Godly Student Chapter 5797: Integrity-based!



Seeing Cheng Yu’s confident expression, everyone was looking forward to it even more, because they thought that Cheng Yu might really have this strength.


At least they don’t think Cheng Yu looks like a lunatic. Knowing that there is such a strong man guarding there, he can still be so confident, he should be someone with real strength.


“Brother Cheng, if we reach the source, we should be considered to have entered the next stage?” Lu Yuan asked.


“Why?” Cheng Yu asked back.


“After all, at that time everyone was fighting for tokens, and you also promised to ensure that we left smoothly. So if they hurt us for fighting for tokens, how can you ensure that we leave?


So I think it should be counted, right? “Lu Yuan said.


“Of course not, I just promised to help you leave, but the exit has not been opened yet, I don’t need to help you leave, we are just waiting for the exit to open.


I have told you before that protecting you and helping you leave smoothly are two different things.


I will only assume the responsibility of protecting you when I help you leave.


But the safety issues before this belong to the insurance stage, which is completely different from not reaching the source! “Cheng Yu shook his head and said.


“Then when do you think you will enter the second stage?” Lu Yuan asked urgently.


“Naturally, when two suns appear in the sky, it means that it’s time for the exit to open, and we will naturally enter the stage of preparing to leave!” Cheng Yu explained.


“But two days on the same day is only one day, so we spent so many resources, you just protect it all at once?” Lu Yuan felt that Cheng Yu was really cheated.


This guy has earned them so much resources, but he is not even willing to let them protect them for a little longer, and asks him to spend resources to buy insurance.


And now he needs a hundred years of resources to buy insurance, this pit is really big.


“Although there is only one day, you should know how important this day is. Without my help, do you have the ability to leave?


If you have this ability, I don’t think you can give me the resources and let me help you.


So it’s all the more proof of how much that day was worth.


And didn’t I warn you before? It’s the most cost-effective to buy insurance early, but you are the only one of us who has seen such a scene.


Are you sure you can protect yourself? Aren’t you more sober than others?


Now you’re worried? “Cheng Yu said with a look of contempt.


This guy clearly knows that it will be very dangerous at that time, but he is still unwilling to spend resources on insurance. Isn’t it because he thinks that his strength is not bad, so he is unwilling to spend more resources?


Now I really start to face all this, but I start to worry again, isn’t this just cheating myself?


“Then if it’s too late for me to buy insurance now?” Lu Yuan really regretted it.


At the beginning, his strength was not as strong as it is now, so he always felt that he was stronger now, and he should be able to last until the exit opened.


He saw battles everywhere along the way. He wasn’t that nervous before, but now he is really nervous.


“Didn’t I say that? As long as you are willing to spend resources, you can buy your life before you die.” Cheng Yu said with a smile.


Of course he will do business, who doesn’t want free resources?


“But we haven’t encountered any danger yet, so I can’t count it as buying my life, and there are only about 20 days left now, can I spend 50 years of resources to buy this insurance?” Lu Yuan asked.


“Of course not, I told you a long time ago, the discount is only for one day, if you miss that day, no matter when it is the original price.


However you don’t want to listen to my advice, now you know you regret it? “Cheng Yu said lightly.


It is purely a seller’s market now, so there is no chance to negotiate prices at all.


Originally, he could have asked for a higher price to pay for his life, but he felt that he didn’t have to go too far.


So it is impossible for him to sit on the ground and raise the price. The resources for this century have already been agreed at the beginning.


If you miss that village, you won’t have this store.


He knew for a long time that these two guys were going to spend this resource, but they wanted to save resources to persist, maybe they were too confident in their own strength.


But after walking all the way now, they found that the reality was crueler than they imagined, so they began to regret it again.


For this kind of person, it would be a pity that he does not earn this resource.


“Brother Cheng, I really regret it now. For everyone’s sake, you can just give me an insurance policy based on 50 years of resources. Why bother?” Lu Yuan said with a smile.


This time, he didn’t blame Cheng Yu for being unkind, because Cheng Yu had indeed reminded him repeatedly.


But he himself feels that he can still hold on, and maybe he can save fifty years of resources.


It’s just that now he suddenly has a bad feeling ~Soverse.com~ and thinks that he might be too risky.


“Of course I know it’s not easy for everyone, that’s why I persuaded you to buy insurance early.


But one size counts for one size, and I also risk my life to do business. I have to protect you with my life if I take your resources, so I am also taking a big risk.


Don’t look at me now that I have taken the resources of each of you for two hundred years, but you have to be clear, maybe I don’t need these resources.


So you should also consider that it is not easy for me? “Cheng Yu said.


“This…Brother Cheng, if I buy my life when I’m in danger, you won’t raise the price halfway, will you?” Seeing that Cheng Yu was unwilling to agree, Lu Yuan could only The next best thing.


“Of course, what do you think of me, Cheng Yu, as a profiteer? Now that you have opened your mouth, it is impossible to change. I, Cheng Yu, have always been honest in my business.


It is as much as it should be, so when there was a discount at the beginning, it is naturally the original price now.


Whether you are in danger or not, it is the original price!


Even if you only have half your life left, as long as you contribute resources, I will still save you at this price. “Cheng Yu said with a serious face.


“Brother Cheng, don’t get me wrong, I just want to make sure. If that’s the case, I think I’ll buy my life a little later, it shouldn’t be a problem, right?” Lu Yuan waved his hand quickly and said.


“Of course, I said that I will not force you. When there is a discount, I reminded you that it is your own business not to buy it, and I did not force you to buy it.


There is no discount now, so you can buy it whenever you want, anyway, the price is still so much, a hundred years of resources! “Cheng Yu said.


“That’s good!” Lu Yuan finally felt relieved.


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