Doulou Dalu’s Traverser Ronin Chapter 712: : the wicked darkness



“Next, it’s my turn!”

The woman’s mouth sneered.

In this place, above the altar, stands a stone gate filled with an ancient atmosphere.

She walked gracefully to the stone door and raised her jade hand.

“The evil of the sleeping world, it’s time to reappear in the world~”

The dark soul power surged out from its delicate body, and the ink-like blue silk flew up with the violent energy fluctuations.

If Qian Renxue was here, she would definitely know who this woman was!

Isn’t this the saint who appeared in the battle of Jialing Pass, thousands of miles away not long ago, the saint who is comparable to the evil spirit of the evil god, Luo Ying!

And this place is the forbidden area of ​​the Spirit Hall, the entrance to the Lost Canyon.

“Open to me!”

The dark soul power diffused out and flowed into the stone gate along her jade hand.

In an instant, energy poured into the stone gate, and the pattern engraved on the altar began to glow.

Boom boom~

The altar began to vibrate violently.

In this stone door, a hole was torn open in the void.


Opened the door, Luo Ying just wanted to enter.

But the next second, an accident happened.

The terrifying aura of destruction exploded from the door, and the power that spread out made the space unbearable, and there were cracks visible to the naked eye.

Unprepared, she was also struck by the destructive energy of the explosion.

This energy is so terrifying that it can shatter a space.

Even in the realm of false gods, she couldn’t bear it, her body was severely injured, and a mouthful of blood spit out uncontrollably.

“Damn! How did this small world get destroyed? Isn’t there a false **** in it, why is this small world collapsed!”

Luo Ying couldn’t believe it, she couldn’t accept it.

She had already discovered this secret realm in Spirit City.

The forbidden area of ​​the Spirit Hall, the Lost Great Canyon, exists in this small world.

And this small world is a fragment of the world that was shattered by the war of demons in ancient times.

It is also an ancient battlefield, where many gods and beasts have fallen.

The Land of the Fallen, after a long period of evolution, the resentment of the gods and demons who died tragically in those days has been nurtured by countless years.

The ultimate evil has already formed!

Among them, a broken soul devoured the huge resentment of the gods and demons and cultivated into the realm of pseudo-gods.

The Lost Grand Canyon is a small world attached to this Douluo world.

And Luo Ying was born out of the evil of this Douluo world.

She knows exactly what’s going on in this little world.

Luo Ying originally thought of entering this ancient ruins this time and swallowing the false **** and the huge resentment of the gods and demons.

This power is enough to restore her strength to the realm of gods.

In this way, no one in this world will be her opponent.

Anyone who stands in her way will be devoured by extreme evil, and everything will return to chaos.

However, this small world was destroyed one step ahead.

She had been planning for so long, but in the end it was all in vain.

This made her a little unacceptable and maddened.

“Who is it! Who ruined this place!”

“Damn it! Damn it!”

“If I let this seat know who it is, it must be broken into thousands of pieces!!!”

An extremely terrifying aura emanated from Luo Yingjiao’s body.

She has black hair flying wildly, her eyes flashing blood red, and she roars like a demon, unscrupulously releasing her own breath and venting her anger.

Boom boom~

The power that is incomparably close to that of a **** turns into a dark beam of light and rises into the sky.

An invisible ripple spreads out.

In an instant, the entire Wuhun City felt this extreme terror.

A great coercion fell on everyone.

Boom boom~

The earth trembled with this force.

The jet-black beam of light that shot straight into the sky seemed to pierce through the sky.

Countless dark clouds gathered to form a huge vortex, in which the storm surged, the electric light flickered, and the thunder roared!

“What happened?”

In Wuhun City, Ju Douluo and the others looked at this world-destroying scene in the sky, and they were terrified.

Countless ordinary soul masters, common people, all fell to their knees, begging for the Pope’s blessing and the protection of the gods!

In the sky, the dark phoenix, who was holding the two Evil Soul Douluo violently beaten, also felt a great fear at this moment.

The dark aura of despair made her fearful.

Just like the false gods in that small world, it is a desperate dark breath.


This darkness is even more terrifying than the false **** that was beheaded by the master.

“Hahaha~, it’s Lady Saint, you wicked beast is dying!”

Evil Dragon Douluo laughed.

I thought the two of them would die under the claws of this monster.

It’s really a turning point, the willows are dark and the flowers are bright!

“You wicked beast, if you surrender to my holy religion and become the mount of my holy maiden, you will save your life!” Ghost Wolf Douluo also shouted.

When the Dark Phoenix heard this, he was furious.

Have these two ants forgot the appearance of being beaten to death by themselves just now?

A generation of ants, dare to clamor for their surrender?

Besides, she has recognized Zeng Yi as the master.

My master is a god-killer.

What if that strong man is stronger than himself?

Can you beat your master?

“Two ants dare to shout! I will kill you first!”

The dark phoenix was furious, and the phoenix’s demonic flames were soaring to the sky, turning into a dark phoenix and killing the two of them.


Suddenly, an extremely terrifying aura enveloped the entire space, and the world was imprisoned.

The attack of the dark phoenix dissipated directly between heaven and earth.

She looked up in fear, and saw that the space was cut open.

A seductive figure walked out of the void.

Looking at the woman standing in the sky, the dark phoenix felt that his soul was trembling.

“Join the Holy Maiden!”

The evil dragon and the secluded wolf, seeing Luo Ying’s appearance, hurriedly released their martial soul avatar, and came to her kneeling and worshipped.

And Luo Ying didn’t pay attention to the two of them, her eyes flashing with cold blood like a poisonous stared at the dark phoenix tightly.

She sensed the aura on this demonic bird, which was definitely not possessed by Douluo World.

An aura that can only be possessed in a land full of demonic miasma.

“You are the soul beast in that small world!”

Luo Ying was very surprised. She didn’t expect that a creature from that world would come out.


An invisible force spread out from Luo Ying’s body.

The Evil Dragon Douluo and the Dark Wolf Douluo, who were kneeling down, were swept away like **** in front of this power.

Luo Ying stretched out her jade hand and shook it lightly.

In an instant, the power of heaven and earth was under its control.

At this moment, she is like the master of the world.

The dark phoenix was shocked. She wanted to escape, but the opponent’s strength was so terrifying that even the surrounding space was imprisoned by it.

She only felt that her body was locked by an invisible force, unable to move.

“Tell me, how did you get out of that world, and how did that world get destroyed?”

Luo Ying’s cold voice resounded in the space.

In an instant, the dark phoenix’s cold hair stood up.

Looking up, the woman was standing in front of him at some point.

Those blood-red and cold eyes stared at him like an abyss, consuming all his soul.


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