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Fortunately, the avatar can be placed in the text volume of Myriad Realms. Chapter 632 was seconded? boom!


Like a roar resounding deep in the soul, the tip of the Eternal Spear collided with the shield around the Thunder Armor. Immediately, there was a collision aftermath that shook time and space, and the water wave-like lines seemed harmless.


But wherever it passed, everything was annihilated silently, without leaving any traces.


The central collision point distorts the area of ​​time collapse, like a black hole, and it is constantly spreading. The experimenters around shouted in horror. They were just researchers, and they didn’t have too much strength.


Under this kind of collision and fluctuation, the only end is to die without a place to die.


Li Yu frowned slightly. These experimenters are still a little bit useful, at least he hasn’t figured out what the pioneers are researching here.


Immediately, the time gem on the [Infinity Gauntlet] flashed slightly, forming a time barrier in front of everyone, isolating these space-time distortion ripples.


Ales, who was hiding behind the Thunder Armor, did not dare to move easily at this moment, for fear that his movement would cause the trajectory of the golden spear to deviate.


The panic in his eyes did not disappear, and he stared at the collision in front of him.


Huantian’s defensive ability is difficult even for him to shake. Although this golden spear is very powerful, facing Huantian, it may be difficult to break through.


Damn Alfonso, when I get rid of this attack, I will definitely let you die without a place to bury you!


As soon as this idea passed through his mind, he heard a sound like glass breaking, which made him emotionally turbulent, and he looked in front of him in disbelief.


I saw that the hexagonal defensive barrier covering the Thunder Armor had cracks all over it at some point, as if it was about to burst at any time.


Ales’ throat swelled. This is the defense mechanism to protect the Titan’s artifact.


But now, it is destroyed! not good!


His face changed drastically. Now that Huantian was broken through, the primary target of the golden spear here became him again. Due to the collision with Huantian, the radiance of the Eternal Spear was slightly dimmed, as if it consumed a lot of power.


At the same time, because the defensive barrier was shattered, the Thunder Armor also released a large amount of lightning, which seemed to be a passive reaction. But an invisible force made it slightly deviate from its original position, and missed the Eternal Gun.


Ales still did not dare to relax in the slightest. Just as he was about to dodge again, he suddenly realized that the time and space around him were like a quagmire, and he was deeply trapped in it.


The movements are a few degrees slower. The power of time! ?


Ales looked at Li Yu suddenly, and as expected, the other party raised the weird glove, and a gemstone was shining brightly.


The terrifying thunder force exploded, forcing the surrounding time slowing area to collapse. As a high-level life form, he is not incomprehensible to the power of time.


But the moment of delay was enough for the spear of eternity to penetrate Ales’ body.


Ales’ eyes widened, his painful wailing sounded very miserable, a golden light came out from behind his body, and penetrated the thick metal wall in an instant.


From a distance, a golden beam of light shot out from the end of the column-shaped main base, and rushed over because of the alarm. Many spaceships around were accidentally injured, forming a series of big explosions.


Many experimenters curled up together, looking not far away in horror.


Commander Ales, who was usually aloof, was lying on the ground like a dead dog, with a golden spear sticking out of his chest.


A strip of golden chains covered with special symbols extended from the spear, locking Ales firmly.


He still had one breath left, and he didn’t die completely. After all, the spear of eternity had already consumed a lot of power before stabbing him.


He stared, his pupils trembling unceasingly, he could clearly feel that his body was being destroyed wantonly by the power in the golden spear.


If timely treatment is not available, then


The only thing waiting for him is death!


A shadow gradually covered him, and Alfonso’s face appeared before his eyes.


No…not Alfonso!


Ales opened his mouth wide and made a sound.


I saw that Alfonso’s appearance was constantly changing, and he soon became another person. And this person, Ales had known him before, and he had appeared in his ears more frequently recently. He was horrified in his heart, he didn’t expect that Alfonso was actually pretended by Li Yu. Didn’t realize it before?


What kind of power is this? It is obvious that Alfonso has exploded with a power that does not belong to him at all, and he did not have any doubts at that time!


There is no answer to this question.


Looking down at the dying Ales, Li Yu gently stroked the gun of eternity that had not dissipated with his palm. The cold touch made him unable to put it down.


Unfortunately, this thing will dissipate soon.


Ales’ life signs dissipated at an extremely fast speed, and he couldn’t say much now.


Li Yu said in a low voice:


Speaking of which, Li Yu paused and muttered:


Li Yu casually flicked the Eternal Gun stuck in Ales’ body.


In an instant, severe pain swept through Ales’ nerves, making his body stiff suddenly, and his pupils gradually dilated.


The gun of eternity gradually turned into golden fluorescence and dissipated on his body. Along with it, Ales’ body disappeared.


The corner of Li Yu’s mouth twitched, he turned his head, and set his sights on the Thunder Armor floating in mid-air.


At the same time, in the meeting room on the top floor, several managers were sweating profusely, and the blurred projection did not speak a word, and this silence caused several people to suffer.


The vague projection slowly narrates, although the tone is flat, but it has an astonishingly frightening power.


Several managers looked at each other, and secretly looked at each other, cursing in their hearts.


Damn Alfonso, this betrayal will definitely minimize the impression of the top management of the headquarters on this punishment base. When this matter is over, what awaits them is probably the big purge.


This is not alarmist talk, the headquarters attaches great importance to the magic of Titans, and there is no doubt that they will not allow any possible threats to appear.


What’s more, this threat still comes from within.


Several managers also secretly sighed, they naturally knew about this.


They are the ones in charge of management and research, and there is no direct threat of competition with a pure fighter like Ales. So for this matter, they are happy to see it succeed, after all, their relationship with Ales is not bad.


Unfortunately, because of the betrayal of his subordinates this time, this matter may be ruined, and maybe I will be affected. A manager whispered. Another person hastily added:


“Of course it will be safe, Huantian


Once activated, the first thing to do is not defensive work at all. “Fuzzy projection coldly snorted:


And this thing?


Several managers were secretly surprised, this is something they don’t understand.


“Pure defense is just a tortoise shell, how can Huantian be so simple.” He explained a few words, but didn’t say much:


Several managers nodded hastily, but they were a little flustered in their hearts. After all, they are big bosses here, and they will be nothing special when they return to the headquarters.


However, they dare not have any opinions at this moment.


When they had different thoughts, they seemed to see something from the corner of their eyes.


A few people turned their heads to look, and through the glass window, they could clearly see that a straight golden light shot out from below the base, causing a series of big explosions, and then sank into the depths of the sea of ​​clouds.


Golden light?


This does not conform to Ales’ combat characteristics, after all, he is a user with thunder element abilities.


What’s more, they knew about Alfonso’s fighting power, and it was impossible for them to pose a threat to Ales. But where did this golden light come from?


Because the monitoring probe at the bottom of the base has been destroyed, they don’t know what happened for the time being. But according to their estimation of the battle situation, this is not a stalemate battle.


Zi la.. Zi la!


At the same time, the blurred projection began to collapse, as if it was affected by something. The sound was intermittent, and soon the projection disappeared.


The cold reminder sounded in the room, which chilled the hearts of several managers.


At the same time, a holographic screen popped up in front of them, and someone reported in panic:


They were shocked and subconsciously said:


The scene switching on the holographic screen suddenly turned into a space exploration map, and what was presented in front of them was the endless standard fleet in the past.


In front of these fleets, there are twelve huge deformed mechanical bodies. They have different shapes and hold various strange weapons.


Several managers stared at those mechanical lifeforms, they were no strangers to these mechanical lifeforms. These twelve mechanical life forms are called the Twelve Golden Immortals.


I used to follow Li Yu and shine in several wars, and he has powerful fighting and evolution capabilities.


Listening to the report of his subordinates, the faces of the few people did not ease in any way.


By taking advantage of the unique natural environment of this gaseous planet, they developed a special defense and offense system. Covering the entire planet’s defense array, it is enough to resist the enemy’s attack.


But now the key to determining the direction of the is no longer these defense systems and firepower systems, but the battle in the lower base of the base, Ales.


They had a bad premonition in their hearts. If something happened to the most powerful Ales, they wouldn’t be able to hold on for long. The news that came later did not give them any sense of security.


The holographic screen in front of them split, and another figure popped out, but it was Regini, who was also Ales’ subordinate.


He looked flustered, and a new video signal came in, which was the scene observed by the external spacecraft.


After they noticed the golden light from the bottom of the base, they detected the spaceship and locked the wall


The gap in the wall, through the gap blasted by the golden light, they monitored this scene—


Ales was lying on the ground with a golden spear stuck in his chest. A figure came out from the shadows deep in the laboratory. His face was constantly changing, from Alfonso to——


Li Yu!


“My lords, this is a video from a minute ago, and now, Commander Ales has been killed!” Regini’s panicked voice became the last straw that broke them.


The few people staggered back, their faces were gloomy, and they looked at each other. There were only two words in their minds!


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