Everlasting Chapter 4741: Skyfire



Needless to say, the two of them have slowed down, and at the same time restrained their automatic breath, and each used their means to probe forward.


Want to see more clearly, what the **** is going on here?


As for whether it will be discovered by the other party, in fact, Chen Feng and Jiaolong don’t care at all.


With the energy fluctuations from the front, the two also had a general understanding of the strength of the fighting Primordial Primordial.


In the words of Chen Feng and the two of them, this is just above the ordinary Primordial Primordial.


I can handle it with my own strength.


So nothing to worry about.


In the perception of the two, the pictures were clearly passed over.


The two sides in the battle are two huge creatures with strange shapes, and their strength is naturally above the Primordial Yuan.


Above these two Primordial Primordial people, they possessed extremely powerful mana cultivation, and every move could collapse and collapse the space, affecting the flow of time around them.


However, the power attributes displayed by these two Primordial Yuan did make Chen Feng feel a little curious.


“One of them should not belong to the Well of Eternal Night.” Jiaolong said before Chen Feng.


“This is a local life and a foreign life fighting, and the other party is not from the gate of origin.” Chen Feng can naturally see some eyebrows.


“So, is it from another place of origin?” Jiaolong asked curiously.


Chen Feng shook his head: “I can’t be sure. I haven’t been to many places of origin. It seems that this person should not be a life born in the region of origin I’ve been to.”


“It’s very interesting, otherwise, let’s capture each other and ask about it.” Jiaolong said.


“I said before that they were waiting for them to lose both.” Chen Feng said with a smile.


“However, the means used by different origins of life can indeed give me some inspiration, so let’s see the situation first.” Jiaolong didn’t really want to go forward.


These two Primordial Priestess didn’t know what was going on before, they fought each other to kill each other, and from time to time, they displayed their ultimate moves, trying to kill each other.


Perhaps Chen Feng and Jiaolong were too close to each other, and they finally appeared directly under the influence of the forces from both sides.


And these two Hunyuan, who were fighting non-stop, shot at Chen Feng and Jiaolong at the same time.


At first, Chen Feng thought that the other party was deliberately leading the two of them out, but then he knew that was not the case.


It turns out that these two Primordial Priests just wanted to kill the onlookers first.


Chen Feng used to like to do this too.


“We’re just watching the excitement, no, it should be said that we’re just passing by, but we don’t want to fight with you.” Chen Feng said with a smile.


At the same time, it also has to defuse the opponent’s attack.


Originally, these two Hunyuan people thought it was not an easy task to solve the Hunyuan Jinxian?


But it wasn’t until the two sides played against each other that this was not the case.


I couldn’t win the Golden Immortal Hunyuan.


And Chen Feng did not exert all his strength, but only resisted by means, and did not launch a counterattack.


The same is true of Jiaolong.


The two sides struggled for several rounds, Chen Feng and Jiaolong suddenly withdrew, and the two got together.


The two above Hunyuan did not take the opportunity to go up, but stopped to look at Chen Feng and Jiaolong curiously.


“Where are the two fellow Daoists from?” the local life asked.


“We are of course local beings, but we were just idle and bored, walking in the eternal night space, and then we were attracted by the power fluctuations of the battle between the two Taoist friends.” Jiaolong said.


Chen Feng was secretly experiencing the strength of the other party.


Through the confrontation just now, Chen Feng has a further understanding of the two Hunyuan.


The other party is not from the Source of Myriad Sources, nor from the Tower of Life.


It doesn’t seem like it came from a regular place of origin.


“Could it be said that it came from Guixu?” Chen Feng had this idea.


“Where do fellow Daoists come from?” Chen Feng asked directly.


The Hunyuan who played against Chen Feng did not respond.


“The other party should be from the Returning Ruins. Of course, I’m not sure. It’s better for the two daoists to join hands to capture each other. This kind of life from other origin regions must have special secrets. It’s good.” The local Hunyuan suggested.


“It’s a good choice.” Chen Feng nodded with a smile.


At this time, the foreign member of Primordial Primordial suddenly felt bad, he turned around and wanted to leave, but who knew he was stopped by Jiaolong.


“I asked you something just now, but if you don’t say it, you have to let things get to this point. You haven’t killed the Primordial Primordial in this period of time. You are unlucky this time.” Jiaolong said.


Just as everyone is about to take action, the surrounding collapsed space can be set in flames.


It’s like a hole in the sky, and the sky is full of fire.


Of course, the flames here are much more powerful than the so-called skyfire.


The solid and viscous dark space around them was melting rapidly. In the blink of an eye, Chen Feng and the others were wrapped in flames.


And these flames have a strong attack power, constantly concentrating their strength, smashing these lives fiercely, and wanting to burn Chen Feng and others to ashes.


“What the **** is going on here?”


Chen Feng asked curiously.


Although the flames suddenly appeared very powerful, it was still relatively difficult to burn Chen Feng.


Chen Feng bathed in the sea of ​​fire, but felt a little more comfortable.


Chen Feng is curious as to why there is a flame here, and it is a flame that he has never seen before.


“Maybe the fight between the two of them is for the flames here.” Jiaolong said.


“This is the eternal fire that can condense the flesh.” The local Hunyuan said.


Countless vortices appeared in my heart, constantly absorbing the surrounding flames.


It seems that the other party is really using the flame to cultivate himself.


“The Fire of Eternal Night, why is it here? Shouldn’t it be in the Well of Eternal Night?” Jiaolong said better.


Since even Jiaolong was surprised, let alone Chen Feng.


However, Chen Feng also had to get the fire of origin in the free space, so it seems that it is a normal thing to encounter the fire of eternal night here.


The only surprising thing is that this time the fire is very powerful.


If you think about the impact on the Primordial Primordial, then this kind of flame naturally exceeds the origin flame that Chen Feng has seen before.


According to the power of the flames here, the Golden Immortal Hunyuan will also be burned to ashes.


The physical bodies of Chen Feng and Jiaolong are stronger than those of the two Primordial Primords, so naturally there is no need to worry.


Chen Feng even thought that the power of the flame was not strong enough.


Ever since the flames appeared, the two Primordial Primords became quiet. Apart from absorbing the flames to cultivate themselves, they no longer fought with each other like before.


And the outsider Primordial Primordial who originally planned to escape has no plans to leave.


Of course, the other party is also moving into the depths of the flame.


That said, the other party is somewhat worried.


Chen Feng observed carefully. At this time, the space was still collapsing. As the scale of the collapse increased, more and more flames appeared.


“The scale of these flames is really much, beyond our previous imagination.” Chen Feng said curiously.


During this process, Chen Feng also collected some flames.


It’s not bad, but it didn’t surprise Chen Feng much.


The power brand has been obtained, and the special energy has also been obtained.


These flames are nothing in comparison.


Even the dragons don’t take these flames seriously.


“But things shouldn’t be so simple, otherwise, how could there be a battle over Primordial Yuan.” Chen Feng said.


The two have also been observing the actions of these two Primordial Priests.


After absorbing some flames, the two Primordial Primords actually marched deep into the flames.


The previous Hun Yuan, who joined hands with Chen Feng, didn’t even say anything to the two.


“In this way, there should be other things in the depths of the sea of ​​​​fire, but if you think about it, you can play it, and you can guess something.” Jiaolong said.


Chen Feng also nodded. In fact, this kind of thing has happened many times in the past.


It’s nothing more than finding the core of the flame, or something more precious in it.


“Since that’s the case, let’s go in and have a look. We actually encountered it. Of course, we need to find out what’s going on here.” Chen Feng said with a smile.


Chen Feng and Jiaolong walked in the flame step by step. For the two of them, the flame was not a big obstacle.


As long as Chen Feng is willing, he can use the technique of swallowing to collect a large amount of these flames.


Soon Chen Feng and the two caught up with the two Hunyuan.


And Chen Feng also felt more intense flame energy, and there really was some breath of life in it.


“There is life in such a flame, and I don’t know if it was congenital or entered later.” Chen Feng said with a smile.


“It may be the fire spirit ~IndoMTL.com~ Jiaolong said.


“Unless you can reach the level of Primordial Golden Immortal, otherwise, there is really nothing to watch.” Chen Feng actually didn’t care too much.


The two Primordial Priests saw Chen Feng chasing after them, so they couldn’t help speeding up.


But above these two Primordial Yuan, in this environment, they are not as free as Chen Feng and Jiaolong.


Here there is a gap between who is physically stronger.


“The two fellow Daoists seem to know a lot about this place, can you tell us about it?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.


Instead of exploring on your own, ask someone to find out.


Of course, Chen Feng also understands that most of these two will not come out of the tray.


“It’s our first time here, and we don’t know what’s going on here, but we also want to come in and explore the sea of ​​​​such a fire.” The local Hunyuan said.


Hearing the other party say this, Chen Feng sneered in his heart, this is simply a lie to his face.


The other party didn’t want to say more, and Chen Feng didn’t want to ask any more, but speeded up with Jiaolong.


Only saw that the Shenxing wings behind Chen Feng vibrated, and the surrounding flames were immediately evaporated.


Chen Feng and Jiaolong have disappeared.


“Have you ever seen such a powerful Primordial Golden Immortal?” the foreign Primordial Priest asked.


“It’s the first time I’ve seen it. It seems that the fight between us can’t go on. Maybe we need to join forces.”


“Heh, you guys wanted to join forces to deal with me before, but you changed your stance so quickly.” The outsider Primordial Master sneered.


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