Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 500: The Battle of the Undersea Plateau



“The patriarch asked you to come to practice, but the battlefield is ruthless. If you rush out alone, it is estimated that you will not survive in the blink of an eye. Now you are behind us, and then launch an attack together. When the two sides collide together, you can act separately. .”


Sun, the second master reminded Sun Xiaojin and Ye Chen.


Ye Chen nodded. Although he has never experienced such a large-scale war, has he never eaten pork or seen a pig run? The war is not a single fight. When the two armies are at a certain distance, they will launch round after round of long-range attacks. Think about it, what kind of scene will it be when thousands of attacks come? Can’t live.


“Alright, let’s go!”


Second Master Sun, Master Kong Dahui, and Third Master Kong roared in unison, and rushed out with five hundred water apes, Sun Xiaojin Yechen and other younger generations followed behind. Like a dark cloud, a shocking charge was launched. Although tens of thousands of people stayed behind to protect the teleportation stone gate, there were also hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands of sea beasts and humans charging together. The sea water on the plateau was completely violent, and on the sea surface, a terrifying wave with a height of thousands of meters and tens of thousands of meters was set off, and the sound was soaring into the sky.


The forward troops on both sides were less than five thousand miles apart, and after a quarter of an hour, they both saw each other.




The commander of the Shallow Sea Alliance waved his hand and roared.


Boom boom boom boom boom…


Thousands of colorful streams of demon power and true essence rushed out from the camp of the Shallow Sea Alliance, densely packed and overwhelming. Wherever they went, the sea water was directly evaporated, forming a large vacuum, and the target was directed at The army of the deep sea forces.


The commander of the deep-sea forces is a seahorse sea beast with a human head. He stood in the center of the army. His eyes that were not human-like were quickly dyed red. Use the oversized bow and arrow to form an arm with demon power, and shoot back ten arrows in a row.


Suddenly, a large amount of demon power flow greeted the demon power flow and the real essence flow attacked by the shallow sea alliance. The next moment, as if tens of thousands of deep-sea bombs exploded, the powerful shock wave shook the seabed plateau constantly. Fortunately, the seabed plateau It is filled with a lot of deep-sea earth gas, and it is extremely strong. It only cracks countless cobweb-like cracks, and does not hurt the root.


At the junction of the two armies, most of the vigor cancels each other out, and if there is no cancellation, it directly pounces on the opposing army.




On the Shallow Sea Alliance side, hundreds of Alliance soldiers were directly annihilated, and there were no bones left, and the deep sea forces were not much better. Hundreds of deep sea soldiers also died.


“Attack, don’t stop!”


The commander of the Shallow Sea Alliance waved his arms wildly, indicating that he should not stop. There is still a distance between the two armies. This distance is enough to kill more enemies.


For a while, only the sound of an explosion was heard, and the turbulent sea water was crowded out in all directions, unable to withstand the pressure of the counterattack.


“Terrorist, in one round of confrontation, the number of soldiers who died on both sides exceeded one thousand. These soldiers were all strong in the star realm. They died so many at once.” Knowing how terrifying the so-called battlefield is, here, life is like a mustard, with blood flowing into rivers. If you want to survive, you must act collectively, act alone, and you will never survive in the blink of an eye.


The counterattack is still going on, and more and more soldiers have fallen, including those from the shallow sea alliance, those from the deep sea, and five of the water ape soldiers of the water ape clan, including four eighth-level water apes, A ninth-level water ape, before they died, they didn’t even have time to scream.




Watching the members of the race fall, with no bones left, Sun Xiaojin’s eyes were red as blood, and the terrifying murderous aura erupted in all directions, like a peerless ape.


Ye Chen’s expression was icy cold, and his body was surrounded by an invisible edge, and he swung out a sword, hundreds of meters long, raging in all directions, separating the bodies of five deep-sea soldiers.


Finally, the armies of the two sides collided. This time, it was as if two meteorites collided. The number of soldiers killed and injured was astonishing.




Sun Xiaojin took the lead and rushed out, forgetting Sun Tai’s words.


Ye Chen didn’t say anything, turned his head and said, “Form a water ape battle formation, and it is not allowed to act alone.”




Water monkeys have always been short-tempered and impulsive, especially when they see blood, they are not afraid of death, but Ye Chen is the second leader designated by the patriarch, and his decision-making power is even higher than that of the big leader Sun Xiaojin, and Ye Chen’s body The sword qi emanating from it was too strong, with a slaughtering aura, making them awe-inspiring and not daring to contradict.




Like a meat grinder, thirty water monkeys and Ye Chen were killed.




Deep-sea soldiers were beheaded and blood splattered.


In front, Sun Xiaojin killed more deep-sea soldiers than Ye Chen and the others combined. Every time the black-blue iron rod was swayed, it would bring dozens of lives, and the scarlet-red eyes shot out terrifying beams.




A deep-sea whale shark with a length of tens of thousands of meters rushed towards Sun Xiaojin. This is a ninth-level sea beast with extraordinary talent and infinite power.


“Big, big, big!”


Putting away the iron rod, Sun Xiaojin’s body instantly swelled to a height of 3,000 meters, with a punch mixed with wind, fire, thunder and water, smashing the deep-sea whale shark into pieces.


“Little beast, court death.”


The sea beasts that can talk are not only the water ape family. In fact, as long as the sea beasts are willing, they can learn to speak. It is not difficult. Sun Xiaojin was killed and strangled.




Sun Xiaojin roared in the sky, his fangs were cold, he grabbed the body of the deep-sea snake with both hands, and with a violent force, it was torn apart.


The deep-sea snake has a tenacious vitality. After the body was torn off, the upper half was still wrapped around Sun Xiaojin. The mountain-sized snake head snapped at his head, trying to swallow him alive.


However, Sun Xiaojin’s defense is just as amazing as his combat power. The deep-sea snake bites down one bite, and one of its teeth snaps. The fiery sparks are like forging iron, splashing out in all directions with a loud clanging sound. The deep sea snake was dizzy.


Seizing the opportunity, Sun Xiaojin’s huge right hand grabbed the neck of the deep-sea snake, with his nails deeply embedded in it, and with a click, the body of the deep-sea snake was separated, and the upper half of the body drooped down, leaving only a snake head wrapped around it. On Sun Xiaojin’s head.


Removing the snake’s head, Sun Xiaojin smashed it with a punch, overflowing with ferocity.




Cyan mixed with golden sword qi scratches, breaking the sea water, the sword qi passing through, the sea water is instantly annihilated, and a sword mark nearly 1000 meters long appears. Under the wonderful tremor strength, the proud defense didn’t play a big role at all.


The soul force was on guard, Ye Chen took time to observe the situation around him.


It’s very chaotic, very chaotic, almost every inch of space is raging with energy, and there are countless soldiers fighting in every area, some are killing one by three or five, some are group-to-group, some form battle formations, Shocking each other, at this time, even the shock wave could not be discharged smoothly, flooding the battlefield.


“Kill them.”


A group of iron-clad lobsters stared at Ye Chen and the thirty water apes. These iron-clad lobsters were huge in size, with black carapaces. A pair of giant turtles were more than ten meters long, and they could easily pinch off the bodies of the Union soldiers. The iron-clad lobster headed The level is as high as ten, and the demon power in the body does not need to burst out deliberately, making the surrounding sea water crazy and turbulent, unable to withstand the oppression.


“Maintain a belligerent formation and make concerted efforts.” Ye Chen only had one order. After speaking, he rushed to the lead lobster.




The two sides collided, bursting with energy.


“There are already thirteen humans who died in my hands, and you will be the fourteenth.” The tenth-level ironclad lobster waved the turtle and smashed it towards Ye Chen’s head.


With the sword step, Ye Chen, like a sword light, avoided the opponent’s attack. Immediately, the long sword in his hand stabbed straight out, and the tip of the sword lit up with a little blue light.




The body protection of the iron-clad lobster was penetrated, and there was an extra sword hole in the back of the lobster, and blue blood spilled out.




The armored lobster was slightly surprised, and its tail flicked instantly, breaking Ye Chen’s long sword.


Ye Chen took advantage of the situation to swirl his body, and the five fingers of his left hand ejected, and the lotus heart sword qi was shot in waves. The power of each sword qi was equivalent to the ninth form of the Qinglian sword technique.




Iron armored lobster was terrified, he could feel the power of the lotus heart sword energy, the body protection demon power was enhanced to the limit, a pair of big mandarin ducks crossed, protecting the chest and head.


Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi…


The sword qi storm formed by the sword qi of the lotus heart is too terrifying. Open, the next moment, a series of dozens of lotus heart sword energy penetrated the eyes, forehead, and mouthparts of the iron-clad lobster.


Ye Chen didn’t care much about killing the iron-clad lobster. Although the opponent’s level was as high as 10, the 10th-level sea beast was equally strong and weak. Some have stronger defenses.




On the other side Thirty young water apes died.


“Death to me!”


Kong Xiaohui rushed out of the battle, bloodthirsty in his pupils.


“Go back!”


Ye Chen rushed back in time and shook Kong Xiaohui to his original position. At the same time, a new round of lotus heart sword qi bloomed, and the sword qi storm raged in the iron-clad lobster swarm.




Even the tenth-level iron-clad lobsters could not stop Ye Chen’s sword qi storm, let alone the seventh- or eighth-level iron-clad lobsters. In an instant, the number of iron-clad lobsters over fifty were smashed by the sword qi storm, and their bones were smashed into pieces. There was no deposit, and a sea beast inner core fell down.


Put away the sea beast inner pill, Ye Chen was about to reprimand Kong Xiaohui when the sound of the trumpet sounded suddenly. Hearing the sound of the horn blowing, the soldiers of the Southern Shallow Sea Alliance began to retreat, and the soldiers of the deep sea forces did not chase after them. Start back.


The first battle is over!


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