Flower Master in the City Chapter 2830: Even if he is an immortal, he will be killed





Die Annie’s heart was hit hard by this, and she spit blood directly from her mouth. The look in her eyes disappeared instantly, and her vitality was completely cut off.


“This!” The person who came was immediately stunned on the spot. His original intention was to stop Xia Xia and save the woman, but instead he killed her with his own hands.


Xia Tian yawned lazily and glanced casually at the person: “Where are you idiots?”


“Guess what.” The person said coldly.


“Am I familiar with you?” Xia Xia frowned and said unhappily, “I’m too lazy to guess, I’ll just die if I don’t say it.”


The visitor was even more unhappy, but he still held back his temper and explained to Xia Xia: “My name is Nichaiba. According to your Chinese characters, it is the nun’s nun, the guessing guess, the overlord’s tyrant.” /


“I don’t care whether you are a nun or a bastard.” Xia Tian pouted: “What kind of oracle are you too?”


“I am not.”


Nichaiba shook his head, and then said, “I’m here to participate in the killer’s rally, but I just had a few chats with this woman on the boat before, and I have a little… fate.”


As for what this fate was, he didn’t say it.


However, the coquettishness shown by this woman just now is self-evident.


“Killer rally?” Xia Xia’s face showed a slightly puzzled look: “Where did the killer party come from?”


Ling Nichai was stunned when he said this in the summer, and asked, “Didn’t you come here to participate in the gathering of killers?”


“Haven’t heard of any gatherings.”


Xia Tian curled his lips: “This is the training base of our Shadow Corps, not a place for you idiots to gather.”


“You don’t have to say that.”


Nichaiba sneered and stared at Xia Xia with a disdainful expression: “Who do you think you are? This is the place where the Earl of Carnival belongs. Even if he dies, it will not be your shadow group’s turn to annex.”


“Of course I have the final say.” Xia Xia said lazily: “If you don’t agree, you can find me.”


Nichaiba said coldly, “Looking for you, what do you think you are?”


Summer said lightly: “I am me, summer, the summer of spring, summer, autumn and winter, the number one day in the world. I killed that idiot, Earl of Carnival.”


“So what.” Nichaiba is obviously relatively unfamiliar with the name Xia Xia, and he may have absolute confidence in his own strength and does not take Xia Xia seriously: “You are outdated, today’s The killer class has long entered the stage of aura recovery


Time, you traditional killers, should have been swept into the trash. “


“Who are you saying is going to be swept into the trash?”


At this moment, suddenly, a white light flashed and smeared directly towards Nichai’s neck.




Nichai was startled, and the whole person immediately retreated. Unfortunately, he was still half a step late.


Just when Nichai was very likely to bleed and die, he suddenly took out a white pill from his arms and threw it into his mouth without looking at it.


The blood that spewed out turned back, and the wound healed instantly, as if nothing had happened.


A white figure swept away and landed lightly beside Xia Xia. The white light sank directly into her sleeve: “If you dare to be disrespectful to our head, you are really not afraid of death!”


“It’s you!” Nichaiba looked coldly at the woman in the white suit, “Aren’t you from [Bai Yueguang], when did you become the lackey of the Shadow Corps.” I know you have no culture, and the news is relatively closed.” The woman in the white suit said lightly: “We [Bai Yueguang] were originally a group under the shadow group. Although relatively independent, we still


I used to belong to the Shadow Corps, so it’s fine for me to call him head. “


Nichaiba snorted coldly and scolded: “Then you are also his lackey!”


Xia Tian said unhappily: “Hey, if you can’t speak, you can donate your mouth.”


“It’s not that he can’t speak, but his brain.” The woman in the white suit chuckled and said contemptuously, “It’s better to kill him.”


Summer is noncommittal.


“Hmph, it’s not that easy to kill me, I’ll definitely avenge this revenge!” After Nichaiba said this, his body suddenly turned into a wisp of clear smoke, which soon disappeared.


The woman in the white suit did not chase after her, but turned her head to Xia Xia and said, “He can’t escape. The area of ​​this island is already locked by us.”


“It doesn’t matter, you’re just an idiot.” Xia Xia said casually.


The woman in the white suit laughed, raised her eyebrows and looked at Xia Xia: “Headmaster Xia, do you need me to introduce myself? Speaking of which, I was here last time. We actually met.”


Xia Tian said casually: “You are not beautiful enough, and you are not young.”


“So you’re not interested in remembering my name, are you?” The woman in the white suit was not angry and said with a smile, “However, in terms of age, you shouldn’t mind. Among your women, are there any It’s scary for a teenager.”


Xia Tian curled his lips: “It’s mainly because you can’t catch my interest.” “That’s good, otherwise, if you suddenly want to rule me, I’m embarrassed to refuse.” The woman in the white suit smiled, Then he introduced himself solemnly: “My name is Bai Mulan, and now I am the instructor of [Bai Yueguang],


As ordered by Deputy Head Isabella, I’m here to run errands for Head Xia. “


Xia Xia asked casually, “Where is the killer’s wife, why can’t she come by herself.”


“The deputy head is in a relatively mysterious place and can’t get out for the time being.”


Bai Mulan said in a slow and gentle tone: “But there is no danger. The reason why I don’t tell you is because I am afraid that you will go to her rashly, which will easily cause trouble, so when she settles the matter, she will come naturally. looking for you.”


“What about the long-legged girl, are you with her too?” Xia Xia asked.


“Long-legged girl?” Bai Mulan was stunned for a moment, “Who is that, there is no such person in the regiment.”


Xia Tian replied: “The long-legged girl is Ye Yumei, you don’t even know this?” “Ah, it’s her.” Bai Mulan knew who Ye Yumei was, and when she heard Xia Xia’s words, she said with some dissatisfaction: “Headmaster Xia, I’m just a killer under your banner, a worker, and not your housekeeper, so how can I remember you.


A room-specific nickname? “


“Forget it.” Xia Tian yawned, feeling a little bored: “Then when you came over, did you meet Girl Bei?”


“Bei girl is again…” Bai Mulan felt a headache, but fortunately she had some understanding of Xia Xia, and relied on a word [bei] to associate it: “Oh, you said Su Beibei?” /


Xiamen nodded: “Yes, she and Hua Yinglu came here a few minutes earlier than me, and they should have arrived earlier.” “Then I don’t know.” Bai Mulan replied very simply, ” I’m just instructed to monitor the waters around Carnival Island and record the people who enter here. Unless these people are bad for our people, then I won’t do anything


Interference. “


Xia Xia was dissatisfied: “So you let those idiots hold a killer meeting here?” “It’s not up to me to decide.” Bai Mulan defended: “That was the acquiescence of the deputy head, because the recent [ Oracle] issued a kill order for you, offering a reward of 30 billion, plus some ability awakening potions or something


. The deputy head of the group felt that instead of letting those people come to you, it would be better to hold a meeting and use your name to deceive all the people with bad intentions, and then solve it together. “


Xia Tiandao: “It’s a good idea, why didn’t you tell me?”


“Maybe she thinks that this trivial matter doesn’t need to bother you.” Bai Mulan said lightly.


Xiamen then asked, “Then who are you going to let those idiots deal with?”


“It was supposed to let them bite the dog first, and then let the newly trained rookies try their hand.”


Bai Mulan glanced at Xia Xia when she said that, “Now that you’re here, you must be waiting for Captain Xia to show your skills.” Maybe because Xia Xia misunderstood something, she explained: “Because, according to the report, , this time there are indeed a few fierce people. The newcomers in the regiment must be unable to hold, even me most likely. I can only rely on the head of Xia


You are. “


Xia Tian curled his lips, not in high spirits, but nodded and said, “Where are those idiots meeting?”


Bai Mulan casually pointed: “It’s where you killed Earl Carnival.”


“Go and have a look.” Xia Xia yawned lazily, “After solving these idiots, go to Girl Bei.”




The base of the Revel Castle.


This place is in shambles, and the ground is covered with a sticky liquid, like mud.


The top is dilapidated, with light leaking down, making the ground quite mottled.


However, in the most central place, there is a string of dead vines as huge as snakes, and they are as hard as diamonds.


At this time, there are already seven or eight figures standing on this string of dead vines.


These people are all shrouded in shadow, unable to see their faces.


“Is summer really here?” a child’s voice rang out.


An old woman replied, “It did come, and two people have already been killed.”


“It’s good to come.” A deep voice shouted angrily: “Kill this kid, you can get 30 billion, and you can get the elixir of longevity and awakening potion from [Oracle]. , it’s simply a profit.”


Then, there was a silhouette of a young girl sitting on the side, swinging her legs, and said with a smile: “Don’t be too optimistic, summer is really so easy to kill, [Oracle] will give you so much?”


“Of course it’s not easy to kill, but so what?”


Then, a young man walked slowly to the bright spot, revealing a gloomy face, “Even if he has awakened his abilities long ago, it’s just a person, and a person will be killed, and if he is killed, he will die.”


The girl giggled, “He’s not a supernatural person, I heard he’s a cultivator, and his realm is really approaching the realm of a god.”


He said in a strong and domineering voice: “The interests are moving, even if he is already a god, he will be killed!”


Several people agreed: “Yes, with the power of all of us, even if he is an immortal, he can kill him!” “What’s more, we are not without the power of surpassing immortals and gods!”


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