.

“Think about it, that guy is so strong, why does he have a group of low-level monks around him?

Isn’t it because these low-level monks need his protection? But why does such a strong man protect a group of low-level monks?

You know, with his strength, this group of low-level monks are clearly like ants~Soverse.com~ How could he be company with ants?

Think about it again, why do we pay the most attention to low-level monks? “The man explained.

“You mean, those low-level monks found the tokens, and they may have given one of the tokens to this person, so this person will protect them?” Think of the key points.

“Although this guess is bold, it is indeed very possible.” Everyone suddenly realized and agreed.

This idea is indeed very possible, otherwise such a strong man mixed with a group of low-level monks, such a combination would be too strange.

“Although this possibility is indeed there, I remember that there are at least nine people following him. Let alone how many tokens they have on them, even if all eight tokens are on them, if they take If you give a token to that person, two of them will be unable to leave this world.

Then who wants to be abandoned? “Someone suddenly wondered.

“Before the exit appears, everything is unknown. Even if they have such strong protection, but with so many people, who is sure that they can survive to the end?

Moreover, there are two of them who are just ordinary cultivators in the Transcendence Tribulation Period. Isn’t the possibility of them being killed also very high?

The most important thing is that as long as that person has a token in his hand, will he care if all the people behind him can leave?

So those people gave him a token, perhaps just to protect them from going to the source, and whether they can grab enough tokens for them at that time is purely a matter of destiny.

Besides, those old monsters are not vegetarians, won’t they grab tokens? “Someone explained.


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