God Emperor Chapter 3912: Fighting against Tianzun



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The fifteen layers of the underworld of the Nether Purgatory are still in a broken state, and have not been fully restored, and the underworld is flowing everywhere. The destructive power left by Yuanhui Jie and Mingzu remains in the space and will not disperse for a long time.


“Beware of his curse power, wear this.”


Zhang Ruochen waved a cloud of ghost fog.


The ghost mist condensed on Fengtian’s body and turned into an armor.


It is the “Ancestral Dragon Ghost Armor” of the Dragon Corpse Knight. This armor can not only defend against curses, but also defend against spirit attacks.


In the face of the curse and the attack of the gods and souls, the ancestral dragon armor is certainly not enough, otherwise the dragon corpse knight will not be cursed. Of course, Zhang Ruochen and Feng Tian are not dragon corpse knights, and their cultivation levels are very different.


As long as the ancestral dragon armor can play a partial role, their situation can be improved a lot.


Although Zhang Ruochen integrated the Mirror Stand and also carried Mani beads, he still didn’t dare to be careless in the face of such a terrifying existence as Bone Yama, so he also put on an Ancestral Dragon Armor.


“Let’s go, go to Shiji God Star first!”


Zhang Ruochen pressed his palm to the void, and a space teleportation array quickly appeared in front of his palm.


Fighting recklessly with the Tianzun class is the way to death.


“Can you get away?”


Bone Yama’s voice came from above.


The demonic energy turned into wisps of glow, falling from above.


In the rays of the sun, there is an unfathomable magic order, like a long whip, drawing a beautiful arc, and cutting towards Zhang Ruochen.


Zhang Ruochen knew that he couldn’t stop the blow, so he had to abandon the space teleportation array, and his figure flashed.




Not completely avoided.


This devilish glow, sharper than a divine sword, passed across Zhang Ruochen’s left shoulder, causing sparks to burst out from the ancestral dragon’s armor, which was finally cut open.


God’s blood flowed out, and the pain was piercing.


Zhang Ruochen could clearly feel the magic energy and curse of Tianzun level, which invaded the body from the wound. Around the wound, the flesh and blood turned black, and the skin dried up quickly.




Zhang Ruochen got up and clasped his hands together.


Circles of pure Buddha light gushed out from the body and hung behind his head, dispelling the demonic energy and curse.


At this moment, the real body of Gu Yanluo had fallen in front of him.


However, Zhang Ruochen looked down on Bone Yan Luo’s body at all, and could only see a phantom.


And this phantom quickly shot a palm that was more blurred than the phantom.


An Indestructible Infinity early-stage cultivator is far enough away from the Celestial Venerable Level that he still has a chance to escape.


But if you get close, you will definitely die.


At this critical moment, Zhang Ruochen’s reaction speed rose to an unprecedented height, and he stepped forward with his legs like a bow, and punched out.


This punch is no longer controlled by his mind.


It’s that the boxing is struck first, and the mind catches up with it later.


The speed of this punch made Bone Yan Luo astonished. However, in the face of the absolute gap in cultivation, any divine channeling method is futile.


Fist and palm.




Zhang Ruochen’s arm broke at the sound, and his body flew upside down.


Gu Yan Luo’s palm strength has not dissipated, and is still unrivaled. Not only does he want to break Zhang Ruochen’s arm, but also smash Zhang Ruochen’s body and spirit with one palm, completely sealing the victory.


Only in this way can he free his hand and deal with Fengtian more calmly.


Once Zhang Ruochen is suppressed under his feet, Fengtian probably won’t run away again, this is what Gu Yanluo wants to achieve.


However, the accident happened again.


Silver-white Buddha’s light gushed out from Zhang Ruochen’s womb, accompanied by the extreme wall of the ancestor world of the Paradise, forming the first line of defense.


Immediately afterwards, under the control of Zhang Ruochen’s divine sense, the Thunder Clan’s Ancestor Realm also broke out. The extreme wall and endless thunder and lightning of the ancestral realm formed a second line of defense.






After the bone Yan Luo pierced through the extreme walls of the two ancestor realms, he exhausted his palm strength, and when he was about to transform his supernatural powers, he felt that Feng Tian had already died


Catch up from behind.


He ignored Feng Tian and continued to attack the wounded Zhang Ruochen.


Even if he resisted Fengtian’s blow, Zhang Ruochen must be severely injured to the point of losing his combat power.


Zhang Ruochen landed on the ground, fixed his figure, not afraid of Gu Yan Luo’s spiritual coercion at all, his arm shook like a whip, and the broken bones reconnected instantly.


Then, with a long roar, he squeezed the Mani Pearl with one hand and the Emperor Talisman with the other, and punched out with both fists.


At this time, you can’t be afraid, you can’t escape.


The more you escape, the faster you die.


Only by overcoming fear and facing danger can we fight for a way out.


But the words “overcome fear” are easy to say, when the real shadow of death is coming, how many people can do it?




Bone Yan Luo did not underestimate Zhang Ruochen, and shot out with both hands at the same time.


The light and shadow of the great demon god’s ancestor appeared, which was formed by the spirit of the ancestor and the rules of the ancestor. It has eight heads, male head, female head, Buddha head, snake head, sheep head, Dharma seal head, skull head, and ten eyes. First, Qiqi appeared.


When the two palms and fists collided, Feng Tian’s fingertips also hit the back of Bone Yan Luo’s neck bone.


Phoenix not only has a tough mouth, but also tougher claws.


Even if the Tianzun class resisted her blow, it would never be easy.




Feng Tian’s finger was extremely delicate, it just hit the gap between the two bones of Bone Yan Luo’s back neck, and the bones of his whole body exploded, as if his head was about to separate from his body.


Zhang Ruochen was hit by Gu Yan Luo’s palms, and his arms exploded instantly, leaving only bones, and even the ancestral dragon armor on his body was beaten into ghost fog.


The eight heads of the Great Demon God were pressed together, and Zhang Ruochen felt that his body was about to be torn apart by this blow, and the terrifying power of the **** of heaven was quickly withdrawn.


The eight heads of the Great Demon God broke away from the neck and hit Feng Tian behind him.




Zhang Ruochen and Feng Tian flew out like meteors at the same time, crashing into the interior of two continents in the ninth layer of the underworld.


The next moment, the two of them broke through the ground together.


They quickly healed their injuries and released various means of body protection.


As long as their cultivation base reaches their level, as long as they are not blown into particles, their physical injuries can be healed quickly, and their combat power will not be greatly affected.


In other words, if there was no Feng Tian’s finger just now, and the palms of Bone Yan Luo and the light and shadow of the Great Demon God hit Zhang Ruochen completely, Zhang Ruochen’s physical body would definitely not be able to bear it.


When the body turns into particles, the soul and spirit will also be injured, and may even fall into a temporary unconscious state.


At that time, how much combat power is left?


It was Zhang Ruochen who held Gu Yanluo to attack with all his strength three times in a row, and was able to not destroy his body and soul, which made Gu Yanluo’s overall plan for a quick battle to defeat him.


“Zhang Ruochen, am I okay?”


The selfless lamp is suspended in the center of the circles of Buddha light behind Zhang Ruochen’s head.


Just now, with its assistance, Zhang Ruochen was able to resist Bone Yan Luo’s palms head-on, but only suffered some minor injuries.


Although it was only a brief confrontation, such a record has shocked the world.


Resisting the three strikes of the Heavenly Venerable Level and still retreating completely, how many people in the world can do it?


“With you here, I feel that the Tianzun class is not so scary.” Zhang Ruochen raised his head proudly, his eyes despised Bone Yan Luo.


Although Wuwo Deng is happy, he feels that Zhang Ruochen is a little bit drifting!


“Bone Yan Luo strengthens the demon god, it is very challenging.”


Fengtian stood in another world, dressed in red, with gorgeous wings on her back, countless rules of death gathered towards her.


Gu Yan Luo stood on a continental plate five hundred miles long, floating in the void, separating the two of them, and said: “You are indeed not bad, you have already mastered the order of boxing just after Breaking Indestructible Infinity. Even King Dongming may not be able to do it.”


Zhang Ruochen’s punch beyond his own consciousness just now was unconscious, triggering the domain of boxing order.


It was precisely that punch that won him the world because he did not lose miserably at the hands of Bone Yama.


However, Zhang Ruochen may not be able to use it again.


Martial arts have just entered the field of immortality, so one has to first perceive the order of boxing, then understand it thoroughly, gradually dig out the mystery of the order, and finally reach the point where you can use it as you like. Even, weaving order by oneself, forming a world of absolute dominance by one side.


Bone Yan Luo’s extreme oppression forced Zhang Ruochen to perceive the order of boxing in advance, that’s all.


Bone Yan Luo changed the subject and said: “But that’s the end of it! Your ancestor is dead, and you have no meaning to exist.”


Wuwu Deng said: “Who said that the ancestor of destiny is dead? Before the master died, he left the four kinds of Taoism of life, blessing, auspiciousness and happiness among the twelve phases of fate, and gave them to four people respectively. Ji, It was left to Zhang Ruochen by the master! If the master has all the twelve aspects, how can there be no reason why the eighteen levels of nether purgatory cannot be broken?




A door of destiny flew out from the selfless lamp, like a shield floating in front of Zhang Ruochen,


Its light is not very bright, but it gives people a feeling of extreme security, as if there is an invisible force protecting themselves.


There were ripples in Zhang Ruochen’s heart. He had already accepted Gong Nanfeng’s fall, but at this moment, sadness arose spontaneously.


Catching this subtle change in Zhang Ruochen’s heart, Gu Yanluo disappeared in place.


At the same time, Zhang Ruochen’s eyes were full of brilliance, he didn’t care where Gu Yanluo would appear, and rushed straight to Fengtian.


Fengtian had already made eye contact with Zhang Ruochen, and at this moment, he was also approaching him.


In this kind of close-range confrontation, the two must be together in order to resist the attack of Gu Yanluo, and then they are qualified to think about how to retreat.




Three artifacts in a row, including Chiran Pagoda, Tianshu Gourd, and Thunder Hammer, flew out of Zhang Ruochen’s womb.


All of Fengtian’s artifacts were taken away by Gong Nanfeng and left in Zhang Ruochen’s womb.


Feng Tian, ​​who does not have a divine weapon, obviously has greatly reduced combat power.


“I have already guessed your intention.”


Moran, Gu Yanluo appeared between Zhang Ruochen and Fengtian, and used a black bag to put all three artifacts into it.




Bone Yan Luo sensed that something was wrong.


The moment he collected the artifact, Zhang Ruochen and Feng Tian joined together, their hands butted and their fingers intertwined.


In the next moment, the Thunder Clan’s Ancestor Realm appeared at Feng Tian’s feet, her whole body was full of thunder, attracting countless thunder and lightning, and attacked Bone Yan Luo.


At the same time, auspicious Ruyi also returned to her hands.


Zhang Ruochen propped up the Jimen and Taiji four-image seals left by Gong Nanfeng, and continuously mobilized the scorching power of Xiaoyan Five Stars, causing the Taiji four-image seals to rotate rapidly and turn them into a Yin-Yang vortex.


Fengtian waved his auspicious wish and hit the center of Jimen.


The power of Zhang Ruochen, Feng Tian, ​​and Gong Nanfeng seemed to merge together at this moment, and they were extremely blazing.


Bone Yan Luo just said that the thunder and lightning were scattered, when he saw the divine light of fate flying towards him, his eyes were fixed.


“The bone emperor is on the verge of becoming a master.”


Fifty percent of the Bone Emperor’s Heavenly Dao Profound Truth erupted, Bone Yan Luo threw out both hands, and collided with the coming Divine Light of Destiny.


The fragments of the continent under Bone Yan Luo turned into dust, and when the divine light of fate dissipated, Zhang Ruochen and Feng Tian had escaped from the ninth layer of the underworld and entered the void of the universe.


The strength of Zhang Ruochen and Fengtian far exceeded Gu Yanluo’s expectations. The two cooperate with each other tacitly, and at the same time possess the body protection of the ancestor world, coupled with the selfless lamp and the ancestor Jimen, it has already made Gu Yanluo, a celestial being, feel tricky.


There is no point in catching up.


What makes Bone Yan Luo even more suspicious is that the target of Mistress Shiji is not Baal, but him~IndoMTL.com~It’s too dangerous!


Although the three artifacts have been captured, it is not a complete loss. However, Gu Yanluo’s heart was extremely heavy, because he knew that Fengtian was not far from breaking through, and Zhang Ruochen’s growth rate was terrifying.


If he stays where he is, he will definitely be defeated by the two of them in a short time.



After arriving outside Shijishen Star, Zhang Ruochen and Feng Tiancai stopped, and finally breathed a sigh of relief.


It was too dangerous just now!


Even if there is a slight mistake, the two of them will be killed by Yan Luo’s hands when they talk.


Feng Tian looked towards Nether Purgatory, and said: “Bone Yan Luo did not dare to catch up! Sure enough, the fate of Thunder Punishment Tianzun, Bei Xi, Yan Jun, Kuiliang Emperor, and Luo Moluo has already made them worry. .”


“After all, there is only one life.” Zhang Ruochen said.


Feng Tian said: “Yes, I only have one life. Although I lost three artifacts, at least I escaped!”


“One day, we will get it back from him.” Zhang Ruochen said.




Feng Tian glanced at him meaningfully.


The great gods of the Stone clan on Shijishen star were all paying attention to the battle situation in Nether Purgatory. Seeing Zhang Ruochen and Feng Tian retreating completely, they were all agitated, and the shock was hard to calm down.


They knew what a taboo existence Zhang Ruochen and Feng Tian were fighting against.


Although this duel is short, it will surely spread quickly to all walks of life in the universe, making the gods of the world re-examine the weight of the word “Dichen”.


“That’s Tianzun class!”


The black and white Taoist rubbed his temples, not knowing what gesture he should take to greet the two of them next.


Huang Tian’s tightly frowned brows stretched out, and then wrinkled again, obviously his heart is not without waves.



Let me predict a wave, this Germany and the small day, there is a high probability of being upset, the small day is still very strong, let’s say 1 to 2, trust me! buy it!


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