Flower Master in the City Chapter 2883: I think everything is difficult



“Chen Yuanbai, I don’t have time to accompany you anymore.” The man in the purple robe took advantage of this power to attack the head Chen of Beihu Villa, and scolded: “I ask you one last time, would you like to? I am willing to merge Beihu Villa into our Five Elements Sect and become a hall of the Bishui Sect. You will think clearly again


Answer. Also, hand over Su Ye. He smashed the mission assigned by the Immortal Cultivation Alliance, and the superiors had already issued an order to arrest him in the heavenly prison, and choose the next day to be punished. “


Chen Yuan was sweating like rain, and of course there was ten thousand refusals in his heart.


But the Five Elements Sect is so strong that it doesn’t give him a chance to breathe at all, and now he is directly persecuting him.


If he nods and agrees, I’m afraid it will be wiped away from the face, and there is no face to be the head of the faction.


What’s more, Su Ye is his close disciple and the most talented genius in Beihu. If he is handed over, Beihu Villa is estimated to be completely reduced.


Su Wenyang was equally furious, but he was helpless. He thought he had met two calamity-transcending powerhouses, but it turned out to be a parallel import, and he couldn’t even catch the special envoy’s move.


“My Beihu Villa has seven veins and thirteen divisions, with a total of hundreds of thousands of disciples.” Chen Yuanbai’s mind was spinning like electricity, and it was impossible to make a hard top with the special envoy of the Five Elements School, so he could only be moved: “Although I am a palmist. The door, but it is not a word, and it is necessary to discuss with the head of the Seven Veins. Not to mention that Su Ye is still in charge of the Moon Peak


Retreat, now is the key to the impulse distraction period. If he succeeds by luck, he will be the first distracted immortal cultivator in my North Lake Villa in the past 100 years. order…”




The purple-robed man didn’t listen to this kind of **** at all, and shouted: “Chen Yuanbai don’t want to be ashamed, may as well tell you, you can’t keep Beihu Villa, Su Ye must come with me today, otherwise don’t blame the envoy for being rude .”


“My son is still in seclusion, and these days are the critical time to break through the distraction period. We must not interrupt him.”


Su Wenyang could not help but bowed down and prayed: “Please allow the special envoy to give a few days, and then I will personally bring the dog to the door to invite… ah!”


“Shut up!” The purple-robed man kicked Su Wenyang to the ground and cursed unhappily, “It’s impossible for Su Ye to break through to the distraction stage, and neither can your Beihu Villa. With this fate! This envoy will not waste time, now


Give you some lessons, otherwise you would think that this envoy is just playing tricks. “


Immediately squeezed his fists, his arrogant flames, and blasted towards Su Wenyang and Chen Yuanbai.




Suddenly, a figure flashed from far and near, and received the punch.


The flames dissipated immediately.


“Damn, who doesn’t know that in Dabei Lake, I, Su Ye, are the best.”


The person who came was really Su Ye, who was wearing a white robe at this time, less arrogant, and more joking, “Dare to beat my father and my master on my site, you pretend to be full of this in your mind. Shit.” “Hehe, you are Su Ye.” The purple-robed man glanced at Su Ye and said disdainfully, “It doesn’t look very good, you messed up the mission of the Immortal Cultivation Alliance, and it was rumored there. I issued an order to arrest you in the past Ming Canon


type. “


“Stop teasing your motherfucker!” Su Ye didn’t eat this set at all, and spit the main phlegm: “I’m here, you can try it if you have the ability.”


The purple-robed man snorted coldly: “Even if you break through to the distraction period, you’re just a pawn. This envoy was already at the peak of the distraction period sixty years ago, and killing you is like killing a chicken. !”


“Then you’re really worthless.” Su Ye sneered and said disdainfully, “It’s been 60 years and I haven’t made a breakthrough yet. With this little talent, I’m not worthy of licking chicken… feet!”


“What a guts!”


The purple-robed man was furious, raised his hand, and blasted out three fist flames, “This envoy will kill you first, and then destroy Beihu Villa, so that you know who is the real in Beihan Realm. God!”


“God, you’re a motherfucker!” Su Ye rushed over to meet the three fist flames, first knocked back the fist flames, and then squeezed his fists and slammed it.


The man in the purple robe snorted coldly: “I’m not self-sufficient!”


I then shook my fist lightly, and more than a hundred fist flames appeared in an instant, smashing towards Su Ye like a meteorite.


“Hmph, it’s flashy and useless!” Su Yeyi was displeased and said with a smile: “There is a very annoying guy on the other side of the earth. I have fought with him a few times and haven’t won, but he taught me I have the same thing, that is fighting, don’t play this kind of fancy stuff.


Before he finished speaking, others flashed through these fist flames and appeared behind the purple-robed man.


“Death to me!”


Aiming at the back of this person, Su Ye punched hard!




The storm overflowed, blowing dust and rocks around.


The disciple with a lower cultivation level was even tens of meters away.


“But that’s it!” The purple-robed man just snorted and lifted it up with his hand. The light dots turned into long arrows and surrounded Su Ye.


Su Ye didn’t dodge or dodge, and directly flushed his body, he took down the long arrows, and the man still rushed directly to the purple-robed man.


The two had a back-and-forth, and they fought hard.


Su Ye used to like to fight with people to the fullest, but he learned advanced boxing, not just nonsense.


On earth, after encountering summer, he suddenly became a reckless man.


When you fight with someone, you know that you will get up when you squeeze your fists, and you will kick when you lift your legs, leaving all the so-called rules and moves.


“What a fool!”


The man in the purple robe was extremely contemptuous of this kind of fighting method, “Do you really think that you are the indestructible body of King Kong? This envoy has pierced it… eh?”


A talisman paper suddenly stuck on the purple-robed man’s body at an unknown time, directly fixing his figure.


“That nasty guy taught me the same thing.”


Su Ye grinned and said sarcastically: “That is, don’t hesitate when it’s time to play tricks, or you will be the one who suffers.”


After speaking, he mustered up the strength of his whole body, gathered into a fist, and slammed into the opponent’s chest heavily.




After receiving this blow, the purple-robed man showed a painful look on his face, and then his body couldn’t bear the fist and neck, and his body shattered directly.


“Hmph, with this little skill, you dare to come to Beihu Villa to be wild?”


Su Ye closed his fist with a look of disdain.


At this time, Su Wenyang couldn’t help shouting: “My son, be careful behind you!”


Su Ye froze in his heart, turned around immediately, and saw dozens of fist flames approaching him.


Fortunately, he responded in a timely manner and flashed one by one.


Just in a trance, dozens of clones of the purple-robed man appeared, and each one flew out a rope and tied him firmly.


“Boy, this envoy will teach you a truth, Jiang is still old and hot!”


Another purple-robed man appeared on Su Ye’s back with his fists, punching the center of the mouth, and the flames came out from his chest.




Su Ye opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood, and fell to the ground, his eyes full of unwillingness: “Don’t be complacent, I haven’t lost yet.”


“Hey, if you don’t admit defeat, then die!”


The purple-robed man grabbed his left palm, summoned a long spear from his storage bag, and placed it at Su Ye’s throat.


“Slow!” Chen Yuanbai exclaimed in surprise, then sighed deeply, and said to the purple-robed man, “Special envoy Lu, I am willing to hand over Beihu Villa and merge it into the Five Elements Sect for you to do whatever you want. I only hope that Let Su Ye die, he is our Beihu


The Tinder of the Villa. “


“Master, you don’t have to be soft on him.” Su Yeqiang said, “I was just being careless just now. This kind of flashy thing can’t win me.”


“A pompous thing?” The purple-robed man’s eyes were full of contempt, and he said coldly, “I laugh at the Five Elements Sect, and even Beihan Realm, all of them are famous magic masters who hold three thousand A variety of spells, each of which can be used to the peak. Not to mention you


This kind of arrogant guy, that is, two idiots who claimed to be in the calamity period just now were also killed by this envoy. “


At this time, a lazy voice sounded, with great dissatisfaction in its tone: “Hey, who are you idiots to call you idiots! If you beat him, beat him, and if you bring me, you are courting death. “


The purple-robed man couldn’t help but be stunned when he heard the sound, then turned his head to look at the source of the sound, and saw two people standing above the tall mountain gate.


When Su Ye saw Xia Xia, she couldn’t help but be astonished: “Xia, Xia? Why are you here?”


“You, you are not dead?” The purple-robed man was astonished.


Xia Tian curled his lips indifferently: “As far as your ability is concerned, I think it’s difficult to do anything.”


“My Tongtian Fist Flame has long been cultivated to the pinnacle, and even a cultivator in the fusion stage would not dare to directly attack him.”


The purple-robed man stared blankly at Xia Xia and Qiao Xiaoqiao, and immediately thought of a possibility: “I understand, you must have used puppet art, or a avatar, or some advanced movement technique, right? .”


“So you’re the stupidest.” Xia Tian yawned lazily.


Qiao Xiaoqiao also said lightly: “Have you ever thought that it’s just your fist flame that won’t work?”


“Let’s go!”


The man in the purple robe couldn’t take it any longer, he jumped up suddenly, squeezed his fist and slammed towards Xia Xia and Qiao Xiaoqiao.


This punch is obviously a full force.


The entire North Lake Villa was shaking, and the spiritual energy within a hundred miles was swept away, and the flames of the fist were like a flaming sun.


The scorching breath nearly dried up the nearby lake.


For a moment, it seemed as if the world had dried up and everything fell into silence.




Suddenly, there was an ordinary fist, breaking the silence, breaking the thousands of fist flames without any fancy, and smashing heavily on the face of the purple-robed man.


It’s not that the man in the purple robe didn’t notice this fist, he just felt that this kind of fist, which looked very ordinary, would not be able to hit him, and would definitely not pose any threat.


His sky-reaching fist flame can burn to ashes even if it is ten thousand-year-old black iron when he exerts all his strength.


What time of robbery, I bah!


Even if he is really a cultivator in the transcendence period, such a perfunctory fist will not hurt him in the slightest.


Unfortunately, he was wrong.


This ordinary punch hurts him so much!


In less than one ten thousandth of a second, all the bones, meridians, and orifices of his body were completely destroyed.


The man also smashed into the ground like a shooting star and disappeared.




Su Ye was speechless when he saw this scene.


He thought he was growing fast enough, but he couldn’t even see the exhaust of summer. “The thief, why did I bear the name of the strongest genius in North Lake, but I encountered a monster like Xia Xia.”


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