Godly Student Chapter 5470: We are different!



“Young master, should we continue to absorb those cores for Jin Chan before we go deeper, or should we catch up now?” Hei Mo asked.


“Naturally let Jin Chan absorb the immortal core first. After this battle, you have also seen the benefits of Jin Chan’s greatly increased strength.


Although it is difficult to kill Xu Xian, at least it can resist Xu Xian’s attack, and it can also protect you.


So if Jin Chan can really advance to Xu Xian, the effect it can play will only be greater! “Cheng Yu said.


“That’s true, this time it is indeed thanks to Jin Chan who has been guarding by our side. Several times that Xu Xian wanted to attack us, but was stopped by Jin Chan.” Hei Mo smiled Said.


Although he would still think of the disgusting scene when he saw Jin Chan now, but Jin Chan saved their lives several times this time, and he was very grateful in his heart.


“That’s it. It’s a pity that there are only poisonous-type beasts here. It would be great if there were fire-type beasts. If Fire Feather and Hongyu can also absorb more fairy cores, let them advance to Xuxian, or reaching the same strength as Xuxian, can bring us a greater advantage.” Cheng Yu looked at the tired Huoyu and Hongyu, and felt a little regretful.




These two big birds obviously also felt Cheng Yu’s feelings, and suddenly felt very wronged, and their big bodies rubbed against Cheng Yu’s body.


“Don’t worry, if there is a chance, I will definitely help you collect more fire immortal cores!” Cheng Yu said with a smile while touching the two big guys.


But Cheng Yu smiled wryly in his heart.


It’s not enough for Jin Chan to kill so many Xuxians with a single poison-type beast, but Fire Feather and Hongyu are both fire-type beasts.


If he wanted both of them to advance to Xuxian, he really couldn’t imagine how many fire-type fairy beasts he would have to kill.


But there is no way, they are all his magic pets, and he can’t be partial.


No matter how difficult it is, he has to find a way to get it.


But this time it was just a coincidence, how could he have thought that there would be a spider nest here?


So it can only be said that Jin Chan’s luck is good, so many fairy beasts are really encountered by him.


But thinking about it carefully, all this seems reasonable again.


Because the fairy beast that wants to occupy the fairy spirit vein must be extremely strong, stronger than all the surrounding fairy beasts.


Only in this way can it keep such a good thing.


But if its own strength is not strong enough, then it needs more helpers.


So group-living fairy beasts like tarantulas have a great advantage.


A virtual immortal beast is already very strong, but there is a nest here, even if the strength is only mortal, to be honest, a virtual immortal must not be able to beat them.


What’s more, they still have many virtual immortals, and there is also a spider king whose strength is unknown.


Of course, the reason why they have so many virtual immortals may be that after they successfully occupy the immortal spirit veins, they can absorb such a strong immortal spirit all year round, which makes their strength grow rapidly. Ascension, more and more virtual immortals appeared.


Therefore, they happened to encounter such a group of herd beasts here, and the probability is actually quite high.


It’s just that not all the beasts living in groups are poisonous, just like the pack of wolves that Cheng Yu encountered when he first came to this place.


 p;So it is indeed Jin Chan’s good luck that he happened to encounter the poison system, giving it a chance to quickly improve its strength and realm.


Cheng Yu now only hopes that having dozens of imaginary fairy tarantulas and hundreds of mortal fairy tarantula corpses in his hands is enough for him to advance.


If you can’t advance, it’s hard to say whether you will have the opportunity to harvest such a large number of fairy tarantulas.


After all, these two battles caused the spider nest to lose a lot of combat power. I don’t know if the spider king will continue to send troops to deal with them.


I don’t want to think about it so much anymore, everyone went back to the map of mountains and rivers first, and Cheng Yu asked Jin Chan to continue absorbing it.


Although the golden toad absorbed more fairy tarantula corpses and obviously felt that its aura was increasing, it still couldn’t advance to Xuxian.


Seeing that Cheng Yu only had the corpse of the fairy fairy tarantula left in Cheng Yu’s hand, and there were only a dozen or so of them, his heart felt cold.


“Young master, it seems that this time there is no chance!” White Demon also said a little discouraged.


In fact, the most important thing is the corpses of the virtual immortals. The core core of a virtual immortal is more useful than dozens of core cores of ordinary immortals.


So when Cheng Yu threw all the Xuxian corpses to Jin Chan, but before he could advance it, he knew that it would be difficult for Jin Chan to advance this time.


Now that Cheng Yu is almost out of stock, Jin Chan’s wish to advance is naturally almost in vain.


“Don’t worry, the young master still has twenty or so? Maybe it’s just enough for Jin Chan to advance!” Hei Mo was not discouraged yet.


It’s just that after Cheng Yu threw the last fairy tarantula corpse to Jin Chan to absorb, he didn’t need to say anything, and the result of everything was already very clear.


“Swallowing so many virtual immortals failed to make Jin Chan advance ~IndoMTL.com~ Isn’t it too difficult?” Hei Mo finally said disappointedly.


“Although it absorbs the core of the virtual immortal, it does not mean that swallowing the virtual immortal can become a virtual immortal. Otherwise, their cultivation is much easier than human cultivation.” Cheng Yu said.


“Think about it, compared to human monks, they can devour the fairy cores of other beasts to advance. If they don’t swallow more, they can really reach a very high level casually!


But even so, I still feel that they can advance much faster than human monks!


Seeing that Jin Chan has not been able to advance to Xuxian, I feel that if I become a mortal in the future and want to advance to Xuxian, I really can’t imagine it. “The black devil said.


Indeed, Cheng Yu killed so many Xuxians to improve Jin Chan’s strength but failed to advance to Xuxians. As human monks, how long would it take them to advance to Xuxians?


“Then you are mistaken. Beasts and humans cultivate in different ways, so different cultivation methods will naturally have different difficulties.


The reason why Fanxian is called Fanxian is because although all the spiritual power in our body has been transformed into the power of immortal essence, the spiritual essence in our body has not been transformed into immortal essence.


So if you want to become a virtual immortal, you just need to transform your spiritual energy into immortal energy.


This process is difficult to say, but not easy to say. Some people may not be able to completely transform after ascension for thousands of years, but some people can easily transform.


This has something to do with the skills they have learned in the fairy world to transform the immortal essence, and it also has a lot to do with personal talent and even personal luck, which is not clear in a few words.


And you just need to understand that the cultivation of human beings is different from that of beasts, and you cannot judge human monks by the cultivation methods of beasts. ” Cheng Yu explained.


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