Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5925: Unknown young man with the surname Lu



Three killing spells, one ordinary attacking immortal spell.


An ordinary fairy art would never change Lu Ming’s expression so much, but this fairy art comes from the universe sea, and the body is in Xie Nianqing’s hands.


Lu Ming is the master of Ying Yangting in the universe sea, and he has collected the immortal arts of the entire universe sea except the clan of heaven. It was more suitable for Xie Nianqing, so Lu Ming gave the body of this fairy art to Xie Nianqing for enlightenment.


Until Xie Nianqing was teleported away, the body of this fairy art was on Xie Nianqing, but why is it here now?


The one holding this fairy art is a humanoid creature, but it has eight arms and three tails behind it.


Eight-armed and three-tailed clan, a powerful Ping clan, it is rumored that there are several powerhouses who are at the peak of the universe, and there are as many as a dozen of other universes, which is extremely terrifying, except that there is no ancestor of creation, Other strengths are comparable to those of the Shang clan.


At this moment, there is a group of people watching in front of the table of the eight-armed three-tailed tribe. Obviously, they are all focused on the three-killing magic technique, and they are bargaining.


Immortal arts are scarce items in the Zhenyu world.


Many ethnic groups even have only one celestial art, which is really pitiful.


So, every time there is a fairy art to sell, it will cause looting.


“Fellow daoist, I want to give out 20,000 real crystals, so please sell me the body of this fairy art.”


“I offer 23,000 real crystals.”


“I’ll pay 25,000, plus a handful of top-level immortal soldiers.”


Everyone keeps bidding, pushing the price of the immortal art body to a peak.


But the eight-armed three-tailed tribe just shook his head and said: “I didn’t want to sell this fairy art, the main reason is that I encountered a bottleneck and needed real spring water to break through. If you have—a thousand drops of real spring water , I will take the body of this fairy art.” “Thousand drops of real spring water, fellow daoist, your request is a bit high.”


“Yes, most of the real spring water is in the hands of the high-level officials of the major real halls. Ordinary people, etc., where can they get the real spring water.”


Some people complained, bluntly saying that the other party’s requirements are too high and they cannot be sold.


Real spar is hard to find, but real spring water is hard to come by, and the quality varies greatly.


“Fellow Daoist, I bought a thousand drops of real spring water.”


At this time, Lu Ming came over and transmitted the sound to the Eight-armed Three-tailed Clan.


The eight-armed three-tailed tribe immediately cheered up and looked at Lu Ming.


“Fellow Daoists really have a thousand drops of real spring water.”


“It’s genuine, but if I buy it, you have to tell me where you got the body of this fairy art.”


Lu Ming continued to transmit the sound.


“Okay, let’s talk in another place.”


The eight-armed and three-tailed tribe also responded by sound transmission, then waved their hands, put away the treasures on the table, and said: “Everyone, I have changed my mind now, and I will not sell it, everyone, please go ahead.”


After speaking, he walked towards the door.


The others were disappointed, but they didn’t dare to force it. The eight-armed and three-tailed tribe is not easy to bully.


Lu Ming followed the eight-armed three-tailed tribe, left this place, boarded a restaurant, and walked into a box.


This box has the effect of sound insulation, and the conversation will not be heard by others.


“Fellow Daoist, please!”


The eight-armed three-tailed tribe waved their hands and sat down with Lu Ming.


“Fellow Daoist is Xia Clan? Fellow Daoist really has a thousand drops of real spring water? Please show me first, it’s not that you can’t trust fellow Daoist, it’s just that real spring water is really rare…”


The eight-armed three-tailed tribe said awkwardly.


The Xia Clan has just been promoted to the Upper Clan, so where does the real spring water come from?


He couldn’t help being suspicious.




Lu Ming took out a jade bottle, opened the bottle cap, and immediately a strong power of reality filled the air.


“It’s really a real spring, and it’s a friendly opportunity.”


The eight-armed three-tailed clan showed an excited look.


His cultivation base has been trapped at the peak of the Inner Universe Realm for endless years, and he is one step away from the Destiny Universe, but he has broken through several times, all of which ended in failure.


The real spring water is undoubtedly an excellent treasure that can help him break into the realm of life and the universe.


He couldn’t wait to take out the main body of the three-killing divine art, handed it to Lu Ming, and said, “Pay the money in one hand, and deliver the goods in one hand, fellow daoist, now the main body of the immortal art is yours.”




Lu Ming didn’t pick it up right away, but looked at the eight-armed three-tailed clan, and said, “Your Excellency hasn’t explained clearly, where and how did you get the body of the three-killing divine art?”


Eight-armed and three-tailed tribe, there are more than one – the existence of the pinnacle of the universe sits in command, and there is definitely a restriction on this person’s immortal soul. As long as the soul is searched, the immortal soul will self-destruct.


It was because of this scruple that Lu Ming asked patiently. Otherwise, Lu Ming would directly take down the other party to search for the soul, and the answer he got would be absolutely true.


“I got this piece of immortal art in the Second Heaven.”


Eight-armed and three-tailed clan road.


“Second Heaven? Impossible, how could you enter the Second Heaven?”


Lu Ming shook his head directly, his face darkened, thinking that the other party was talking nonsense.


“Of course I can’t go in now. This is more than a million years ago. At that time, the Heavenly Cave had not yet exploded. I was traveling in Erchongtian. I met a young man, that man, and a fellow Taoist. The same, it is also from the Xia clan.”


“The young man of the Xia clan exchanged three top-level immortal weapons with me for this piece of three-killing divine art.”


The eight-armed three-tailed tribe explained.


“Xia Clan?”


Lu Ming’s heart skipped a beat, and he quickly asked, “What is the name of the young man from the Xia clan, and what does he look like?”


“Professing to be surnamed Lu, I don’t know the exact name, but if I look at it, I can draw it for you.”


The eight-armed and three-tailed tribe waved their hands, and the power of reality surged, out of thin air, a portrait was drawn. It was a young man in his twenties, with a handsome appearance and an indissoluble killing intent in his eyes. .


The murderous intent is extremely heavy.


I don’t know!


Lu Ming frowned deeply, he didn’t know this young man at all.


But he also claims to be surnamed Lu, and holds the essence of the immortal art in Xie Nianqing’s hands.


It must be disguised, could it be Shenhuang?


“What is the opponent’s cultivation level?”


Lu Ming asked again.


“The cultivation of the real universe.”


Eight-armed and three-tailed clan road.


“Universal environment?”


Lu Ming’s heart sank.


It is impossible for Lu Shenhuang to have the cultivation base of the cosmic realm.


The decisive battle in the universe sea~IndoMTL.com~When Lu Shenhuang was teleported away, the fairy king didn’t even arrive.


And – more than a million years ago, more than three million years have passed since he was teleported away. At that time, Lu Ming was only able to cultivate at the cosmic state.


Lu Ming mastered the Dazhen Luo Yudish, possessed the real seeds, and progressed rapidly, so he had that cultivation level, and Lu Ming had already reached half a step of the universe when he was in the final battle of the Universe Sea.


How could it be possible for Lu Shenhuang to reach the Real Universe Realm.


Not to mention Lu Shenhuang, none of those who were teleported away could have entered the cosmic realm in just over three million years.


Could it be that Xie Nianqing and others met that Xia Clan cosmic realm, were beheaded by the other party, and took away the body of the three-killing divine technique.


The more he thought about it, the uglier Lu Ming’s face became.


“Fellow Daoist, what I said is the truth, but I didn’t make it up.”


Seeing that Lu Ming’s face became extremely ugly, the eight-armed three-tailed tribe quickly explained.






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