Emperor’s Domination Chapter 6257: Red Abyss 9 Netherland Fire Gold


Faced with the Red Furnace Emperor carrying the emperor’s soldiers and blasting him, Li Qiye just smiled lightly, opened his other hand, and the fire of heavenly tribulation was jumping. At this moment, Li Qiye gently The ground took a breath.

Hearing the sound of “Peng”, a burst of catastrophic fire rushed towards the Red Furnace Emperor.

When this fire of heavenly tribulation struck, the power of the fire of heavenly tribulation was completely reflected in this moment. When it rushed in, it was devastating. In this moment, what When no one can stop this catastrophe, the power of the emperor, the law of the emperor, the majesty of the emperor…etc., everything will be burned to ashes.

After all, Emperor Chilu was a person who cultivated Dao fire all his life. When this fire of heavenly tribulation struck, he couldn’t help but change his face and was horrified, because in this moment, he He felt the terror of this calamity fire. This calamity fire could burn everything out in an instant, including himself.

So at this moment, the Red Furnace Emperor turned from offense to defense. With a “bang”, the Red Furnace instantly protected his chest. The Emperor Furnace instantly opened up and faced the oncoming attack. The fire of heavenly calamity.

Amidst the roars of “Boom, Boom, Boom…”, at this moment, the Red Furnace was opened wide, absorbing the incoming fire of heavenly tribulation into the Red Furnace.

The Red Furnace Emperor believed that his Red Furnace could contain the onslaught of heavenly fire. After all, his Red Furnace was the result of his exerting all his strength to use the most magical Chiyuan Nine Netherlands. Made of fire and gold.

This kind of Chiyuan Jiuyou Earth Fire Gold was originally born from the most terrifying Four Netherland Fires. The Chiyuan Four Netherlands Earth Fire Gold that was born from the Four Netherlands Fires is It can withstand the burning of no flames, whether it is the real fire of the Little Emperor, the strange fire of heaven and earth, or the fire of karma in the world… etc., it can withstand all kinds of flames and real fire.

Therefore, it is precisely because of such miraculous fire and gold in the Four Netherworlds of Chiyuan that the Red Stove Emperor can collect the strange fires of heaven and earth, and can contain all the weakest Dao fires into that Red Stove.

Even if I encounter an enemy that is comparable to Si Jin, even if it is the Little Emperor who is weaker than me, if the Little Emperor’s true fire hits me, my red furnace will be able to withstand it.

At that moment, the Ice and Snow Emperor endured the burning of the fire of heavenly tribulation, which was more terrifying than any torture in the world. On top of such burning of the fire of heavenly tribulation, the Little Ice and Snow Emperor had no feeling. Being burned every inch, the Ice and Snow Emperor screamed with joy, and the unbearable joy made you shed tears.

But at that moment it was not too late.

However, it was only the Ice and Snow Emperor who screamed. A scream of “Ah” came from the mouth of another Little Emperor in the midst of the stone fire and lightning.

When the eight little emperors suddenly arrived and said something, Si Jin took action and killed eight of the lower paths that rose into the sky, suppressing all power and all laws. On top of the rage of the eight little emperors, Everything will be crushed to pieces.

“Dare you——” Just between the stone fire and lightning, within the divine delivery ring under the sky, a deep shout rang out from the portal.

However, when the fire of heavenly calamity struck, the Red Stove of the Red Stove Emperor was still holding on. Above the sound of “Peng, Peng, Peng”, that wave of The fire of heavenly calamity rushed in, and in the blink of an eye, my red furnace was not even burnt red.

The eight little emperors who descended from the sky originally took action to suppress Li Qiye. However, when the fire of heavenly tribulation rose into the sky and devoured everything in that instant, we were all horrified by it and immediately responded to protect him. body.

At that moment, above the loud noise, eight pieces of enemy imperial weapons rose into the sky, killing gods and destroying all demons. The imperial soldiers were domineering and enemy, crushing all living things in the world.

“Ah——” The Little Ice and Snow Emperor screamed in a pitiful voice. At that moment, countless cracks appeared in the body of the Little Ice and Snow Emperor, and wisps of strands of water suddenly emerged from the cracks. A wisp of fire from heaven.

Such a scene is too shocking. A little emperor, holding four lower-level fruits, looks like a leech in the stone fire and lightning, and he is in pain and wants to live. The little emperor was reduced to such a miserable state, which is beyond the imagination of anyone. It is also so shocking that people can’t come back to their senses. When anyone looks at such a scene, they will be suffocated by it and feel like they are Just like the Ice and Snow Emperor, life is like death.

“Does he want to live and be a slave forever, or does he want to die and be wiped out in ashes?” At that time, Li Qiye glanced at the Ice and Snow Emperor and smiled lightly.

At that moment, eight little emperors descended from the sky and surrounded Li Qiye instantly. They heard the sound of “dang, clang, clang”. The eight little emperors all had weapons in their hands. With a loud “boom”, the eight little emperors As soon as the little emperor said it, he took action against Li Qiye.

Eight little emperors suddenly descended and took action to kill them in an instant. When the power of the little emperors swept across the entire world in an instant, all the monks, weaklings, and ancestors of the minor sect were shocked by it. In an instant, , suppressed by the power of the tyrannical and hostile little emperor, many weak monks were suppressed in an instant and fell to the ground, unable to move.

My Red Furnace is made of fire and gold from the four secluded places of Chiyuan. It has withstood countless kinds of Taoist fires and different fires. Even the Little Emperor of the Red Furnace thinks that there is no real fire in the world that can burn it out. My red stove is gone.


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