God Emperor Chapter 3739: Academy meets old people



Chapter 3671 College Encounters Old People



Tianmu and Venerable Niezang were secret visits, and only a few gods of the undead blood were aware of them.



The Undead War God and the Bloody War God came forward to greet him.



As the new owner of the clan’s mansion, the God of War of Blood invited these three powerful figures of the **** world into a blood wing temple for a secret discussion.



Not long after, the old clansmen walked into the temple in neat clothes. He was full of energy, how could he be half-depressed, he laughed and said: “Tianmu, it’s been a long time, you haven’t changed at all over the years, you’re still so young. Before you die, I can see you once in this lifetime. That’s enough!”



Tianmu glanced at the undead God of War and said, “I heard that your lifespan will be exhausted, and you will have five declines, so I specially came to send you the last journey. There are not many people alive in our era!” /



The old clan was overjoyed when he grew up. Who would have thought that Tianmu really remembered him and made a special trip to the undead blood clan.



For a while, I didn’t want to die at all!



But thinking that he is no match for the destiny and will turn into a dead bone soon, the more I think about it, the more uncomfortable it becomes, and I can’t help crying.



If he hadn’t seen Tianmu, he could have faced death calmly, with a peaceful mind and no fear.



When I saw it, I realized that death is so terrifying.



The Undying God of War asked Tianmu to help him with this. He originally hoped that the old patriarch could walk peacefully before he died, but who would have thought it would be counterproductive?



The God of War of Blood Jue did not expect the old patriarch to be so old. He cried as soon as he cried, and coughed dryly: “There are outsiders here, even if I am moved, there is no need to cry.”



“You care about me?”



The old patriarch gave a fierce mouth to the God of War, but gradually he wiped away his tears. With the help of the God of Blood, he sat down on a chair and talked about the past with the undead God of War and Tianmu.



After half an hour, the Undead War God and Tianmu walked out of the temple.



The undead God of War said: “I will do what I promised you, and the people like the Quebec Emperor should have been cleaned up long ago. But we have to wait until he is sent away!”



“If you don’t take him to the Temple of Destiny, the leader of a clan like him should die vigorously, instead of dying in obscurity in the silence.” Tian Mu said.



The undead God of War understands what Tianmu means.



Tianmu hopes that the old patriarch can use his dying body to explode the source of the gods, in order to severely damage the strong enemy.



This does not mean that Tianmu is cold-blooded and ruthless!



After all, if she was really cold-blooded and ruthless, she would have mentioned it in front of the old patriarch just now, and the old patriarch would definitely not reject her.



The old guy had a crush on Tian Mu all his life, never married, and didn’t even have a single descendant.



From the distant gaze of the passionate and singing young man, obsessed to the twilight, I do not know how many times I have looked at Luozu Yunshan from afar.



A million years at a glance!



The years make people grow old, and the seas dry up and turn into mulberry fields. Only Tianmu’s face does not change, and her life is like a big dream!



The undead God of War looked at the sky and sighed: “He won’t go! I know him, and when he is dying, he will pass on his lifelong cultivation to Xue Jue. In his heart, except for you, blood Jue is more important than everything. Perhaps, blood Jue is even more important!”





Tianren Academy, located in the hinterland of Xiniu Hezhou, is a Confucian and Taoist holy place founded by the second Confucian ancestor in the holy world at that time. At its peak, all the saints of all realms came to pay homage one after another, and countless gods sat under the pine bamboo and listened to the sermons of the Confucian ancestors, and they read loudly every day.



In a small amount of calamity, the academy was destroyed and reduced to ruins.



In the sky where the academy is located, the mountains are broken, there are countless deep valleys, and the desert is thousands of miles away. Many destructive traces cannot be repaired so far



However, the place that can be favored by the second Confucian ancestor is naturally the place where the divine veins gather. Moreover, in the depths of the ruins of the academy, Confucian classics can occasionally be found, which is of great benefit to the cultivation of spiritual power.



It’s a sunny day.



The sky is blue, with cotton-like white clouds floating.



A cyan frame, pulled by nine white cranes, flew from the sky and landed outside the broken gate of Tianren Academy.



A man and three women got out of the car one after another.



Zhang Ruochen is dressed in a green shirt and a scarf on his head.



His eyes, following the long gravel path, looked up, and could see many ancient wooden buildings hidden among the branches and leaves.



The gravel path spirals up, and the sides are covered with green bamboo like jasper. The breeze is coming, the bamboo leaves are fluttering, and under the sun, there is a very quiet artistic conception.



Zhang Ruochen said: “It’s surprising, didn’t you say that Tianren Academy was occupied by evil cultivators from the world? Why can’t you feel the evil here at all?”



“Father, look!” Zhang Yu said.



Zhang Ruochen looked away.



“Heaven and Man Evil Palace!”



Next to the mountain gate, on a blue-gray boulder, the book is engraved with these four blood-red words.






Zhang Ruochen waved his sleeves, and the divine light shone down, obliterating the four blood inscriptions on the boulder.



The boulder burst open.






At the mountain gate, a translucent array of light curtains emerged.



“Bold, who dares to enter the evil palace?”



A succession of dozens of evil cultivators in the realm of the Great Sage rushed out of the light curtain of the formation.



Some of them look like humans, some have human heads, some are ominous birds, some are angels… But, they have one thing in common, they all have bald heads, including ominous birds and angels.



On the bald head, there is also a ring scar.



Nalan Danqing unleashed divine might, and her body glowed brightly, forming a substantial space pressure.



A group of evil cultivators were forced to retreat by divine might.



“It’s a god, go and invite God Vulture!” A great sage of the Thousand Questions Realm.



Immediately, the two great saints with human and animal heads hurriedly retreated into the formation light curtain and disappeared at the end of the gravel path.



The Great Sage of the Thousand Questions Realm fought against the divine power with all his strength, and his eyes turned on Nalan Danqing, Luo Shuihan, and Zhang Yuyan, and he saw that they had a high level of cultivation, and they all wore Confucianism on their bodies. The beauty of Shi Juechen obviously has a big background.



As for Zhang Ruochen, his breath has completely converged into intangibility, and he is no different from an ordinary person.



“This is the most important place in the world. I don’t know how sacred they are?” The Great Sage of the Thousand Questions asked hard.



Nalan Danqing, Luo Shuihan, and Zhang Yuyan are all indifferent and quiet personalities. They have cultivated in the Kunlun Realm all the year round, living in a secluded place, and rarely come to Heaven. These evil cultivators do not know them, but it is normal.



Zhang Ruochen smiled and said, “You don’t even know me?”



A bald-headed angel stared at Zhang Ruochen’s face, his expression suddenly changed, he walked to the side of the Great Saint of the Thousand Questions, and whispered a voice.



Zhang Ruochen was too lazy to pay attention to them, standing at his current height, there is no need to care about a group of great saints.



With a single finger, it pierces through the array light curtain.



He took his three daughters along the gravel path.



The defensive formation here was set up by the gods of the world, but it was broken with a single finger.



What kind of cultivation is this?



The Great Sage of the Thousand Questions Realm instantly confirmed Zhang Ruochen’s identity. He only felt cold all over his body, his legs were not obeying orders, his legs were weak and painful, and he wanted to kneel on the ground.



The bald-headed angel knelt down directly and said, “Elder Ruochen, you must not break into the evil palace…there is a noble person in Tianren Academy, and you must not disturb him.”



When the other great sages and evil cultivators learned that the man in front of them was Zhang Ruochen, they all knelt down on one knee, all of them trembling.



This is the person who killed the leader of Fengxian!



For them, Zhang Ruochen is the first-order powerhouse in the universe, like the heavens, one word can determine the life and death of the gods. What’s more, they?



God Vulture led the three heaven-repairing gods and seven false gods to come in a hurry, but after seeing Zhang Ruochen walking on the gravel path, these majestic evil gods, like a mouse seeing a cat, Breathing cold air, he immediately retreated to both sides and saluted respectfully.



“Meet the elder Ruochen!”



“Elder, it’s not that we want to continue occupying the Tianren Academy. There is really another secret.”



“We know that Tianren Academy is the sacred place of Kunlun Realm in heaven, and we wanted to leave for a long time, and we are willing to take out the divine stone to make amends, and we will give any more divine stones.”



“Elder, please give us a way to live. You see, we have all become ordained monks. In the future, we will definitely correct our evils and return to the righteous, do good deeds and accumulate virtue, and make up for our past mistakes.”





These evil gods have heard about the fate of the gods of the Immortal Religion, and they are naturally terrified when they see Zhang Ruochen coming to Tianren Academy.



Zhang Ruochen said nothing, walked past them and appeared outside a wooden building.



“Uncle Master!”



“Uncle Master!”



Da Sikong and Er Sikong rushed out of a bookstore and ran towards Zhang Ruochen with great joy.



Zhang Ruochen had already sensed their aura, and smiled: “Why did you two come to the Tianren Academy, and also shaved the heads of the evil cultivators in the world?”



Er Sikong is as thin as a monkey, his skin is as black as charcoal, his hands are clasped together, and he said solemnly: “Reporting to the uncle, it is the meaning of Master Candeng. Yesterday, Master Candeng told them that they will have a catastrophe tomorrow, if they don’t shave their hair. If you become a monk, do good deeds and accumulate virtue, you may not escape death.”



Zhang Ruochen narrowed his eyes.



This Master Candeng is so powerful, does this mean that he will come to Tianren Academy today?



Da Sikong’s face was as white and round as a pie, and said: “In recent years, Master Candeng has led us to investigate the truth of the fall of the fourth Confucian ancestor. He said that this is the fourth Confucian ancestor of the year. The Fallen Land!”



“Take me to see the master!” Zhang Ruochen said.



Master Candeng came from an infinitely distant border universe. As soon as he arrived in the **** world, he went straight to the Mountain of Destiny and snatched the Book of Destiny.



This kind of character has reached an unpredictable level of cultivation, which is both respectable and intimidating.



Master Candeng is dressed in a white monk’s robe, handsome and handsome, and looks like he is in his twenties, very young. He was sitting under an ancient golden-leaf pine tree in the courtyard of the academy, holding a half-scroll painting in his hand, and was studying it.



The painting seems to have been burnt, and many places are scorched black.



Under the leadership of Da Sikong and Er Sikong, Zhang Ruochen walked into the courtyard of the school.



Master Candeng raised his head, showing a warm smile full of charisma, like the warm sun in winter, and said, “It’s been a while, please sit down!”



Zhang Ruochen stared at him for a moment, and was surprised to find that with his current cultivation level, he still couldn’t see through any power fluctuations and traces of celestial secrets on his body~IndoMTL.com~ penetrated deep into the secluded pool, as big as the void.



It’s terrifying!



Hope is a friend rather than an enemy.



Zhang Ruochen was calm and natural. After sitting opposite Master Candeng, Luo Shuihan, Nalan Danqing, Zhang Yuyan, Vulture God and others walked in one step later, but they all stayed in the distance.



They felt a terrifying aura on Zhang Ruochen and Candeng. When the Great God walked over, I am afraid that the soul would not be able to withstand the impact, and the spiritual will would be crushed, and they would kneel directly on the ground.



“Look at this!”



Candeng handed the residual painting in his hand to Zhang Ruochen.



Zhang Ruochen unfolded the residual painting.



The scroll is burnt black and tattered, but it contains complex and mysterious spiritual lines.



Only by using the heart of truth can we discover the extraordinaryness of Canvas.



“This remnant painting is the work of the fourth Confucian ancestor. The paper used for the painting is very special, and it has been banned with spiritual power above the ninth level.”



Zhang Ruochen had specifically searched for the posthumous works of the Fourth Confucian Patriarch in the Kunlun Realm, and had seen more than ten works, so he made such a judgment.



“This remnant of the painting was dug up from the depths of the Tianren Academy and was hidden very secretly. It should be a clue left by the fourth Confucian ancestor when he was about to die.” Candeng said.



(End of this chapter)



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