Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 481: Magic Essence



The Demon King was in pain, and the other arm broke out of the ground… Only the palm shot the Beastmaster out thousands of miles away. Leaving a pair of people who passed through badly wounded, the bones shattered.


“Shining King, if you don’t do it, I have lost my cultivation base for three years.” The Beast Master grinned, and while making up for the injury with True Qi, he shouted at the Shining King.


“The Shining Blade!”


Shining King’s whole body is wrapped in dark red light, the dark red light shrinks, turns into a blade shape, and takes Shining King through the Demon King’s neck.




The demon blood splattered, and the demon king groaned while clutching his neck.


“Five Thunder Seals, seal!”


I don’t know when, the black thunder king came to the sky above the demon king, spread his fingers wide, and pressed the empty space. Immediately, five ink blue light prints surrounded the demon king’s head, and the turbulent thunderstorm continued to erode the other party’s magic power and energy. , so that it has no time to fight back.


After repeated pains, the Demon King went completely mad, his hands propped up on the ground, his muscles swelled like a mountain, and his body suddenly rose from the ground, breaking away from the seal.




When the Demon King got out of trouble, the dark funnel turned into a fusiform and merged into its body, which greatly increased its magic power, and its combat power soared by a notch. Only with a clatter, the thunderstorm was torn apart, the Black Thunder King retreated in embarrassment, and the demon The king turned his head and suddenly stretched out his palm, trying to capture the fast-paced Shining King.


The Shining King was horrified and fled into the void.


Naihe Demon King’s palm is like the five-fingered mountain of Tathagata Buddha, and he escapes into the void, grasping the Shining King in the depths of the void.




The Shining King is very frightened. He has not cultivated to the realm of derivation from flesh and blood or even rebirth from blood. He is not afraid to meet a king of the same level or even a king higher than him, but this demon king is from ancient times, and he was the king in ancient times. In the era of walking everywhere, the combat power is boundless, not to mention, the demon king is ten times stronger than the human king, even if the cultivation base is greatly damaged, it is less than one-tenth or even several tenths of the heyday. , could be life-threatening to him.


Hei Lei Wang’s eyes flickered. In fact, he didn’t care about the life and death of the Shining King. It’s none of his business. But the human race has the rules of the race. When encountering the demon race, they must work together. If he fails to work hard, he will face judgment. Not to mention that the Black Thunder King dares not violate it, even the supreme Void Emperor does not dare to violate it. Whoever violates it is against the entire human race, and it is not a pity to die.


Moreover, the Demon King’s strength is now greatly reduced. Once he is allowed to devour the essence of the Shining King’s flesh and blood, his strength will be even more terrifying and cause disaster.




His eyes fell on the top-quality axe not far away, and the Black Thunder King grabbed it with a big hand, starting with the top-quality axe.


“Break me!”


The soul imprint in the superb axe has long been annihilated with the passage of time. The Black Thunder King effortlessly branded his own soul imprint. Holding the superb axe, the Black Thunder King roared, and an axe slashed in the grasp of the flash. On the demon arm of the Spirit King.


Card wipe!


The thousand-meter-long demon’s arm was broken, and the gushing demon blood was like a mountain torrent, and it went down, crashing one mountain after another.




This axe does too much damage to the Demon King. Rebirth from a severed limb is indeed the realm of immortality, but the magic power required to regenerate from a severed limb is very large. No one wants to be reborn from a severed limb every day. , How many days will it take for Lei to become exhausted and weak.


Escape from death drought, King Shining had lingering fears, but when he saw the top-quality axe in the hands of the Black Thunder King, his face didn’t look very good. He was not as strong as the Black Thunder King before. Opponents can only be dumb to eat coptis and know that they are suffering.


“Die, die, die!”


After being sealed for hundreds of thousands of years, the Demon King’s mind was very unstable. He kept saying the word “death” in his mouth, and the remaining arm clenched a fist and punched the Black Thunder King.


The Black Thunder King fights with an axe in both hands.


Next moment!


There was a loud noise, and a large hole was shattered in the void between the two. The Black Thunder King dragged the best axe and flew thousands of miles.


“Shining King, you also have a half-top treasure. Don’t hide it, take it out and deal with the Demon King!” The Beast Master did not dare to act alone, and said to the Shining King.


The Shining King had a gloomy face, and behind his back stretched out a seven- or eight-meter-long iron feather wing. The breath of this iron feather wing was different from ordinary semi-superior treasures, but it was a superlative treasure. The Ministry of the Shining Spirit can make the speed of the Shining King soar to another level. Previously, he thought that the speed was enough, and he never took it out. Now he doesn’t think so.




With the speed of the iron feather wings, the Shining King’s figure is erratic, as if his hands do not exist in this world, making the Demon King go mad.


“Beastmaster, let’s act together!”


The Black Thunder King stands side by side with the Beastmaster.




Seeing the Black Thunder King holding a top-quality axe, the Beast Master was not at all unhappy. He got two Earth Yuan Crystals anyway, and the Shining King didn’t get anything.


In an instant, the two attacked the Demon King, one left and one right.


“Hercules Slash!”


The hammering force of the Beastmaster King was heavy, as if dozens of mountain peaks were compressed inside the small hammer.


“Five Thunder Slash!”


Five light marks condensed on the axe blade, the Black Thunder King roared, an axe split open the Demon King’s neck, and the violent thunder penetrated into the Demon King’s body, constantly destroying the opponent’s organization and eliminating the opponent’s Magic, lethal power, incredible.




The earth was surging, and the earth waves rushed into the sky. The Demon King didn’t want to waste his magic power to recover the injured and lost right arm. Taking advantage of his huge size, he stomped on the ground, broke through the tight encirclement, and rushed towards the unknown entrance. Go, it’s not stupid, it knows that if it enters the depths of the void, it will die even worse. Only in the human world will there be enough creatures for him to devour.


“Don’t let it run away!”


The superb axe in the hands of the Black Thunder King became larger, and the root was nailed to the right foot of the Demon King.


The demon king was caught off guard, and fell to the ground staggeringly, throwing the plane battlefield into a large, monster-shaped pit that was hundreds of meters deep.


“This is the battle of the king, and it is extremely difficult to kill.” Seeing all this, Ye Chen sighed with emotion.


Below the level of life and death, no one dares to suffer too much injury. The injury is too serious, which means the decline of combat power and the loss of vitality. If you are a little careless, you will fall and cease to exist. The battle of the king is In a protracted battle, when the strength is not much different, it is difficult to kill the opponent in a short period of time. After all, if you have mastered the body of immortality, you can always keep your state at the peak, and you will lose a little cultivation. , Of course, if the cultivation base loses too much, it will also be a bad thing, so the demon king has to run away.


“Death to me!”


At the end of the battle, the Beastmaster is no longer afraid of the Demon King. It seems that the seal of hundreds of thousands of years has not only wiped out most of the opponent’s magic power, but also lowered his defense to the lowest point. The defense is also very terrifying, far exceeding that of humans.




The head of the Demon King was smashed into the depths of the ground, and the blood was pouring out.


The Shining King seized the opportunity and swiped over the remaining left arm of the Demon King, and the entire huge demon arm was cut off.




The King of Black Thunder was even more extreme. He raised his axe and slashed down hard. He heard a rumbling sound. Splitting the void, leaving behind a dark arc of light, completely shattered the head of the Black Thunder King.


“Dead!” Murong Qingcheng said lightly.


Ye Chen said: “Will there be any changes?”


Murong Qingcheng shook his head, “Impossible, the demon’s intelligence is low, and after reaching the realm of life and death, in addition to naturally mastering the first level of immortality and rebirth from severed limbs, the second level of flesh-and-blood derivatives is impossible to cultivate. Otherwise, in its heyday, there will be The monster provided by the huge magic power is absolutely everyone’s nightmare.”


Ye Chen thinks about it too, the advantage of demons is big enough, and if you master the derivation of flesh and blood or even rebirth from a drop of blood, the ancient human beings cannot win.




At this moment, the demon king’s chest suddenly cracked open, and there was a black hole inside. There was nothing in it, but the next moment, a large flow of magic power gathered from other parts of the demon king, and the magic power flow gathered together to form a Black magic light ball, in the light ball is a black essence that is constantly flowing. This black essence is a hundred times more condensed than the most dazzling black diamond, and it can stab people’s eyes. Whoosh!


The black essence burst out, nearly a thousand miles away in an instant, submerged into Murong Qingcheng’s chest, and there was no sign of it.


“Magic Essence!”


The three kings exclaimed.


There is a characteristic of the demons. After death, the magic essence in the body will enter the body of another demon. This magic essence cannot be effective in a short After a long time, it will gradually become that name. The magic power of the Demon Race itself increases its cultivation.


The three of them had never dealt with demons before, and they forgot about it all at once.


The King of Beasts looked at Murong Qingcheng with a murderous face, and sneered: “The demons can’t exist, so the other party should be a demon with the blood of the demons, little girl, your luck is not good, I am anti-human. Demons.”


“An ant-like character, just kill it.”


The King of Shining was unhappy with the Black Thunder King winning the best axe. He did not dare to fight against the Black Thunder King. , after all, he is not going to destroy the whole afternoon human and demon family.


With a flick of his hand, a dark red light burst out from King Shining King’s hand, instantly covering Murong Qingcheng’s figure. Ye Chen next to him didn’t even have time to blink, let alone help out. Moreover, the king shot, He couldn’t stop it.


Seeing that the light was about to devour Murong Qingcheng, a mysterious and illusory gate suddenly appeared behind Murong Qingcheng, and a graceful figure that eclipsed the world came out. She stretched out a slender, jade-like palm against the dark red Light attack.


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