Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 527: Life and death



This palm technique is just an ordinary low-level Profound Truth Palm Technique. Jian falls into the hands of a red-clothed man. It is much more powerful than the low-level Profound Truth martial arts displayed by ordinary people. Without it, the opponent’s achievements in the Profound Truth of Fire It was too high, and even surpassed the profound meaning contained in the conventional sense of low-level profound meaning martial arts. In terms of heat, it was at least 120%, so the four palms were instantly released, and the palms were fatal.


Facing this flame, Ye Chen, including Ye Chen, felt like he was being roasted by fire, and his true essence was scorched.


“The master-level figure is too strong!” Ye Chen sucked in a breath of cold air, Jin Yaozhen’s killing sword slammed up, and slammed into the flames.


For a while, the hall was full of energy, and four figures slammed into the wall in unison, spewing blood.


“Do you really want to die here?” The beautiful woman in red looked unwilling.


Old man Minyi saw that he was getting older, so he was calmer than the beautiful woman in red, and said solemnly: “Escape, separate and escape, if you can live one is counted as one, if you get together, all of them will die, Master of the Spirit Sea Realm, no Only a few people can compete.”


“That’s right.” The middle-aged man nodded. He originally thought that the four of them would join forces, and there was so little hope, but now he realizes that there is no hope at all. It can’t be blamed for his half-absolute mistake. The masters of the spirit sea realm fought against each other. I don’t know how terrible the masters of the spirit sea realm were.




Ye Chen sighed helplessly. In retrospect, he was a little scared. He actually fought against the Yin Demon Sect in the underground world. The opponent was restricted by the rules of the underground world, and his real strength never exploded. After arriving in the Holy Land, the rules Disappeared, but under the protection of the altar of immortality, he did not feel how strong the master of the spirit sea realm was, but he had a concept.


Comparing with the big man in red, Ye Chen finally knew how strong the Yin Demon Sect was, at least equal to, or even better than, the big man in red.


Seeing that the four of them were going to separate and escape, the red-clothed man flashed a playful look on his face and said with a smile: “Escape, where are you escaping, flame cage!”


While speaking, the red-clothed man made seals on his hands, and endless fire energy gathered from all directions. The fire energy outside the door was the most, and it rushed in. Then, a huge flame cage filled the hall, although there was no fire energy. Trapped four people inside, but also blocked the way.




The middle-aged man’s eyes were red, and he slashed at the flame cage with a sword.




A shallow sword mark appeared on several pillars of the flame cage. Soon, the sword mark was healed, and there was no damage at all.


The big man in red shook his head, “You can’t escape, this flame cage contains the profound meaning of fire, unless you can approach me in the profound meaning, it is impossible to break it, and I will give you one last chance, and surrender it obediently. Storage Spirit Ring, when I hand over the Storage Spirit Ring, I will consider letting you go, otherwise, you will only have a dead end, and no one will be able to save you.”


“What to do?”


The four looked at each other with inquiries in their eyes.


“If I don’t give it to him, at least I have a chance to live?” The middle-aged man is not really afraid of death, but when he thinks of his wife at home and the child who has just given birth, he has a lot to survive, and he can’t die. Dead, what about his wife and children?


“Come on!”


The old man in Minoyi shook his head, his face full of bitterness.


“Have you let us go after handing over the storage spirit ring?” The middle-aged man was still worried, with pleading in his eyes.


The big man in red didn’t nod or shake his head, he said proudly: “I won’t promise, I can only say, it depends on my mood, okay, don’t test my patience, my patience is very bad.”




The middle-aged man cursed inwardly, took out the storage spirit ring from the fingers of his left hand, hesitated for a moment, and threw it in front of the big man in red through the gap of the flame cage.


“Here you are!”


The old man in the mink robe also threw out his storage ring.


“You go this way, hurry up.”


The big man in red opened a door on the flame cage and let the two go in, and then opened a door on the other side of the flame cage. After walking out of the two doors, they could go to the entrance of the main hall and leave the main hall. They will survive successfully.


“Why don’t you pay?”


Ye Chen looked at the beautiful woman in red in confusion, her face was very tangled, as if there was something she couldn’t let go of.


The beautiful woman in red turned her head sideways, “How about you?”


Ye Chen said: “I can only say that it will end in the same way, but I can’t be sure, so I won’t stop them.”


His soul power is very strong, and he vaguely feels that the big man in red is playing with them. Of course, this is purely intuitive and has no basis, so he didn’t say it. Whether the other party is playing with them depends on handing over the storage spirit. Whether the two of them can leave alive.


The middle-aged man and the old man in mink clothes walked to the first door of the flame cage step by step. Before entering the door, the two hesitated for a while, and finally walked in.




The two doors closed suddenly, with no time to react.


“What do you mean?”


The middle-aged man was startled and thought of the worst possible outcome.


The big man in red looked at the two people locked in the flame cage and couldn’t stop laughing, “Haha, it’s so fun, it’s a wonderful feeling to control the fate of others, can you understand? Yes, You don’t understand, you’re just poor bastards.”


“Damn, let us out.”


The middle-aged man and the old man Pei Nian desperately attacked the flame cage, intending to make a gap.


“Okay, it’s over, you’ve had a hard journey, now you can go back to a quiet place where there’s no fighting.”


The man in red clasps his hands together.


As he closed his palms, a fierce flame spike appeared on the inner wall of the flame cage. The flame spike shot out, piercing the middle-aged man, and the raging flames engulfed him. Ashes, no bones left.


What surprised the big man in red was that the old man in mink clothes didn’t die. At the critical moment, the other party took out the Fenyuan Tower and made it expand rapidly. He entered the first floor of the Fenyuan Tower. Originally, he wanted to save the middle-aged man. Yes, but the firing speed of the flame spikes is too fast, and he himself was shot off an arm, there is no time to save.


“Hey, the semi-superior treasures, no, they are inferior goods among the semi-superior treasures. Haha, with inferior goods, do you want to resist my attack? Dreaming!” Small cracks, after laughing, more flame spikes shot out, submerging the centroid tower.


In the blink of an eye, the Elemental Pagoda burst open, and the old man in mink clothes followed in the footsteps of the middle-aged man, with no bones left.


“Too hateful!” The body of the beautiful woman in red was trembling. The middle-aged man and the old man in scorpion had cooperated with her for many years. Over the years, although intrigue was inevitable between the three, they never thought of harming each other. Feelings have already developed, and now seeing the death of the old man and the middle-aged man, the beautiful woman in red is very painful, and tears flow from the corners of her eyes.


Seeing this scene, Ye Chen’s palm clenched tightly.


Putting away the two storage spirit rings at his feet, the big man in red looked at Ye Chen and the beautiful woman in red with interest, “I have to say, you two are really kind, unmoved, very lucky , you guessed it right, I didn’t really want to let you go, but it’s the same thing if you die sooner or later, you still have to die.”


Seems to have lost interest. The red-clothed man has no intention of the two of them. With a single move of his left hand, the shape of the flame cage changes. A stinging thorn emerges. The profound meaning of fire, as long as they are shot, the two’s body protection true essence can’t bear it at all.




Dozens of flame spikes were fired at the two at lightning speed.


At the critical moment, the beautiful woman in red took out a shield and put it on her head and chest, but she was hit by two sharp thorns in her abdomen and thigh, and the flames were burning her, and the sword was in danger.


Ye Chen doesn’t have a top-grade defensive shield, so he can only use his sword qi storm, focusing on the upper part, so that the flame spikes can’t hit his head and arms. As for his body, he has gold gilt armor, which may resist the flames. spikes.


In an instant, Ye Chen’s legs were hit by three or four, and his upper body was unscathed.




At this moment, the metal door behind the two abruptly rose open. The sound was dull and dusty for a long time. It fell in the ears of the two, but it was definitely a life-saving sound.


“Come in!”


Ye Chen grabbed the seriously injured beautiful woman in red and ran into the metal door.


“You dare to run!” The red-clothed man’s eyes narrowed, and he soon discovered that the reason why the metal door was opened was that the flame spike had shot through a hidden grid on the wall. The man opened the metal door, how could he not be annoyed.


“That’s abominable, kill!”


The remaining flame cages turned into flame spikes one after another, shooting violently at the metal door as well as Ye Chen and the beautiful woman in red who had just entered the metal door.


“Where’s the switch!”


Ye Chen was very anxious. When he got inside, he immediately left the beautiful woman in red, looked for the switch, and closed the metal door.


“Have it!”




The switch was found. A flaming thorn shot into the metal door hit his chest. Even if he was protected by a gold gilt armor, he still vomited three liters of blood by the force above and flew backwards.


“Give it to me!”


When the person was in the air, Ye Chen shot out a sword energy and shot it on the switch.




The metal door rises halfway and sinks again, keeping the other flame spikes out.




Fell to the Ye Chen has no strength at all, and the corners of his mouth are full of a wry smile.


Outside the metal door, the red-clothed man’s eyes were burning with fire. Two people who were just playthings could actually survive, which was far beyond his expectations.


“Break me!”


The big man in red slammed the metal door with his palm, and the flames erupted recklessly.


He didn’t know what material the metal door was made of. No matter how the red-clothed man attacked, he couldn’t open the metal door. Instead, his arms numb and his blood boiled.


Ye Chen could only hear a little of the outside sound, and the sound insulation effect was very good. He took a deep breath and said to the beautiful woman in red, “Are you dead?”




The place where the red-clothed beauty was attacked was almost scorched, and her voice was weak. Of course, this injury was not fatal to the Spiritual Sea Realm Great Master.


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