Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 499: The Battle of the Undersea Plateau



“The Qinglian Sword Art has been cultivated to the fifteenth level of the highest realm, and the purity and total amount of true essence have increased a lot. It is better to go to the lower level in one go.”


Standing up, Ye Chen opened the door of the room and walked out.


The sixteenth floor!


The seventeenth floor!




The twenty-first floor!


Ye Chen came to the twenty-first floor near the twenty-second floor.


In the room, Ye Chen cut off his distracting thoughts, sat down again, and meditated.


Three days and three nights passed, Ye Chen had completely consolidated the fifteenth stage of the Qinglian Sword Art. The blue lotus pod and the sword energy of the lotus heart in his dantian became more and more condensed. Under heavy pressure, he was running his true essence with all his strength, and he could even hear faint sounds The sound of water flowing is a sign of the extremely thick and pure real essence. In addition, Ye Chen has finally cultivated into a spiritual body. Every move contains treasure-like power, and his defense and body endurance have greatly increased.


“The spiritual body has been cultivated, and the Qinglian sword art has reached the highest level. Without using the lotus heart sword energy, my combat power has roughly increased by about 20%, and I can compete with the weakest real-life power. Using a lot of lotus heart sword qi to create a sword qi storm, my combat power will definitely double, after all, who can unleash several or even ten ultimate moves in an instant.”


One or two lines of Lotus Heart Sword Qi are not terrible, but if the Lotus Heart Sword Qi forms a scale, then it is terrifying. In fact, Ye Chen’s current pure strength is comparable to that of the weakest real-life power, and he can use the Lotus Heart Sword Qi. If so, it can grind to death an ordinary real-life power, which is the advantage of the infinite lotus heart sword qi.


“Brother Sun and I agreed on three months, and now it’s more than three days. Let’s go out first.” Before coming, Ye Chen and Sun Xiaojin agreed that they would come out together in three months. Of course, because there are There may be a breakthrough, so those who go out first will have to wait outside for a week or so.


Outside the passage, in the main hall, Sun Xiaojin sat on the ground beside him.


“Well, it’s out!”


Sun Xiaojin opened his eyes and looked at Ye Chen who walked out of the passage.


Ye Chen apologized, “Brother Sun, I kept you waiting.”


“It’s fine, it’s only three days, hey, you broke through?” Sun Xiaojin saw at a glance that Ye Chen’s breath and physique were much stronger, and the overall level rose.


“This submarine spiral channel is really mysterious. It can force out the potential through pressure, and it can achieve twice the result with half the effort.”


“I once every six months, and it’s rare for me to break through once. I didn’t expect you to improve so quickly when you first came here. It’s really a pervert among human beings.” Sun Xiaojin was very shocked at Ye Chen’s cultivation speed, what kind of person is this? , once in a while, if you don’t work hard, you will be surpassed by him sooner or later.


Sun Xiaojin is proud, and becoming the unparalleled demon king is his goal. He has always believed that he can walk ahead of the younger generation and lead the way, so even if grandfather Sun Tai is very optimistic about Ye Chen, he only thinks of Ye Chen’s potential Approaching him, he still can’t reach his height. Now he doesn’t think so. This human genius is definitely the most terrifying genius he has ever encountered.


Ye Chen smiled, looked at the main hall and outside, and said strangely: “Why is there no one here?”


Sun Xiaojin frowned, “I don’t know, what might have happened? Let’s go to the Water Monkey Cave House as soon as possible.”


“Let’s go without further ado!”


Leaving the hall and leaving the gray mask, the two of them swept towards the Suima Cave Mansion at the fastest speed.


After half a day, the two returned to the Water Monkey Cave Mansion.


“You’re back, come to me!”


A voice came to the ears of the two, it was Sun Tai, the patriarch of the water monkey clan.


Ye Chen and Sun Xiaojin looked at each other and walked to the stone hall behind the stone chamber hall.


In the stone hall, Sun Tai is sitting above.


Sun Xiaojin asked: “Grandpa, what happened?”


Sun Tai smiled bitterly: “There is a war.”


“Is it a deep-sea force?” Sun Xiaojin obviously knew something.


“Yes, this time they are aggressive, I am afraid they are preparing to fight a protracted war, the alliance has already begun to deploy troops on the seabed plateau, and my water monkey clan has also dispatched a team of 500 people. The chief leader is your second grandson. Master, the second and third leaders are you Uncle Kong and Third Master Kong.”


Ye Chen doesn’t know why, “Senior Sun, what is the difference between the war and the deep-sea forces you mentioned, is it dangerous?”


Sun Tai explained: “The 30,000,000-mile sea area of ​​the Zhenling Continent is a shallow sea, and 30,000,000 miles away is the deep sea, and between the two is an undersea plateau that forms a circle. More contact, but not absolute. Some deep-sea forces close to the shallow sea have always coveted the geographical location of the shallow sea. If they want to occupy the shallow sea, of course our shallow-sea forces will not agree. We will fight with them every few years. There are too many, and the cohesion is not enough, so the southern shallow sea alliance is gradually formed. The main function of the alliance is to unite everyone’s strength and fight against the invading deep sea forces. It has been a hundred years since the last war. .”


“So it is.” But Ye Chen couldn’t understand, what is so good about the shallow sea, it is worth the deep sea forces to go to war and start a war.


Maybe seeing Ye Chen’s question, Sun Tai continued: “In the boundless sea, there is only one True Spirit Continent. In everyone’s knowledge, the True Spirit Continent is a treasure, adjacent to the True Spirit Continent. The shallow sea is naturally the best location for deep sea forces to use as a springboard. Of course, the most important thing is that the closer you are to the mainland, the more spiritual veins and treasures there are. Although the deep sea also has spiritual veins and treasures, it is too scattered and difficult to find. , and there are too many dangers in the world.”


Sun Xiaojin said at this time: “Grandpa, I want to join the war.”


Hearing this, Sun Tai smiled and said: “I called you here, just to ask whether you will participate in the war or not, you can rest assured that although the scale of this war is huge, most of the time it is just a petty fight, killing the other side’s living strength, not a problem. It will be too intense. If there are no accidents, this war will last at least ten years, and these ten years are a good time for your younger generation to hone yourselves. It’s a war of the strong, this time is an opportunity.”


“In this case, Ye Chen also wants to see it.” Ye Chen knows that the scale of this war is absolutely rare. The war between countries is an army composed of martial artists who practice Qi, while the shallow sea forces The war with the deep-sea forces was an army composed of seven or eight-level monsters and powerhouses in the star realm. How could Ye Chen not go and see it.


The scene of the plane battlefield is still vivid in Ye Chen’s mind. It was a war that even the king participated in. Although the king could not fight when the world chaos did not come, it was just right for Ye Chen. If the king joined, he would have to take care think about it.


“Well, it’s not just the two of you who participated, I have already selected a team of thirty people from the Water Ape Clan, all of whom are the younger generation of Water Apes, led by the two of you, Xiao Jin, although you are very powerful , but your temper is too grumpy, so you can take the position of the big leader, Ye Chen is the one who makes the decision, Ye Chen, can you be willing to be the second leader of this 30-person team?” Sun Tai looked at Ye Chen.


Ye Chen hesitated slightly and said, “Senior Sun, the war is ruthless, I’m afraid I may not be able to bring them all back alive.”


He has to worry that the number of water apes is very small, and one is less than one who die, but unlike humans, they can be squandered at will.




Sun Tai laughed.


“Don’t worry about this, since I sent them over, I’ll be ready to wipe out the entire army. My only request is that you two try not to risk too much life and come back alive. There are no other requirements. , the strong will have to go through the ordeal of life and death, what small shrimps can come out when the wind is calm.”


“The second leader, Ye Chen.”


Sun Tai said that, Ye Chen naturally had no psychological burden.


“Okay, you all come out.”


Sun Tai looked to the side of the stone hall.




A group of young water apes walked out. The lowest level was all seven, and there were ten who reached the eighth level, and Kong Xiaohui was among them.


“Listen carefully, Xiao Jin is your chief leader, and Ye Chen is your second leader. During the battle, Xiao Jin leads the team, and before the battle, it is planned by Ye Chen. Whoever dares to disobey will be dealt with by the clan rules. I understand.”


“Got it!”


The thirty young water apes were thunderous.


Nodding with satisfaction, Sun Tai waved his hand, and the wall behind the stone hall suddenly cracked, and inside was a teleportation stone gate, “This teleportation stone gate was just built two weeks ago, and the teleportation site is on the submarine plateau, where the teleportation stone gate is located. Controlled by our shallow sea alliance, you can go over here!”


“Grandpa, I’m off!”


“Senior Sun, farewell.”


Sun Xiaojin and Ye Chen led a team of thirty people into the teleportation stone gate.




A group of people disappears.


When everyone left, Sun Tai sighed: “As expected of a real dragon-level genius, he has progressed too fast, Xiao Jin is dwarfed by him, and this child is not only so simple on the surface, but his potential is profound. Unpredictable, no one knows where his potential limit is.”




The submarine plateau, the dividing line between the shallow sea and the deep sea, is about 50,000 meters high and a million miles wide, like an ancient dragon that stretches across the sea.


On the side of the plateau near the deep sea, a large number of sea beasts gather on it. These sea beasts are not the same as ordinary sea beasts, and they appear more ferocious. The ominous aura emanating from them gathered together, making the sea water extremely turbid, with bursts of undercurrents.


The side of the plateau near the shallow sea is the army of the Southern Shallow Sea Alliance. In the army, humans occupy 10% and sea beasts occupy 90%. Whether it is a human being or a sea beast, there is a trace of the same aura fluctuation on the body. This aura fluctuation is What emanates from the token is the most effective way for the Southern Shallow Sea Alliance to distinguish between friend and foe. After all, once the war breaks out, the sea beasts in the shallow sea and the sea beasts in the deep sea are easily confused.




Behind a team of 500 water apes, the teleportation stone gate lit up, and thirty-two figures came out, led by Sun Xiaojin and Ye Chen.


“ here you come!”


Second Master Sun of the tenth-level water monkey came over and distributed tokens.


Sun Xiaojin said: “Second Master Sun, how many troops do we have?”


“Over 200,000 in total.”


Hearing this, Ye Chen took a deep breath. The army of 200,000 people was not an army composed of first- and second-level sea beasts and Qi-training warriors, but an army of seventh- or eighth-level sea beasts and star power warriors. The number exceeds 200,000. What is the concept?


Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!


Suddenly, a huge drum beat sounded, spreading in all directions, and even the sea water rippled, layer upon layer.


The war has begun!


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