Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 497: Subsea spiral channel



Returning to the Shuiyuan Cave Mansion, Ye Chen came to the stone room hall.


A large number of water apes gathered in the hall. These water apes have gray hair and red pupils. All of them are two or three meters tall, and a few are more than four meters tall, second only to the water apes. Changsun Tai, judging from his breath, the water apes with a height of more than four meters are all tenth-level monsters.


“Ye Chen, my monster is inferior to your human in martial arts. It is even more difficult to understand the mood. You are a genius among human beings. You should be very strong in this aspect. Do you have the courage to discuss with me, Kong Xiaohui? Just a moment.” A young eighth-level water ape walked out.


Ye Chen knew that the other party was not malicious, but the level was too low, and said, “Although you and I are of the same level, you will not be my opponent.”


“Don’t underestimate me, our water ape family is not an ordinary monster clan, and its aptitude is above the middle rank, and it is not comparable to those monsters with low rank aptitude.”


The young water monkey Kong Xiaohui was a little annoyed.


“If that’s the case, then come on!”


In addition to being short-tempered, the water ape is also persistent. It is useless to talk about it. Ye Chen had to let the other party understand the gap between them.


In the vast open space outside the hall, Ye Chen and the young water ape stood 100 meters apart, surrounded by a large number of water apes, and the water apes talked a lot and whispered.


“You say, who will win, Xiao Hui or Ye Chen?”


“It goes without saying, of course it’s Xiao Hui. In battles of the same level, monsters generally have the advantage. Even if Ye Chen is a genius among humans, Xiao Hui is also a genius of our water ape clan. Moreover, we Water monkeys are all mid-level aptitudes.”


“It’s hard to say, you have to fight to know, the battle is about to begin!”


Hearing that, the voices of the water monkeys became quieter.


“Take it!”


Grey hair fluttered, Kong Xiaohui raised a fist the size of a sea bowl, and rushed out, punching Ye Chen with a punch, with the punch, a large amount of water vitality gathered and turned into a row of training. The current of water revolved wildly around Kong Xiaohui’s fist, and a strong wave of demon power burst out.




Ye Chen’s body didn’t move, his **** in his right hand were raised, and a sword was pointed at Kong Xiaohui’s fist.




The water flow exploded, Kong Xiaohui flew out, and the gray hair on his body was shaved off by the invisible sword energy, and it fluttered in the sky.


“Damn, big, big!”


Kong Xiaogray’s complexion turned purple, and his 2.5-meter body suddenly swelled, suddenly becoming 25 meters high, and then reaching 250 meters. Light beams shot out from his scarlet pupils, as if two Searchlight, a whirlwind of air gushes out of his nose.


“Pick me up again!”


There is no need to move at all. Kong Xiaohui stood on the spot and threw a punch. His arm more than 100 meters long straddled the distance between the two, and instantly rushed to Ye Chen. What was even more terrifying was that he was in the middle of a battle. In the state, the demon power of the water ape is doubled, and the position of the fist is full of water and thunder, like a continuous explosion of fireworks.


Kong Xiaohui didn’t need to move, and Ye Chen didn’t plan to move either. He still pointed his sword finger at the center of the opponent’s punch.




The sound of sword chants sounded, and all the water apes could clearly see Ye Chen’s sword fingers, condensing an illusory giant sword, and the sword energy was vertical and horizontal.


Next moment!


The water and thunder on Kong Xiaohui’s fist were cut off directly, and the long gray hair on the entire arm was also cut off, leaving it bare, and then the whole person flew upside down and hit a mountain peak.




The sound of sucking in the cold air sounded, and the water apes showed incredible expressions. Kong Xiaohui was the eighth-level peak water ape, and Ye Chen was the peak star powerhouse. No, Kong Xiaohui couldn’t even stop Ye Chen’s sword finger.


“Ye Chen, I, Kong Dalei, come to teach you.”


Kong Xiaohui is already one of the geniuses among the eighth-level water apes. Even he can’t stop Ye Chen’s blow. It’s shameful for others to get on. Therefore, no eighth-level water apes stand up. A ninth-level water ape, the opponent changed into a fighting state as soon as he came up, with a height of 2,800 meters, and his eyes were like stars. In addition to being not as fierce as Sun Xiaojin, his aura was not bad.


“Don’t worry, Shui Yuandong Mansion is surrounded by forbidden power, you and I can fight to your heart’s content.” Kong Dalei looked down at Ye Chen.


Ye Chen held the hilt in his hand and said, “No need to be so troublesome. If you can block my sword, I will lose.”


The water monkey family has always been straight, and Ye Chen follows the local customs and does not turn around when he speaks.


“Too arrogant, let’s see how Kong Dalei beats you.”


Kong Dalei crossed his arms and pulled them apart suddenly. The violent demon power surged up, the gray hair on his body stood on end, and the whole ape body seemed to swell in a large circle. It can no longer be described as majestic, but terrifying. Like a wild beast.


“Ape Roar!”


Opening his mouth, Kong Dalei spewed out a dazzling light wave at Ye Chen. The light wave was crystal clear and highly concentrated.




Ye Chen’s figure was erratic, striding diagonally, crossing the light waves, and came to the top of Kong Dalei’s head.


“It’s going to last forever!”


The emerald green long sword was unsheathed, and a cyan light like a flame condensed on the tip of the sword, and a sword stabbed Kong Dalei in the forehead.




The tip of the sword was not pierced, but the impact on it was continuous, and even Kong Dalei mustered up his demonic power, but it didn’t help.


With the sword in the sheath, Ye Chen’s figure flashed and returned to the original place.


“Is this guy really human? He even beat Da Lei by leaps and bounds.”


“It’s really terrible. It seems that, in the younger generation of our water monkey family, only Xiao Jin can beat him, and nothing else.”


“Well, once Xiao Jin is transformed into a fighting state, he can be called invincible at the same level, but the opponent has not yet entered the Spirit Sea Realm. When he becomes a Spirit Sea Realm master, he still doesn’t know how perverted he is.”


The power of Ye Chen shocked the water apes. In their impression, human beings have always been relatively weak, and their real essence is extremely thin. Of course, the purification effect of human beings is very terrible. Many times pure, making up for some of the disadvantages, but the gap in quantity is too large after all.


“What are you doing?”


Sun Xiaojin, who is not the tallest, but has a terrifying and fierce aura, came over.


“Xiaojin, this Ye Chen is stronger than we thought, why don’t you show your hands too?” A young water ape encouraged Sun Xiaojin.


Sun Xiaojin rolled his eyes, “Idiot, of course he is powerful, otherwise he will be seen by grandpa and show his hands? Who can stop me?”


“Ye Chen!”


“Hmph, my cultivation is one level higher than him, and it would be dishonorable to win. When he becomes a spiritual master, I will fight against him, but not now.”


Hearing that, all the young water monkeys were discouraged, Sun Xiaojin was arrogant, and it was indeed impossible for him to fight Ye Chen who was one level lower.


Ye Chen smiled wryly: “I’m not Brother Sun’s opponent, there’s no suspense about this.”


The leapfrog battle also depends on the target. Sun Xiaojin has high-grade qualifications and changes into a combat state. He seriously injured the four spirit sea realm half-demons with one punch. This was done under the condition that the opponent had reservations. I also have to admit that I am not Sun Xiaojin’s opponent at all, even if the opponent is in a normal state.


“Ye Chen, come with me, I will take you to a good place to practice.” Sun Xiaojin said suddenly.




“Follow me to find out.”




Ye Chen nodded, followed behind Sun Xiaojin, and left the Water Monkey Cave.




Leaving the Water Monkey Cave Mansion, the two broke out of the water and galloped toward the northwest.


After flying for hundreds of thousands of miles, the two of them came to a sea area with a strong atmosphere. The environment in this sea area is extremely harsh. There are countless deep-sea vortices on the sea. , The small is only a few dozen meters. In the sky, there are lightning and thunder, and the tornado rolls up the water column, straight to the sky, and horizontal and vertical. The terrible tearing force will definitely make my ordinary star powerhouse shattered.


“Let’s go down!”


Swinging a stick to shatter a column of water several miles thick, Sun Xiaojin plunged into the sea water.


Ye Chen followed without hesitation.


The undercurrents in the sea are turbulent, especially those whirlpools, each with a terrifying suction and pulling force. A huge monster is far away, and they are all pulled in and minced into flesh, and as the depth increases, the whirlpool The column is getting thinner and more solid, and the whole body is transparent, like a crystal. Ye Chen suspects that the vortex column here can hang the spirit sea realm power and the ninth-level monster.


Ye Chen’s guess was right, Sun Xiaojin reminded: “Be careful of this undersea vortex, I can’t guarantee that I will be unscathed when I go in, some mutated undersea vortexes are several times more powerful, and the vitality inside has been compressed into solid.”


“Brother Sun, where are we going?” Ye Chen asked.


Sun Xiaojin said: “Have you heard of the submarine spiral channel?”




“To put it simply, the submarine spiral channel can allow you to improve the realm of the exercises faster. The further down you go, the greater the pressure. So far, no one has ever been to the bottom, including the king. It is said that there is a seal inside. I don’t know if it’s true or not.”


Soon, the two came to the bottom of the sea.


In front of it is a gray mask. The diameter of the mask is hundreds of miles. There are many monsters and humans standing inside.


“The Southern Shallow Ocean Alliance has six leaders, two of which are human beings, the Liehai King and the Blue Silver King. He is a disciple of Liehai School and Yinguang Island.” Sun Xiaojin introduced.


Ye Chen showed a strange look. It was the first time he saw so many people and so many monsters living in peace. Sure enough, nothing is impossible in this world.


“It’s Sun Xiaojin from the water monkey family. Who is the human next to him?”


“It must not be easy to walk with Sun Xiaojin.”


Sun Xiaojin’s reputation seems to be very big, and before anyone arrives, he has attracted a lot of attention, and even Ye Chen has also attracted much attention.


In the human camp, there are also many eyes on Sun Xiaojin and Ye Chen. Seeing that Sun Xiaojin and Ye Chen are close, they can’t help but look jealous.


Seeing this, Ye Chen touched his nose and looked at Sun Xiaojin, who was full of fierceness next to him. The charm of the other party was so great that these humans were actually jealous of themselves.


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