First Immortal of the Sword Chapter 2285: The wind and rain return home



【No. 1 Swordsman】【】


As early as when he arrived in the Southern Vulcan Continent, Su Yi planned to go to the Red Dust Demon Land in the future, one is to take revenge, and the other is to retrieve those stolen treasures.


But who would have thought that Yan Shuiming, the descendant of the unknowable place “Zixia Dongtian”, would actually take away this innate immortal tree one step ahead of time!


“Strange, it’s just a door-to-door challenge, but the bet is the toad palace osmanthus…”


Su Yi had a premonition in his heart that the reason why Yan Shuiming went to the world of mortals to challenge him was definitely to go to the laurel tree of the Toad Palace.


And a long time ago, who didn’t know that the toad palace osmanthus tree was an innate divine object planted by Yi Daoxuan on Qixia Island in the Boundless Sea?


“Could it be that the reason why Yan Shuiming wants to win the laurel tree from the Toad Palace is ultimately related to me?”


Su Yi pondered.


This reminded him of another unknowable old immortal named Qingfengguan and his descendant Si Ming.


However, he couldn’t confirm whether Zixia Dongtian was an enemy or a friend.


“Recently, similar things have happened in the four major divine continents of God’s Domain.”


Elder Wei explained, “The successors of some unknowable lands were born one after another, conquering all directions, challenging the various Daoist traditions, and creating a commotion all over the world.”


“However, Yan Shuiming is the first high **** to challenge the power of the top giants, so that it will attract the attention of the world.”


As he said that, Elder Wei said with emotion, “In recent years, the world of God’s Domain has become more and more turbulent, full of chaos, not only unknowable places have been born one after another, but also many powerful existences that have been hidden for many years have also appeared one after another.”


“Part of the orthodoxy has already established contact with some time-space forbidden areas and became allies of those space-time forbidden areas.”


“And those top giants standing in the world of God’s Domain are also making arrangements in advance.”


“Everything is related to the dark age of mythology that will surely begin within thirty years!”


Su Yi didn’t have so many emotions.


The coming of the dark age of mythology is already preordained, and no one can stay out of it.


Even on the long river of fate, there are people who are paying attention to all this.


Since the torrent of the times is unstoppable, naturally, everyone must prepare in advance.


Including him, he must prove the immortal realm before the dark age of mythology comes!


On the same day, Su Yi left the ancient city of Spring and Autumn, and embarked on the itinerary to return to Qingwu Divine Court.




Qingwu Shenting.


In the forbidden area of ​​the back mountain, in an ancient and gloomy ancient palace.


The head teacher Liang Lingxu stood in the center of the hall and said in a deep voice: “I hope that this operation can get the full support of all the elders!”


Sound transmission hall.


In front of the main hall, there is a row of seats.


There are thirteen of them.


A figure sat on each of the five seats.


These are the five Immortal Realm God Lord level old antiques, the weakest of which has survived four times of Dao refining.


And the most powerful one has the level of eight refinements!


However, Bai Liyin, the Second Supreme Elder, was not among them.


In fact, these five old antiques are all senior figures in the camp where the head teacher Liang Lingxu belongs.


“Let me ask three questions, you have to tell the truth, it’s about whether we help you!”


An old man with disheveled hair said hoarsely, “The first question, are you sure that Xiao Jian killed Hui Qing, Yuan Shan, Ku Zhen and others?”


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【No. 1 Swordsman】【】


Liang Lingxu was silent for a while, and said: “Sure!”


“Okay, the second question, do you have evidence to prove that there is a problem with Xiao Jian’s identity?”


The old man asked again.


Others also stared at Liang Lingxu.


The invisible coercion made Liang Lingxu feel the pressure on his face.


He took a deep breath and said: “Although there is no evidence, my intuition tells me that there must be something wrong with him! If I am wrong, I am willing to take the initiative to resign from the position of head teacher and let the seniors dispose of it!”


As soon as these words came out, the audience was moved.


Everyone can see that Liang Lingxu has developed a murderous heart towards Xiao Jian! For this reason, he even did not hesitate to lose his teaching position! !


“Okay, the third question.”


The old man’s eyes were deep, “The Great Elder Yanji regards Xiao Jian very highly. If killing Xiao Jian causes civil strife in the sect, how will you deal with it?”


In the Qingwu Divine Court, the Great Elder Yanji represents another camp, which is enough to rival the camp where the head teacher is.


For these old antiques here, Xiao Jian’s life or death is not important, but if the Great Elder Yan Ji takes advantage of Xiao Jian’s death to completely break with the head teacher, it will definitely lead to civil strife in the sect.


The consequences of this are serious. Liang Lingxu was obviously prepared for this, and said without hesitation: “I dare to predict that when Xiao Jian dies, he will reveal his true colors! By then, the Great Elder will have nothing to say! Even, he will try his best to separate himself from Xiao Jian. relationship, so as not to cite


Let’s show off! “


The old man shook his head and said: “These are not important, I just ask you, how to deal with the civil strife that may occur?”


Liang Lingxu’s expression flickered for a while, and finally he gritted his teeth and said, “I believe that when Xiao Jian died, the Great Elder couldn’t find an excuse to make trouble! If such a thing really happens, I am willing to take it all on my own and bear all the troubles!” The price!”


The old man looked at the others, “What do you think should be done?”


A pretty white-haired woman said with a smile: “I think it’s a bit of a fuss to deal with a small lower god.”


Immediately, she said: “However, since the head teacher believes that this Xiao Jian killed Yuan Shan and Hui Qing, it is enough to prove that this Xiao Jian is a dangerous person. It is understandable that the head teacher asked us to take action.” /


Everyone else nodded.


Liang Lingxu let out a long breath and said, “Don’t worry, seniors, I will take care of this matter myself!”


Soon, he turned and left the hall.


On the same day, he used the secret talisman to send a message, and personally issued a decree to Su Yi!




Absolute Heaven Demon Court.


The top of a picturesque and beautiful mountain.


Lu Qingmei was sitting in front of the window of the pavilion, propping her chin with a jade hand, looking lazily at the distant Yunjuan Yunshu.


Through the window, the soft sky light shines on her delicate and proud figure, bathing her in a dreamlike halo.


Especially that bright and delicate face is just like the most perfect masterpiece of the gods, so beautiful that it can make the world feel sad and let all living beings fall in love with it.


When Lord Juetian walked into this pavilion, he saw such a scene, and couldn’t help feeling hot inside.


As an existence in the Immortal Realm at the peak of Nine Refinements, an old devil who has lived for an unknown number of years, he has seen countless peerless beauties and goddesses in his life.


But they can’t compare with Lu Qingmei in front of her.


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【No. 1 Swordsman】【】


Her beauty is not only her appearance, but also the charm and temperament of her gestures, as well as her majesty like a nine-day empress!


In the realm of the gods, she is a generation of demon lords, famous all over the world, and amazed the world.


In the eyes of the gods in the world, she is the Queen of Demon Queen, leading the coquettishness.


Who… can’t be moved and fascinated by it?


For anyone, if they can conquer such a peerless demon lord, that kind of feeling cannot be exchanged by any power or foreign object!




The Demon Lord Juetian sighed secretly, suppressing the heat in his heart.


The more he can’t get it, the more commotion, the Juetian Demon Lord knows better, how fierce and terrifying is the woman in front of him who is nominally a Taoist partner with him!


“What are you doing here?”


Lu Qingmei was still sitting at the window, looking into the distance, she didn’t turn her head to look at the Juetian Demon Lord who had just walked in.


“Recently, why haven’t you seen the adoptive son you adopted?”


The Demon Lord Juetian walked over with a smile and sat down on one side. He was talking about Lu Zhanxuan!


It was “Yi Chen” who was renamed by Lu Qingmei long ago.


“I sent him away.”


Lu Qingmei said absent-mindedly, “In the past years, he has been under my protection. From now on…he should go his own way.”


The Demon Lord Juetian snorted, but he didn’t have any suspicions.


In fact, he was just talking to Lu Zhanxuan, and he didn’t take Lu Qingmei, the foster son, seriously.


“You came here, you shouldn’t be here for my adopted son, right?”


Lu Qingmei withdrew her gaze and sat up straight. In just a split second, the laziness all over her body disappeared, replaced by a sense of majesty from the bottom of her heart.


“Of course not.”


The Juetian Demon Lord smiled, “I’m here to inquire about someone with you.”




“A young man named Xiao Jian in Qingwu Shenting.”


As he said that, Juetian Demon Lord’s eyes were fixed on Lu Qingmei, as if to see how the other party would react.


“Xiao Jian?”


Lu Qingmei’s starry eyes flickered for a moment, and she pretended to be indifferent, “Some time ago, when I was a guest at the Qingwu God’s Court, I did see that Xiao Jian, but it was just a small character, you Ask him what to do?”


“He is not a small character.”


Juetian Demon Lord’s eyes were difficult to understand, “Otherwise, why would you let me take the initiative to ask?”


Lu Qingmei frowned her crescent-like black eyebrows, and said, “In front of me, don’t hide your What exactly do you want to say?”


The Demon Lord Juetian stood up with a smile, and walked to Lu Qingmei, looking down at her charming and pure jade face, said in a low voice:


“Ma’am, the Lantern Buddha sent me news just now, saying that it is suspected that Xiao Jian may have another identity, let me check.”


His eyes were as deep as an abyss, staring at Lu Qingmei who was so close, as if he wanted to see clearly the slightest change in her expression and what was in her heart.


Unfortunately, Lu Qingmei only showed a look of disgust and rejection, and said: “If you look at me like that again, believe it or not, I gouged out your eyes?”


That indifferent and calm sentence made the eyes of Lord Juetian condense slightly.


He knows best that his “Madam” is a ruthless person who dares to do what she says.


The Demon Lord Juetian stood up straight, retreated to the original seat wisely, and said with a laugh: “Madam, don’t be angry, you are not curious, then who is Xiao Jian’s other identity?”


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【No. 1 Swordsman】【】


Lu Qingmei sneered: “If you continue to play tricks, you can get out now!”


An imperceptible sullen look appeared on the brows of Juetian Demon Lord.


But in the end, he still held back, and said with a smile: “The Lantern Buddha suspects that Xiao Jian is suspected to be Su Yi in disguise!”


Lu Qingmei was stunned, her pretty face changed slightly.


Even though she was used to strong winds and waves, she didn’t expect that the old fellow, Diengdeng Buddha, was far away in Fangu Divine Continent, and he even guessed this!


This is incredible!


At the same time, Jue Tian Demon Lord narrowed his eyes and stared at Lu Qingmei’s expression, and suddenly said: “Madam, how do I feel, you already knew about this?”


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