Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4706: Don’t kill Xi’er


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Mu Qianxi gritted her teeth in anger, “The God Emperor really knows how to choose the right time!”

She stood in front of Jiuye, her whole body tense.

She knew very well how much the God Emperor wanted to kill Jiuye.

And Jiuye was so seriously injured by the way of heaven, even after being treated by Ajing’s time power, her medicine, and the power of life.

Now he is still in deep sleep, unable to fight against the God Emperor.

In the sky, a dazzling divine light swayed.

The silver threads are flying, the jade face is perfect, and the figure is outstanding, descending here like a god.

Based on his appearance and temperament, few people in the world can match his magnificence.

His silver-purple eyes looked at Mu Qianxi with great penetrating power.

An ethereal and desolate, yet very gentle and loving voice sounded.

“Xi’er, I didn’t know that Tiandao had always been in control of the Soul Clan, and had set up such a huge net to plot against you, causing you to suffer so much. You must have been extremely scared at the time.

“If you had come to me earlier and had my protection, it would never have had the chance to do that to you.”

Tiandao sarcastically said: “God Emperor, are you still here playing the role of a good elder and a good master? Didn’t you hear Wuya’s prophecy?”

The God Emperor said slowly: “Wuya once predicted for me that there is no one in this world who will be stronger than me! He told me a long time ago that my son Jiuye will be stronger than me, so I must kill him. Kill him!”

“Just now, he prophesied for me, saying that the soul power of Xi’er Linhun clan has become stronger again, and that there will be someone stronger than me in the future. Therefore, I should kill Jiuye just like I did. Xi’er you!”

Mu Qianxi’s expression condensed. The God Emperor had made a series of actions that might have killed her, but he never had such an intention.

At first, I didn’t want to hurt her at all.

When I got to the back, I felt that I had hurt her, so I wanted to control her.

After many failures, the bottom line is to destroy her body and leave her soul to take back to the Gods.

How could such a ruthless protoss, who would even kill his own son at his request, show mercy to her so many times.

She felt that the insubstantial but significant influence of heaven’s favor must have affected the God Emperor’s decision.

Now, the favor of heaven is sacrificed by heaven.

Wu Ya immediately gave the prophecy that once made Nine Nights and Tens dead and into endless hell.

And the person who predicted it was her!

She also felt the killing intent of the God Emperor.

This aloof **** does not allow anyone to be stronger than him.

Whether it is now or in the future!

Now, definitely not.

If there is one in the future, kill it first and eliminate all hidden dangers.

“Xi’er, don’t be afraid! I also know that Wuya has always wanted you to die. He has tried to kill you several times behind my back, and none of his predictions about you have come true! I don’t want to Be his knife and let him borrow it to kill people.”

Whether or not to kill Xi’er is just a trivial matter to him.

He didn’t want to be taken advantage of.

Tiandao spoke, “His prediction is true! I can prove it.”

It is the way of heaven! Isn’t it not convincing if it proves it personally?

What made him vomit blood was that the God Emperor said calmly: “You have done a lot of things behind my back. So, I don’t believe you either!”

“If you don’t believe me, you will regret it.” Tiandao was angry.

Mu Qianxi smiled and said: “His Majesty the God Emperor is wise, don’t fall for the trick of Wu Ya! He has always wanted me to die, and he must have deliberately made false predictions. I have just reached the level of the God Emperor, what will happen in the future? Maybe better than you?”

The God Emperor is suspicious. He does not believe in any of them, whether it is the first prophet of the Gods or the way of heaven.

It seems that she still has a glimmer of hope.

“Xi’er, I won’t kill you now.”

If you don’t kill now, it doesn’t mean you won’t kill in the future.

Wuya’s prophecy may still be true.

It’s not like he didn’t see Xi’er’s talent.

She is not like Jiuye, who has made him feel threatened since birth.

She has grown up all the way, and her rapid growth represents her future potential, which is indeed possible. Mu Qianxi smiled brightly and said: “That’s great, His Majesty the God Emperor is wise. You’ve come here, but you can’t come in vain. Just kill this piece of shit! It has no sense of cooperation at all and is carrying you behind its back. This ally creeps darkly

, it’s really hateful. ”

Knowing that the God Emperor had no intention of killing her now, Mu Qianxi became bolder and even tried to divert trouble to the east. Tiandao gave Qian Xi a sneer, and the God Emperor also smiled, “Xi’er, I won’t kill you! It doesn’t mean that I won’t kill Jiuye. Tiandao is a waste. He used the power of several eternal artifacts but didn’t kill my son. Then, I can only make up for it myself


“After Jiuye is solved, you can follow me back to the God Realm! I will teach you personally. Also, my God Queen has not met her daughter-in-law yet, so I will keep your life and let her meet her. ”

Mu Qianxi just wanted to give this guy a thousand big eye rolls. She had always known that the God Emperor was very perverted, but she never thought that he could be so perverted.

Kill your son and then take your daughter-in-law to see your wife! !

Also, wasn’t Jiuye’s mother killed by the God Emperor long ago?

“Qian Xi, take Lord Jiuye to a safe place first, and I will stop the God Emperor.”

The fact that the God Emperor has no murderous intention towards Qian Xi does not mean that there is no need to fight and it can end peacefully.

The God Emperor wants to kill Jiuye, but Mu Qianxi will not agree to it no matter what.

As for being brought back to the Protoss, I don’t know if it’s a good thing or something worse.

If you can avoid being locked up in the God Clan, then of course you don’t want to!

A solemn look appeared on Mu Qianxi’s face, “Xiaobai, the God Emperor is very powerful, I’m afraid he is absolutely invincible. It will be very dangerous for you to face him…”

“Yes! He is very strong, and he is worthy of being the strongest man in the God Realm, but neither I nor these swords want to try the strength of such a strong man.” Gu Baiyi replied.

“Then be careful. If you are really outmatched, you must save your life. If you really have no choice, leave immediately. The God Emperor’s target is me, and he shouldn’t bother to deal with you.” Mu Qianxi said in a deep voice.

“Okay!” Gu Baiyi rushed out in an instant, and thousands of swords fired in unison.

From the moment the God Emperor came here, the only person he paid attention to was Qian Xi.

Preparing to kill Jiuye, he gave him a few looks.

As for Gu Baiyi, he was arrogant from beginning to end and did not take him seriously.

It wasn’t until he took action now that he stared at him and said, “Sword God? A sword **** was actually born in this world.”

The title given by Heaven and Earth was not just mentioned casually, but when Gu Baiyi came out of the ruins of reincarnation with those ancient swords, Heaven and Earth gave him this title.

“Wuya didn’t predict that the Sword God will be stronger than me in the future, so I don’t have to kill you. But if you dare to hinder me from killing Jiuye and taking Xi’er back to the God Clan to meet my God Queen, I will kill you. !”

His tone was indifferent and ethereal, with the arrogance of a god.

As soon as he finished speaking, vast divine power enveloped the sky.

Gu Baiyi wanted to restrain the God Emperor for a while so that Qian Xi could take the opportunity to escape.

This kind of thing does not exist at all. This space is blocked by the God Emperor, and he will not give Qian Xi a second choice.

Then we can only fight with all our strength. The ancient sword roared, rushing towards the strongest **** in the world with thunderous momentum.


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