First Immortal of the Sword Chapter 2284: Smoky water dark



A treasure ship crushed the snow-white clouds and passed, leaving a straight cloud wave in the blue sky.

“Jian Laosan, heh, I never thought that with your aloof temperament, you would choose to be a slave to others!”

“I’m not like you, I can only become a plaything in the hands of a bald donkey, and when that bald donkey dies, he can’t protect you!”

“You know what a fart, he is him, I am me, he is dead, I am too late to be happy!”

“Don’t be stubborn, no matter how unbearable that bald donkey is, it can suppress you and make you unable to get out of trouble, but that bald donkey died under the hands of my master. This alone is enough to prove how miserable you are. !”

… On the treasure ship, the Heavenly Hate Sword was full of murderous aura, and the sword was full of flames, and they were fighting each other.

Although the two Chaos Secret Treasures could not speak, they could use their consciousness to scold each other. The scene was so intense that it was almost a fight.

Su Yi watched this scene with great interest.

At the same time, he also found it funny that the Jieyun Umbrella was trembling on one side, not daring to interrupt.

And all of this made Su Yi suddenly wonder, if he called all the secret treasures of chaos, such as the book of karma, the overturning sky boat, the diagram of Liangyi, the boundary ruler, and the hook of stealing the sky, would they dare to mix the sword of the sky and the sword of the sky? A contest between haters?

Thinking about it, Su Yi still thinks that the only thing that can suppress these two chaotic treasures is the number one “Origin Pen”.

Unfortunately, this pen of origin is the most mysterious and unknown, and it is still unknown who it fell into.

There is not even a trace of rumors.

“Stop talking to me, we haven’t seen each other for many years, why don’t we fight again?”

Heavenly Hate Knife is very arrogant and proposes to fight.

Yijijian said coldly: “If you want to escape, just say so, don’t play tricks like this.”

“Who said you were going to escape?”

“Don’t pretend, how can I not know the virtue of your second brother?”


The Heavenly Hate Saber whizzed up suddenly, and it was about to strike directly.

In the end, he was grabbed by Su Yi and suppressed in his palm, unable to move anymore.

“Partnership bullying knife, right?”

Heaven hates the knife and is annoyed.

“Win the king and lose the bandit, you are under my control now, you should listen to me.”

Su Yi said casually.

“Want to subdue me? Wishful thinking! My second son will never be a slave in this life!!”

Heaven Hate Saber’s attitude is very decisive.

“Really, let me weigh your backbone.”

Su Yi released a wisp of the power of the Nine Prison Sword.

Heaven Hate Knife trembled all over his body, and his wail shook the sky.

Anyone can see that the Heavenly Hate Saber has been intimidated and completely suppressed, unable to resist.

But it didn’t say a word, and it didn’t surrender.

Like a rebellious, stubborn, never bowing boy.

“Not bad.”

Su Yi put away the power of the Nine Prison Sword, “Don’t worry, I’m a sword cultivator, and I’m not interested in subduing you.”

“Brother Dao, have you seen that, my Patriarch doesn’t like you at all!”

Yi Chi Jian abruptly made up his sword, and was so angry that Tian He Dao buzzed and trembled, cursing loudly.

Seeing that the two were about to quarrel again, Su Yi felt dizzy for a while, and immediately put them away.

Suddenly, the whole world was quiet.

Su Yi also finally understood why the karma book said that the Heavenly Hatred Sword and the Right Sword were enemies.

In comparison, the Jieyun Umbrella was obedient, and since it fell into his hands, he has been very cooperative and has worked hard without complaint.

“The hook of stealing the sky is in the hands of the fisherman, and the ruler of transforming the boundary should be in the hands of the God Lord Tianhuang.”

Su Yi secretly said, “If there is a chance in the future, I must take back these two Chaos Secret Treasures.”

Immediately, he shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

Take out the Chaos Breathing Soil and hand it over to the Sky Mending Furnace. This kind of rare treasure is of great benefit to restoring the vitality of the “Marquis of Never Night”!

According to Su Yi’s speculation, even if Buyehou’s original strength cannot be restored, he can still hang Buyehou’s life so that his injury will not worsen.

In this way, there is no need to worry about the possibility of Bu Yehou’s death.

After that, Su Yi began to take stock of the loot collected from Yunji Temple.

Keep the useful ones for himself. As for other trophies, he plans to find an opportunity to give them to the Qilin Chamber of Commerce.

This time, the Qilin Chamber of Commerce was able to successfully destroy the Yunji Temple, thanks to the great help of the Qilin Chamber of Commerce.

Su Yi will never let the other party’s work go to waste.

Just thinking about this, Qiwei sent a message:

“I’ve heard about the battle at Yunji Temple. Next, you have to watch out for revenge from West Heavenly Spirit Mountain.”

“In addition, my people have found out why Ningxiu became a pawn.”

According to Qiwei, Ningxiu didn’t betray her, it’s just that she was planted with a kind of spiritual creature called “Mother and Child Love Gu” in her soul.

When someone uses this Gu technique, they can easily control Ningxiu’s soul consciousness and become a puppet manipulated by others!

This voodoo technique is extremely rare, it has been lost for a long time in God’s Domain, and it belongs to the secret art of shamanism in ancient times.

As long as this Gu technique is planted on the body, unless it is a god-level “great witch god” who is proficient in the inheritance of witchcraft, it will be difficult for others to notice it.

Seeing this, Su Yi finally came to a realization and heaved a sigh of relief.

What worries him the most is that Ningxiu has really betrayed her.

Fortunately, Qiwei found out the truth, proving that Ningxiu was also kept in the dark before, and had no idea that she had been controlled by a strange Gu technique!

In the secret letter, Qi Wei also mentioned that it is absolutely impossible for the power of Yunji Temple to control such mysterious and taboo Gu techniques.

She suspected that this kind of Gu technique came from Xitian Lingshan!

If this is the case, it is terrible, enough to prove two points:

First, Xitian Lingshan found the ancient inheritance of witchcraft that had been lost for a long time in the world of God’s Domain.

Secondly, in a place unknown to the world, there is an ancient shamanism orthodoxy, and this orthodoxy has long cooperated with Xitian Lingshan!

No matter what the possibility is, it means that Xitian Lingshan can control other people like Ningxiu without anyone noticing it!

Unless Xitian Lingshan uses these controlled people, almost no one will be able to detect it!

This means that even the closest and most trusted people around you are very likely to encounter something similar to Ningxiu.

This is too intrusive!

Knowing this, Su Yi couldn’t help frowning, realizing the difficulty of the problem.

The Wumen has indeed been lost in the God’s Domain for a long time. As early as when Yi Daoxuan was in the world with his sword, the Wumen had already disappeared in the long river of history.

The inheritance and secret techniques of the Wumen are even rarer in the world!

In today’s world, there are indeed many sects of shamanism, but they are all counterfeit, and the way of seeking is completely different from that of the ancient shamanism.

In short, what disappeared in the realm of the gods is the “line of ancient witches”!

But now, the power of the ancient witch lineage has obviously reappeared in the world, and it is closely related to the West Heavenly Spirit Mountain! !

Even though Su Yi was proficient in all kinds of secret arts and Taoism in his past and present lives, he knew very little about the power of the “ancient witch lineage”.

Under such circumstances, if Xitian Lingshan uses Ningxiu like this, and then uses this method to deal with him, it is really hard to guard against.

Think about it, if Qi Wei, who is currently cooperating with Su Yi, has already been controlled by this Gu technique, how terrifying would it be?

In the secret letter, Qiwei also mentioned that their Qilin God Clan has begun to inquire about things related to the ancient witch lineage, and as long as there are clues, they will tell Su Yi as soon as possible.

“Thank you this time.”

After thinking for a while, Su Yi replied earnestly, expressing his gratitude.

After finishing all this, Su Yi decided to return to Qingwu God Court to retreat for a period of time.

The Yunji Temple was destroyed, and he harvested a lot of spoils, all of which are rare and precious treasures of practice.

According to Su Yi’s prediction, within half a year, he will be able to break through to the late stage of Extreme Realm!

Of course, before returning, Su Yi needs to go to the Qilin Chamber of Commerce in the ancient city of Spring and Autumn.

Three days later.

The ancient city of Spring and Autumn.

Su Yi handed over a batch of spoils seized from Yunji Temple to Elder Wei of the Qilin Chamber of Commerce.

Old Wei is Qiwei’s person, and he has been aware of Su Yi’s identity for a long time, and he has never refused.

After all, the spoils of war are to be handed over to the Qilin God Clan, and Old Wei dare not refuse without authorization.

It was also at the Qilin Chamber of Commerce that Su Yi learned about a major event that happened in the South Vulcan Continent.

It turned out that on the second day after the Yunji Temple was destroyed, the top giant, Hongchen Motu, also encountered a disturbance.

A middle **** who called himself “Yan Shui Ming” set foot on the world of mortals to challenge him.

Only one person, defeated nineteen high gods in the world of mortals and demons in a row, and even defeated a master of one alchemy!

As soon as the news came out, there was an uproar in the South Vulcan Continent, and everyone was shocked by it.

It is said that Yan Shuiming came from an unknown place called “Zixia Dongtian”.

The combat power is terrifying!

In the past, the entire God’s Domain didn’t know that there were Yan Shuiming and other terrifying High Gods in the Extreme Realm.

According to the rumors, Yan Shuiming was born with the “Nine Yin Profound Body”, and the supernatural power of the Great Dao “Passing Water Thousands of Wars” mastered is even more brilliant, and it is unrivaled in the same situation.

Even the master of the first refinement was defeated by this magical power!

In this battle, the Red Dust Demon Soil was disgraced.

The victorious Yan Shuiming took away the township treasure “Toad Palace Osmanthus” from the Red Dust Demon Soil!

This is a bet for the battle, Hongchen Demon Soil loses, so he can only reluctantly give up.

In fact, at that time, the Red Dust Demon Soil did not dare to regret it, because it was not only Yan Shuiming who went to the Red Dust Demon Soil, but also his master, Cave Master Zixia!

Hearing this news, Su Yi couldn’t help raising his eyebrows, not because he was shocked by how powerful Yan Shuiming’s combat power was.

It was because Yan Shuiming took away the laurel tree from Toad Palace!

This sacred was originally rooted in the depths of a chaotic sea eye in the depths of the boundless sea.

A long time ago, this osmanthus tree was taken away by Yi Daoxuan and planted on Qixia Island.

For any top tycoon, if they can own such an immortal god, it is equivalent to having an innately opened up practice paradise, which can meet the cultivation needs of people in the realm of gods! !

It’s a pity… At that time, Yi Daoxuan suffered great changes in the Boundless Sea. Not only was he betrayed by some friends who were loyal to Jinlan, but he was also besieged by many peerless enemies. Can be forced to leave the boundless sea

, Desperate.

As a result, the Taoist treasures and treasures he left on Qixia Island back then were also divided up by those great enemies. Among them, the laurel tree of the Toad Palace was snatched away by the Red Dust Demon Soil!

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