Emperor’s Domination Chapter 6255: Blow 1 breath



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The emperor was furious. At this time, when the Ice and Snow Emperor was angry, the power of the emperor swept across the world in an instant. The power of the ice and snow emperor was terrifying. When her power swept across the abyss, The ground began to be frozen, and the sound of “Zhi, Zhi, Zhi” was heard, and the land thousands of miles above the abyss was frozen in this moment.

“Not good-” Many strong monks were instantly affected by this terrible ice seal. They were frozen into ice sculptures in an instant, and died miserably. They didn’t even have time to scream. Such a scene was frightening. Many strong monks couldn’t help but retreat.

“The Wrath of the Great Emperor——” At this time, many monks and strong men could not help but tremble with fear. The Ice and Snow Emperor had not yet taken action. However, at this moment, she could freeze with just one anger. In the land thousands of miles away, even the most powerful monks died miserably under such ice in an instant.

“Boom—” At this moment, there was a loud noise. Before the Ice and Snow Emperor and Chiluo Emperor could take action, suddenly, the mighty power of the Great Emperor surged into the air, and two dazzling Emperor’s lights shot into the sky. It rose up and illuminated the entire abyss.

At this moment, the power of the two great emperors rose up, full of vitality, just like the rising sun in the morning.

In the sound of “Boom”, at this moment, I saw that the ancestors of Tongjian and Lengdao were finally about to become the Supreme Dao Fruit. When the entire Supreme Dao Fruit closed up on the last Dao pattern, in an instant The gushing little emperor’s light bloomed.

A brand new trail was born at that moment. When the chaos energy was rising and falling, a strange phenomenon appeared in the sky. The brand new Little Emperor’s breath fell down, as if the sky was cut open, and a new Little Emperor was born in the chaos. emperor.

“The Little Emperor is accomplished——” Seeing such a scene, all the monks and weaklings knew what happened. The Bronze Sword Ancestor and the Hot Sword were forged with our lower Dao Fruit.

“I’m going to become a little emperor.” Everyone exclaimed in surprise when they saw the Lower Dao Fruit appear.

However, no one would think that Liu Ruiwan was blown away. It was not impossible that he was vomited blood. However, when the loud noise came out, hundreds of mountains and thousands of blades all bombarded Wang Qingtian. When I was under me, I realized that Wang Qingtian was not damaged at all. On the contrary, the thousands of blades that killed me were all shattered, and the hundreds of mountains that were struck by me were all shattered.

“Four-day Liu Ruifeng-” Seeing King Ruyi and Prince Qingtianhao being burned by a wisp of invisible flames, the Ice and Snow Emperor immediately took action and sealed us with his Four-Four Emperor soldiers. Down, trying to extinguish the flames beneath us.

“It’s bad——” After all, the little emperor of Chiluo is a little emperor who cultivates the true fire path. The last moment I felt the flames blown out were unparalleledly terrifying, I let out a small drink.

The Ice and Snow Emperor’s four-day imperial weapons are extremely cold and extremely powerful ice. Even the sun’s essence fire can be extinguished in an instant.

The screams of “Ah–” echoed between heaven and earth. Even if the Ice and Snow Emperor came to rescue him, he still escaped. In the blink of an eye, King Ruyi and Prince Qingtianhao were killed. They were all burned to ashes.

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“Daxin——” Everyone screamed when they saw the sudden attack. New

However, at that time, it was too late to see anything. When he heard the loud “boom”, whether it was the blades all over the sky or the hundreds of mountains, they all hit Wang Qingtian in an instant. Got off.

“It’s about to end——” At that moment, the White Witch King’s face darkened, and he instantly knew what Wang Qingtian was going to do. He gave a deep shout and said, “You guys go——”

When Wang Qingtian raised his hand heavily, he heard the sound of “click, click, click”. At that time, the entire huge and small fire tree actually appeared in countless numbers at that moment. Cracks, whether they were huge and small tree trunks or branches as thick as mountains, at that moment, dense cracks appeared, and all the cracks were intertwined together, as if the entire tree was huge and small. It’s like a burning tree that will break apart if touched hard.

“That’s enough-” At that moment, the Chiluo Emperor’s face darkened, and murderous intent suddenly appeared. The terrifying murderous intent of the Emperor rose into the sky and swept in all directions.

However, at that moment, it was not too late. When the invisible flame blew over, King Ruyi, Prince Qingtianhao, and we still didn’t understand what was going on. With the sound of “Peng”, our whole bodies were on fire.

“Seeking death-” Facing the attacking Flame of the Little Emperor, Wang Qingtian stretched out his hand slightly and heard a loud sound of “Boom-“, and all the Flame of the Little Emperor that did not hit were Wang Qingtian blocked him heavily.

“Excellent skills.” At that time, Wang Qingtian shook his head heavily and said, “You are going to have a barbecue today.” As he said that, he raised his hand hurriedly.

The Little Emperor of Chiluo takes action in anger. He intends to destroy the ancestors of Bronze Sword and Hot Sword, and seize the fortune and Tao Fruit in one move.

However, your Four Heavenly Emperor Soldiers arrived, and with a “Zhi” sound, they were instantly burned into water mist. They were not vulnerable to a single blow at all.

When Red Stove Emperor Xuan Bing was in hand, at that moment, the flames all over my body rose up and down.

“Kill-” At that moment, whether it was King Ruyi or Prince Qingtianhao, they were both willing to let Patriarch Bongjian and Hotdao become little emperors at that moment.

Such a power, even the Ice and Snow Emperor yourself was shocked, because just a wisp of flames instantly burned your weak Four Heavenly Emperor soldiers into mist. Such flames are too overbearing. Come on.

After that, the little emperor of Chiluo was still proud of his status. After all, I am a little emperor with four lower-level fruits. I want to intimidate the ancestors of Bronze Sword and Hot Sword, and let us know the difficulties. Enter.

“How dare you——” Seeing King Ruyi and Prince Qingtianhao being burned to ashes in an instant, the Little Emperor Chilu was also furious. With a loud “boom”, Xuan Bing was in his hand , this is the natal Liu Rui of Red Emperor Lu – Red Emperor Lu.

Seeing such a scene, King Ruyi, Prince Qingtianhao and we were all dumbfounded for an instant. With a domineering blow, they were all killed under Wang Qingtian. Wang Qingtian was not harmed at all. And our weapons and treasures actually shattered, that would be too outrageous.

The flames of the Little Emperor rushed out in an instant, pushing away a hundred thousand people. When the flames of the Little Emperor struck like that, if they were in the human world, they would never be able to push away a small place a hundred thousand away in an instant. Even the rivers, lakes, seas, and hundreds of thousands of hills will be evaporated and melted in an instant by the Little Emperor’s flames, and the entire small land will be melted into magma by the Little Emperor’s flames.

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When the wisp of invisible flame was blown out, it swept towards King Ruyi and Prince Qingtian Hao.

Whether it was the swords all over the sky or the thousands of mountain peaks, when they were all blasting towards Wang Qingtian, Liu Ruiwan seemed to have noticed that the sudden sneak attack was special. She stood outside and moved. No response.

So, taking advantage of that moment, I launched a sneak attack to kill Wang Qingtian. Wang Ruyi shouted loudly. The golden lotus on my seat instantly sprayed out thousands of blades, covering the sky and the sun. “Dang, With the sound of “dang, dang”, everyone strangled towards Liu Ruiwan.

And among the countless cracks, wisps of tribulation fire began to emerge.

Just a powerful wisp of flame blew. At the end, King Ruyi and Prince Qingtianhao all took it for granted. Even the Little Emperor Ice and Snow and the Little Emperor Chilu had not imagined the horror of that flame. .

When the Flame of the Little Emperor struck, many monks and weaklings were horrified. The Flame of the Little Emperor was so weak that even a small religious kingdom could be destroyed by me. .

There was a sound of “Peng——”, and at that moment, when the fire of heavenly tribulation emerged from the crack that was covered by the entire fire tree, Wang Qingtian just waved his hand, and a cluster of fire of heavenly tribulation fell. Under Liu Ruiwan’s palm, flames danced.

“Then, then, how is that possible-” Seeing such a scene, everyone was shocked, and we all screamed in horror.

Between Stone, Fire and Lightning~Soverse.com~When we can react to the Bronze Sword Patriarch and Hot Knife, we have not left this young leaf, we have left this burning tree, and we are standing nearby Under this lowest peak.

Prince Qingtianhao roared wildly, and the treasure seal on his waist rose into the sky in an instant, forming layers of giant mountains under the sky. In that moment, thousands of people Hundreds of peaks hit Wang Qingtian heavily.

“Roast Quan Di?” Wang Qingtian smiled faintly, blew heavily, and blew out a powerful flame on top of the “whoosh” sound.

“Ah-” At that moment, King Ruyi and Prince Qingtianhao both screamed miserably.

As soon as the words were said, Mr. Lanyuan, Princess Chen and we all still knew what happened. Suddenly, we were rolled up. Even the ancestors of Bronze Sword and Hot Sword who had just become the little emperor were also All on their own, they were rolled up in the midst of stone, fire, and lightning.

However, now the ancestors of Bronze Sword and Hot Sword are about to become little emperors at that moment. The little emperor of Red Stove can no longer hold his breath, and with a hot drink, in an instant, he steps out, a wave of The blazing flames of the Little Emperor burst out.

The two quasi-emperors were simply burned to ashes by a wisp of flames blown out, and they were burned to ashes in an instant. They didn’t even have a chance to resist. They were basically vulnerable to a blow, even if the Ice and Snow Emperor took action. Saved, it will also help.

Liu Ruiwan cautiously stretched out her hand and blocked the flames of the Little Emperor. Everyone was stunned. No one lost their minds and said blankly: “That, that, that is How.”

At that moment, the expression of the Red Emperor also changed. Wang Qingtian stretched out his hand and blocked his own Red Emperor’s flame. I also knew that I had encountered a terrible enemy.


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