Emperor’s Domination Chapter 1: 3 Ghost Lord (Part 1)



   Chapter One Three Ghosts (Part 1)


   “Wow!” With a sound, Li Qiye floating in the river was picked up.


With a cry of “Ah”, Li Qiye yelled and woke up from being pinched. When he woke up, his first reaction was to jump up and “jump” up, which made Li Qiye a little uncomfortable. His body staggered and almost fell.


   “I, my body!” Looking down, his body was intact. Li Qiye was surprised and delighted. After being a crow for millions of years, he finally regained his body. After countless storms, he couldn’t help being excited for a while.


   Finally, Li Qiye took a deep breath and looked up, only to see an old man standing in front of him.


   “Hey, hey, hey, I picked you up from the river by the old man.” The old man said with a grin. When he spoke, there were only three big yellow teeth left. His smile was as wretched as it was.


   Li Qiye looked down the river, and the outline of the fairy cave was faintly visible in the distance. When he saw the fairy cave, he was thirteen years old, and his eyes became cold, faintly, with his age. Different breath.


   Li Qiye took a deep breath, looked at the old man, and after a long time, said: “How do you call it?”


   “Three ghosts, wash the face of the ancient school.” The old man said with a grin, his mouth was exposed with three yellow teeth, and his saliva dripped.


   “The Ancient School of Cleansing Face——” Li Qiye couldn’t help muttering, and for a while, it evoked his memory of sealing the dust. He was trapped in the body of the crow for thousands of years.


  ”Who is in charge of the destiny now?” Li Qiye couldn’t help asking after returning to his senses.


   “Destiny? Destiny has not yet been carried.” The Three Ghosts said with a grin.


  ”Where is Immortal Emperor Takong?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but his face changed slightly when he heard these words. He fell asleep this time. Could it be that he slept for hundreds of thousands of years?


   “The Emperor Takong disappeared thirty thousand years ago.” The Three Ghosts still said with a grin, and the three yellow-toothed boards appeared very wretched.


  ”Where is the Black Dragon King in Zhentianhaicheng?” Li Qiye couldn’t help asking again.


   The Three Ghosts shook his head and said, “No one knows. The Black Dragon King disappeared 30,000 years ago.”


   Hearing this, Li Qiye’s face changed drastically. He raised his head and looked at the faint fairy cave in the distance. At this time, he understood why he had regained his body.


   “Let’s go–” Li Qiye’s face sank, and he turned and left, regardless of whether the Three Ghosts could follow. After living for countless years and experiencing countless sufferings, he already knew what to do.


   Zhentianhaicheng is the most powerful and invincible heritage in the world. When the Black Dragon King was still alive, there were nine heavens and ten earths, no one could rival! Three generations are respected!


   Although the Black Dragon King has been missing for 30,000 years, today’s Zhentianhai City still stands proudly between the sky and the earth like a giant.


   Outside Zhentianhai City, there is a thirteen-year-old boy, and an old man who looks incomparably wretched with three yellow teeth exposed.


   Outside the city gate, Li Qiye silently burned the paper money, and said silently in his heart: “Little black man, go with peace of mind. In this life, you will help me regain my body. One day, I will kill the murderer. Domain, revenge for you!”


   Finally, Li Qiye raised his head and looked at the behemoth Zhentianhai City. Everything became strange. I think back then, this sea city was able to rise from the ground because of his and Xiao Heizi’s hard work year after year!


   It’s a pity, 30,000 years have passed, and who knows the dark crow that has been hidden behind the scenes?


   “Hey, let’s go back to the Ancient School of Washing the Face.” At this time, the Three Ghosts came out again, and three yellow teeth came into Li Qiye’s eyes.


   “Let’s go.” Li Qiye nodded calmly. Regardless of how the Three Ghosts appeared and disappeared, and no matter where the Three Ghosts came from, it was not enough to surprise Li Qiye. After all the difficulties, he was trapped in the Dark Crow for millions of years, experienced one era after another, and accompanied him. Ever Xiandi, once walked with the Medicine God, what else can surprise him.


   Not long after the two Li Qiye left, Zhentianhai City walked out of a majestic woman, she was like the fairy Bibo, the goddess of Hanhai. When she walked out of the city gate and wanted to travel, suddenly, out of the corner of her eyes, she saw the remaining corner of Chenggen’s burnt paper money. On this dime, a symbol was faintly visible.


   Upon seeing this symbol, the goddess’ face changed drastically, and she said solemnly: “Who was burning paper money here just now!”


   An old servant next to her quickly got the answer and told him: “I heard the guard say that an old man and a 13-year-old boy were burning paper money here.”


   “Catch me and find them!” The goddess said in a deep voice immediately.


   “His Royal Highness is going to Mount Kinabalu.” The old servant couldn’t help but said.


   “Chasing—” As soon as the goddess’ words fell, she had already left in the air and chased her in an instant.


   In the end, the goddess still did not find the person who burned the paper money, and returned to Zhentianhai City. The goddess remained silent for a long time. The symbol did not appear in Zhentianhai City for a long time. Why did this symbol appear again after tens of thousands of years? Once it appears, is it an enemy or a friend?


   “Go back to your Highness, no one who burned the paper money was found.” Finally, the loyal old servant replied.


   “Order to go down, everyone pay attention to these two people, do not make public, as soon as there is news, immediately report to me.” The goddess said in a deep voice.


  ’s words made the old servants startled. Their Zhentianhai City was a deterrent to the world. Their Highness Zhenhai Goddess was also famous in the world. It is rare for her to be so dignified.


   “On the other side of the mountain–” the old servant couldn’t help but muttered.


   “Cancel—” The goddess said in a deep voice: “I need to look through the ancient books left by the ancestors, this is a bit weird!” With that, she entered the deepest forbidden land in Zhentianhai City.


  The Ancient School of Cleansing Beauty, located in the borderland of Baosheng Shangguo. The Xiyan ancient school can be said to be a long-standing heritage. It is an immortal emperor lineage. In the early years of the emperor era, a generation of Mingren immortal emperor created the school here, named Xiyan. Ancient school.


  Unfortunately, millions of years have passed, and times have changed. The Cleansing Ancient School is no longer the immortal emperor of the past. Countless years have passed. The Cleansing Ancient School has begun to decline, although the Cleansing Ancient School has also revived. However, there is still no way to recover the decline.


   “Elder, it’s not good. A mortal is here to be our chief disciple.” On this day, the great elder of the Cleansing Ancient Sect woke up early in the morning, and the disciples hurried to report.


  ”Bump him down the mountain!” The elder didn’t even look at it, and said, “Do you still need to report these little things?”


  A mortal, who wants to be the chief disciple of the Cleansing Ancient School? What’s this kidding? The chief disciple of the Xiyan ancient school has a different meaning. Another meaning of the chief disciple is the successor to the head, and the chief disciple is often likely to become the head of the next generation. Although the head is not in the faction, the elders can still be the masters of such things.


   “But, he, he was recommended by the Three Ghosts.” The disciple said involuntarily.


  ”Three Ghosts?” The elder couldn’t help but glanced at him, and said, “He won’t beg others to drink and promise to benefit others, right?”


  Sangui Ye, yes, he is indeed a member of the Cleansing Ancient Sect, but the Cleansing Ancient Sect is even more reluctant to admit that he is a member of the Cleansing Ancient Sect.


  Sanguiye, this name sounds very majestic, but this name has dull the faces of the elders of the Ancient School of Cleansing Face. Three ghosts, there are three good, good fortune, sex, good prostitutes, self-proclaimed Lord, so he was ridiculed as the three ghosts.


  Sanguiye hasn’t practiced the exercises for a few days, but he has a lot of background in the Cleansing of the Ancient School. I heard that he was the illegitimate son of the previous generation of the Xiyan ancient school, so when the previous generation was dying, he told the current master to take good care of the three ghosts.


   There are also some gossips that the Three Ghosts are actually the illegitimate son of the previous generation’s head. Because the previous generation’s head has a great benevolence to the previous generation’s head, the previous generation’s head has taken down this black pot and has been taking care of it. Three ghosts. When the head of the previous generation sat down, he also urged the current head to take good care of the three ghosts.


   Regardless of whose illegitimate son Sangui Ye is, his disgraceful origins make the high-levels of the Cleansing Ancient School reluctant to go into details or talk more about it.


   For such a wealthy **, a good prostitute, but not very prosperous, the three ghosts, whether they are the elders of the Xiyan ancient school or the other disciples of the Xiyan ancient school, are not waiting to see you.


   “What about the recommendation of the Three Ghosts, blast him down the mountain!” The elder was not in the mood, but he was in a good mood by the name early in the morning.


  ”Yes~IndoMTL.com~Yes, but, he, he, he has the ancient order of Sanguiye in his hand.” The disciple said loudly.


  ”Washing the face!” Upon hearing this, the elder’s expression changed, and after a long groan, he ordered: “Summon the other elders and let the mortal wait in the hall!”


   There are six elders in the    Cleansing Face Ancient School. When the other five elders heard the “Cleaning Face Order”, their expressions changed and they had to attend.


  The ancient order for facial cleansing is three ancient decrees left by Emperor Mingren, the ancestor of the ancient school of facial cleansing. The other two were taken back a long time ago. However, for unknown reasons, the last one fell. Into the hands of the three ghosts.


   In addition to being told by the head of the previous generation to take care of the Three Ghosts, the Three Ghosts can still stay in the Cleansing Ancient School. The elders can’t help him. There is another reason because he has a Cleansing Ancient. make.


   Those who hold this order, such as Emperor Mingren’s arrival, who hold this order, can make a condition to the ancient order for cleansing the face.


   Sitting in the hall of the Xiyan ancient school, looking at this old hall, watching the statue in the upper hall of the hall that was hazy by fireworks, Li Qiye couldn’t help being evoked a lot of dusty past.


The statue of Emperor Akihito served in the hall of    is the statue of Immortal Emperor Akihito. Although countless years have passed, the dim statue still has an ancient divine might, high for nine days, and the heart of worship is born spontaneously.


  Looking at the statue, Li Qiye felt all kinds of feelings in his heart. How many years have passed since Emperor Mingren is no longer alive, but he has lived one era after another. Today, he finally regained his body as he wished, but how much The man of the wind disappeared into the clouds.


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