Female President’s Bodyguard Chapter 1: You are also a soldier king?



The president’s office, smoke billows.


Su Qing looked at the loose young man on the sofa and asked with a frown, “Are you really my brother’s comrade-in-arms?”


“Of course, your brother and I are revolutionary comrades-in-arms, a life-threatening friendship!” Xiao Chen nodded with a smile, this girl looks even better than the picture!


Fair skin, delicate facial features, beautiful face, and… plump twin peaks all caught his eye.


“Why didn’t my brother come back?”


“Half a month ago, you called your brother and said that you were in some trouble and hoped that he would come back to help you… After he received your call, he submitted an application for a long leave to the army, but it was not approved. , because there is an important task, he needs to be the soldier king to carry out!”


Su Qing’s face changed slightly, and she asked worriedly: “What mission, is it dangerous?”


“Top secret mission, I don’t know either.”


“When will he be back?”


“He went abroad for at least half a year.”




Xiao Chen took a deep breath: “Please ask me when your brother is leaving, let me help you solve the trouble, tell me, what trouble did you encounter?”


Su Qing looked at Xiao Chen with suspicion: “You are also the king of special forces?”


“No, I’m in charge of the logistics.”


“Logistics? What exactly?”


“Raising pigs.”


“What? Raising pigs?” Su Qing was a little sluggish.


“Yes, let me tell you, I’m a little pig-raising expert in our company, and I have made a lot of deeds in raising pigs. I…”


“Okay!” Su Qing couldn’t listen anymore and interrupted Xiao Chen: “I don’t think a pig farmer can help me solve the trouble.”


Xiao Chen smiled: “Hehe, you haven’t said what trouble you have encountered, how do you know I can’t solve it?”


“What trouble, I can’t tell you for the time being, but I can tell you one thing, I need someone to protect me and my sister’s personal safety, you alone… the one who is in charge of logistics, can’t protect us!”


“Who said that pigs are incapable of protecting you? Let me tell you, at that time one of our company’s pigs became sperm, and it jumped out of the nearly two-meter-high guardrail, and several The king of soldiers…including your brother, didn’t stop me, but in the end, I was caught back… It can be seen that my skills are no worse than your brother!”


Su Qing looked at Xiao Chen who was bragging about Barabara, and couldn’t help rubbing her temples. When did the big brother become unreliable, look for such a guy! Forget it, according to your own plan, find some bodyguards!


“Mr. Xiao, I can solve my troubles yourself. You should go back to the army as soon as possible.”


“I’m not going back.”




“I was fired.”


Su Qing was speechless and was fired from the army?


“What are you going to do next?”


“Your brother and I are brothers, and his sister is my sister, so I plan to stay in Longhai City for a while to help you out of trouble.”


Su Qing has some headaches, this is not to solve the trouble for herself, it is clearly to cause trouble!


To be honest, she doesn’t have a good impression of Xiao Chen, and she has great doubts about his abilities. She doesn’t even understand how to raise pigs, and she still expects him to protect herself and her sister?


She is very suspicious now. Did the elder brother see this guy homeless and pity him, so he introduced him? Otherwise, just arrange a job for him casually?


Before she could figure out how to arrange Xiao Chen, the female assistant walked in: “Mr. Su, Ren Kun is here.”


Su Qing frowned: “What is he here for? No see!”


“Hehe, why are you still hiding from me?” The office door was pushed open, and a young man covered in name tags and holding roses walked in.


“Ren Kun, who let you in?” Su Qing’s pretty face was cold, and disgust flashed in her eyes.


“Xiaoqing, I haven’t seen you for a few days, you are even more charming.” Ren Kun glanced at Su Qing’s chest with fascinated eyes, and raised the rose: “Do you like it? Give it to you.”


Su Qing didn’t answer, her voice was even colder: “What are you doing?!”


“Hehe, I heard that you wanted to find a bodyguard, so I sent you a master.” After Ren Kun finished speaking, he clapped his palm twice: “Come in!”


As soon as Ren Kun finished speaking, a burly young man walked in, wearing a black suit and black sunglasses, looking quite intimidating.


“Xiaoqing, let me introduce to you, this guy is amazing, he served in the Langya Special Forces…Does Langya know? Just the one on TV, the most awesome special force, one fights more than a dozen No problem…” Ren Kun patted the burly young man’s chest and introduced.


“Langya? Haha, have you read too many novels?” Before Ren Kun finished playing, a mocking voice sounded from the side.


Ren Kun’s face sank, and he turned to stare at Xiao Chen: “Boy, who are you?”


“I am Mr. Su’s bodyguard.”


“Bodyguard?” Ren Kun looked down at Xiao Chen, “Just you?”


“Yes, just me.”


“Fuck, what kind of cat and dog dare to come out and be a bodyguard?” Ren Kun sneered: “You were fired, get out of here!”


Su Qing’s pretty face changed, just as she was about to speak, she saw Xiao Chen slowly stand up: “Let me get out? You… how old are you?”


Ren Kun was stunned, then became furious, what the hell, how dare a bodyguard talk to him like that?


“Aaron, let me abolish him!”




When the burly young man saw the master speak, he stepped forward, and was ready to start.


“Stop it!”


Su Qing said in a cold voice: “Ren Kun, this is my office, not a place where you go wild!”


“Xiaoqing, there are too many liars now, don’t be deceived by cats and dogs! I’ll let Aaron try him to see if he really has the ability to be your bodyguard!”


Su Qing glanced at Xiao Chen and didn’t speak anymore. In fact, she also wanted to know if this guy had two brushes.


Now, let this wolf-toothed special force be the touchstone, and maybe you can see something!


Ren Kun was overjoyed when he saw that Su Qing didn’t stop him any more. As long as Aaron showed his strength and destroyed this idiot, he would be able to stay by Su Qing’s side… Then, hehe, look How could she escape from her palm!


Thinking of this, Ren Kun was completely excited and waved his hand: “Aaron, **** him!”


The burly young man gave a grim smile, rushed towards Xiao Chen, and punched him hard.


“Wolf tooth, right? I beat you into a dog tooth!”


When the burly young man’s fist was about to hit Xiao Chen’s face, he moved, like a thunderbolt, and punched out the same punch.




The fists of the two collided in the air, making a muffled sound.


The next second, the burly young man screamed and flew out, hitting Ren Kun heavily.


“Whoops…you **** me down, you crushed me to death!”


Ren Kun was smashed to the ground, screaming again and again.


The burly young man clutched his broken wrist and got up while enduring the pain. His eyes were full of fear when he looked at Xiao Chen.


Xiao Chen stepped forward slowly, stepped on Ren Kun’s chest, leaned over and asked, “Young Master Ren? Tell me now, do I have the strength to be a bodyguard for President Su?”


“Whoops… boy, you fucking…”




Xiao Chen slapped Ren Kun’s face with a slap: “Keep your mouth clean, don’t give a fuck, don’t think your surname is Ren, you can be self-willed, understand?”


The burning pain made Ren Kun almost insane. He was a dignified young master. When was he beaten in the face?


“You fucking…”




Another mouth, and heavier than the previous one.


“You don’t have a long memory, do you? You talk to your parents at home, and you **** each one?”


“You… boy, do you know who I am?” Ren Kun dared not scold, and said angrily.


“Heh, can you be a little innovative? How many years have you been using the stalk? I don’t care what background you have, or who your father is… I’ll just ask you, I have the strength to be a bodyguard for President Su. ?”


Ren Kun gritted his teeth: “Yes!”


A manly man can bend and stretch, bend first!


“Xiao Chen, let him go!”


Su Qing finally spoke up. Ren Kun had some background, so he couldn’t offend him too hard.


Xiao Chen nodded, raised his feet and stepped on Ren Kun: “Master Ren, with me here, you won’t have to worry about Mr. Su’s safety! Now, take your wolf-toothed special forces… Get out!”


Ren Kun got up from the ground and stared at Xiao Chen with a wicked look on his face: “Boy…”


“Go away!” Xiao Chen raised his fist ~IndoMTL.com~ so scared that Ren Kun turned around and ran away.


After Ren Kun ran out of the office, the clamor came from outside again: “Boy, wait for me… I’m going to kill you!”


“Sister Lan, go out first.” Su Qing said to the female assistant.


“Okay.” The female assistant nodded, glanced at Xiao Chen, turned and left.


The office door was closed, Su Qing sat down and stared at Xiao Chen: “You…really pigs?”


“Of course, why lie to you.” Xiao Chen nodded, he didn’t lie, but the ‘pig’ in his mouth was not a pig that eats meat.


Su Qing opened her mouth, she really wanted to ask, how can a pig farmer be so good?


However, she didn’t ask any more questions. Just now, she wanted to understand one thing. No matter whether this guy is strong or weak, at least one thing is certain, that is, he is trustworthy. Will make him come!


Furthermore, how can a big brother who loves himself and his little sister find a weak person to help him solve his troubles?


Thinking of this, she makes a decision.




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