Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 528: Half of the best sword



“It’s ok if you don’t die.” Ye Hua swallowed it when he talked, and the top-grade Dancheng who made up for nothing persuaded him to be immortal. The first level of ‘flesh and blood healing’ gave him the ability to mend his body, but it was not without a price. Yes, the price is the loss of vitality. This vitality is not the vitality of heaven and earth, but the vitality that originally exists in the body. It is one of the most primitive energies and has something to do with vitality. Too much damage to vitality is extremely detrimental to future practice, and will lose lifespan. Fortunately, vitality is not irreparable, but the speed is very slow.


The beautiful woman in red has no immortality. If she wants to repair her body, the effect of ordinary medicinal pills is very slow. It may not be able to recover in ten days and a half, but she is a top real-life power after all. Many, I saw her left hand widen, and a milky white branch emerged. The whole body of the branch was made of white jade, smooth and smooth, without any flaws. Three inches away from the branch, a thin layer of halo was shaky, like a candlelight. It is like water, soft and full of vitality.


The beautiful woman in red brought the white jade branch close to the scorched part. Immediately, the scar on that spot fell off, revealing a **** wound inside. The granulation in the wound was squirming and trying to combine. , the soft halo emanating from the white jade branches gradually dimmed.


“Hey, the branches of the undead tree!” Ye Chen glanced at this scene with a look of surprise in his eyes.


“The tree of immortality is a very spiritual tree, and a piece of branch is also of semi-superior quality. Where can I get it, this is the branch of the tree of longevity.” The beautiful woman in red explained.


It turned out to be a longevity tree, Ye Chen nodded.


The immortal tree and the immortal tree are the relationship between the father and the son. The immortal tree is the natural generation of the heaven and the earth. It does not die and does not wither, and it can move freely. The immortal tree is a big tree generated from the seeds of the immortal tree. It has some characteristics of the immortal tree. But it is far from the immortal tree. It can only be regarded as a semi-superior spiritual tree. Of course, it is very great to get a longevity tree. Ordinary people stay next to the longevity tree all the year round, and they will prolong their life. It is no problem to live two hundred years old. The words of a martial artist are not only invincible to all poisons, but also invulnerable to inner demons. The entry into the realm is extremely fast. Unfortunately, what the beautiful woman in red holds is only a branch of longevity, which loses a lot of effect.


Withdrawing his gaze, Ye Chen closed his eyes and meditated, trying to refine the medicinal pills to make up for the missing vitality.


The big man in red outside the metal door had a gloomy expression on his face.


“The metal door and the surrounding walls contained the restraining force that could not penetrate the only hidden compartment. It was also broken. Now the metal door can only be opened from the inside. Damn.”


The big man in red is very regretful. If he uses the killer as soon as he comes up, Ye Chen and the beautiful woman in red will definitely not be able to escape. After killing them, it will take a little time to open the metal door and get the treasure inside. Now Not only did they not kill people, but they also locked themselves out.


“Heng Baohe Island will only exist for three months every time it is born. After three months, it will be hidden in the depths of the star field lake, and it will be difficult to find. I will wait here until Baohe Island is about to disappear. On that day, see if you can’t come out!”


He let out a sullen breath, and the red-clothed man flicked his sleeves and sat cross-legged in the center of the hall, quietly cultivating.


“There is a treasure hall here, there must be treasures in it, come in quickly.”


“There are countless treasures on Baohe Island. I didn’t think we were fortunate enough to come in once and harvested a lot of priceless herbs and medicines.”


“Everyone has a chance, and this is our chance.”


Outside the main hall, a group of spirit sea realm experts rushed over.


When I saw a big man in red sitting cross-legged in the center of the hall, his expression changed.


The big man in red opened his eyes with murderous intent in his eyes, “Since you have come in, let me die!”


“No, keep running!”


The aura emanating from the big man in red is unparalleled, like a volcano, a volcano that is about to erupt. Everyone has not yet approached, and they all feel as if they have been roasted by the fire. They fled outside the hall in panic and dispersed. .


“Can you walk away?”




As the voice of the red-clothed man fell, a huge flame cage descended from the sky and locked a group of people in it. There was no way to go to heaven.


“Fight him!”


Everyone who was forced into a desperate situation performed their own unique skills, bombarding the flame cage, and the bursting sound of energy was incessant and very intense.


“It can’t be broken!”


Everyone was desperate. They found that the flame cage was ten times tougher than expected, and a pillar could be chopped continuously.


The big man in red sneered, his hands clasped together, a stream of light in the flame cage, it was a spiral flame spikes shooting frantically.


In the blink of an eye, only a piece of ashes remained in the flame cage.


“Beyond my ability!”


The big man in red put away the storage ring, closed his eyes and continued to practice.


The second day of Baohe Island.


Ye Chen finally recovered all his vitality.


Looking at the beautiful woman in red, Ye Chen found that the other party was still healing. Obviously, the longevity branches could not make her recover instantly, and she had to adjust her breath.


“This refining room is different from other refining rooms. Not only is the space ten times larger, but the treasure is ten times richer. There are also five furnaces in the center, four furnaces are guarded on the four sides, and in the center is a ten Is there any treasures stored in the big stove of Mi Gao?”


Come to the stove closest to him, Ye Chen paused for a while, and with the true essence in his palm, he lifted the stove lid from the air.




The dazzling treasure qi rose into the sky, and at the same time, a short, crystal-colored sword shot violently in the air, sending out a sharp sword qi to Ye Chen,


“Well? Spontaneous sword!”


Ye Chen ejected a sword qi that collided with the sword qi.


Card wipe!


Short knife drama took a dozen steps back, trembling.


“The top quality knife!”


The beautiful woman in red woke up with a burst of energy, her eyes lit up, she looked at the short knife with joy, and then looked at Ye Chen again, she was not Ye Chen’s opponent.


Ye Chen knew the other party’s thoughts and said, “You can choose one of the four treasures, but the treasure in the middle must be mine. Do you want this short knife?”


“Look again!”


The beautiful woman in red does not dare to expect much of the treasure in the central stove, but the other four treasures may be better than the short knife.


Hearing this, Ye Chen didn’t talk nonsense, and opened a furnace cover again.


What erupted this time was a long spear, a long spear carved with a fire crow, and it was also a top-grade treasure.


and short? In the same way, as soon as the long spear left the stove, it stabbed Ye Chen, as if a Spirit Sea Realm powerful shot at Ye Chen with all his strength.




Bounced off the spear, Ye Chen opened the third furnace cover without looking at it.




The shocking sound of the sword sounded, and what came out was a 12-gold long sword.


“Good sword!”


Ye Chen moved in his heart and reached out to grab the golden long sword.


The golden long sword has been inked in the furnace for an unknown number of years. It is a top-grade treasure from C. It is extremely powerful, and it slashes at Ye Chen’s arm.


How could Ye Chen be slashed by something without a guild, he flipped his wrist, the **** in the food clamped the tip of the golden long sword, and the True Yuan and Killing Sword Intent charged up.


Moan! groan!


The golden sword trembled, and then gradually calmed down


“A high-grade metal sword is several times stronger than that emerald-colored long sword.” High-grade treasures also have strengths and weaknesses, and the emerald-green long sword that Ye Chen got after killing the green-clothed swordsman is only the most common. The high-grade sword of his, the attack power of the increase is not very high, and it belongs to the inferior, but this golden long sword is a top-grade sword.


Holding the hilt in his hand, Ye Chen swung his sword at will.




The crescent-shaped golden sword is vertical and horizontal, and the fourth furnace cover is slashed and flew out, and there is an extra cut on it, which is incomparably sharp.


“Good sword!”


Ye Chen didn’t even look at the fourth companion treasure… He looked straight at the golden long sword in his hand.


“I want this short knife!” The fourth treasure was a pair of fists, which did not suit the beautiful woman in red.


Ye Chen flicked his hand, and the short knife suspended in the air flew towards the opponent.


Grabbing the knife, the beautiful woman in red looked at it carefully and said thank you.


Putting away the three treasures, Ye Chen’s eyes fell on the large stove in the center, and the beautiful woman in red also watched unblinkingly. She was sure that the treasures inside must be of semi-superior quality.




Ye Chen smashed the lid of the large stove with a punch.




The powerful treasure wave was released, and the golden long sword in Ye Chen’s hand and the short knife of the beautiful woman in red trembled, as if they couldn’t bear the crushing aura.




A sword groan sounded ten times louder than the golden long sword. Before the sword came out, the brilliant sword energy erupted and swept towards the two of them.


“Not good!”


The beautiful woman in red swung her sword into a light curtain, struggling to resist the attack of the sword energy.


A smile flashed across Ye Chen’s face, but it was actually another sword, and it seemed that this sword was much more powerful than the golden long sword. The sword qi alone was equivalent to the full power of a real person. If the strike is in the hands, the power will definitely double.


Crack crackle crackle!


All the sword qi was chopped to pieces by Ye Chen’s sword before they approached Ye Chen.


As the sword qi dissipated, the sword in the big furnace was released. The hilt was first released. The hilt was slender and powerful. It looks like the head of a fierce beast, and a long sword is spit out from its mouth. This long sword is unimaginable. It is like a flash of electric light, and it is like a thunderbolt. When the tip of the sword appeared in the sight of the two of them, their eyes seemed to be stabbed. Pain, tears welling in the eyes.




With a flash of the peerless, it stabbed Ye Chen with a strong sword energy.


Ye Chen swung his sword to meet him.




Mars vented, Ye Chen couldn’t help but take a few steps back, his face sluggish.


A sword can actually knock him back. Is this a top-quality sword or a semi-top-quality sword? After thinking about it, Ye Chen thinks it shouldn’t be a top-quality sword. The power is much stronger than this sword, and even the earth has been penetrated, and if this sword is a top-quality sword, this sword can make oneself slightly injured.


“Half-best treasure oblique!”


The beautiful woman in red blurted out, and immediately looked at Ye Chen enviously. Although the semi-superior sword was not as good as the super-superior sword, it was definitely a weapon for Linghai realm masters. They have to fight for it, and even some ordinary kings of life and death are holding semi-superior treasures. It is conceivable how enviable the semi-superior treasures are.


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