Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 480: The Demon King



As soon as the devil’s claws stretched out, a ferocious aura that was so terrifying that it was soul-crushing spread out, and the bones in all directions exploded into powder, and the mountain peaks could not bear the oppression of the breath and turned into fly ash , suddenly disintegrated.


This aura is so powerful!


“What, the breath of the Demon King!” The Dark Demon King was stunned. As the king of life and death, it is necessary to understand the demons that were above the human race in ancient times. The demon is one of the demon races, known for its huge size. Correspondingly, the magic power in the opponent’s body is also proportional to the body. In the heyday, the magic power in any demon king is hundreds of thousands more than the life and death king of the same level. Times or even thousands of times, even though the demons do not practice martial arts, cannot comprehend the profound meaning, and are not strong-willed, they can only rely on the flesh and magic to fight, but one-on-one, or even ten-to-one, the people who die will be humans, not demons. king.


If it weren’t for the large number of human beings and the scarcity of demons, in ancient times, it would not be the demons who lost, but the humans.


“What is this?” Hundreds of miles away, under the will of the king, Ye Chen clearly saw the claws that were hundreds of meters high, and felt the terrifying aura emanating from the claws. He doubted that if he didn’t Grandmaster-level sword intent, will the soul be annihilated immediately?


Murong Qingcheng took a deep breath and said solemnly: “It’s a demon, a member of the demon race. I can’t imagine that it will be sealed in the plane battlefield for hundreds of thousands of years?”


“Demon? It doesn’t mean that the king of life and death can only live for a thousand years. No matter how long the lifespan of demons is, they shouldn’t live for hundreds of thousands of years!” Ye Chen was puzzled.


“The lifespan of a demon is ten times that of a human, so the demon king of the demon can live for 10,000 years, but the demon king with low intelligence can live longer than the demon king. Fifty thousand years, originally, hundreds of thousands of years have passed, any demon king will die of old age, but the power of seal weakens the influence of time power, and the sealing time of hundreds of thousands of years may only be tens of thousands of years for this demon king.”


Murong Qingcheng knew the demons very well and explained it in a eloquent manner.


Ye Chen’s face was shocked, thinking about it was wrong, and continued: “The power of sealing can weaken the influence of the power of time, doesn’t it mean that the human king can live for thousands of years by sealing himself.”


Murong Qingcheng shook his head, “In addition to weakening the influence of time, the power of the seal will also weaken the cultivation of the target of the seal. The human king has been sealed for thousands of years, no, it will only take a few hundred years, and his cultivation will definitely be exhausted until In death, only the demon king can survive, because the total amount of magic power of the demon king is hundreds or even thousands of times that of the human king. In ancient times, the human race could achieve the ultimate victory, and mastering the power of the seal was a crucial factor.”


“So it is.”


This is the first time Ye Chen has learned high-level information about the Demon Race.


“There is trouble, a demon king is actually sealed here, and hundreds of thousands of years have passed, and the seal has long been loosened.” The Beast Master smiled bitterly, and immediately remembered something, “Is it possible, he deliberately threw the superb axe out. , in order to attract the king of life and death to come, and the aftermath of the battle of the king of life and death will weaken the seal power, allowing him to escape more easily without spending a lot of magic power?”


In line of sight, the Demon King’s arm has been stretched out, nearly a kilometer long, the Black Thunder King said gloomily: “The loosening of the seal’s power makes the Demon King’s magic power tear open the space through the seal gap, and throw it out. A top-quality treasure, and then created a space gate, attracting a large number of people to come in, the black aura devoured the flesh and blood essence of many people, made up for the demon king himself, and made him regain some vitality.”


The Beastmaster said strangely: “Is the demon so smart?”


“The low intelligence of the demon does not mean that there is no intelligence. This method is very common, but unfortunately we don’t even know that a demon king is sealed here. Stop talking nonsense and start fighting! This demon king is tortured by the power of the seal After hundreds of thousands of years, his magic power will inevitably be greatly damaged, and he must not be allowed to go out, otherwise he will devour enough flesh and blood essence, and his magic power will be completely restored.”


The King of Black Thunder didn’t bother to **** the best axe and suggested.


“Yes, demons are different from humans. They can recover their injuries by devouring the flesh and blood of living beings. King Shining, now is not the time to be angry. You know the rules of the human race.” The Beastmaster glanced at the Shining King. .


The Shining King said coldly, “I don’t need your reminder, I know what to do.”


Boom! boom! boom!


The three of them are the kings of life and death, and the joint offensive shattered the space, and they all slammed into the outstretched arm of the Demon King.


Suddenly, the nearly kilometer-long demon’s arm trembled, and pieces of flesh the size of small hills disappeared, as if bitten by a giant.




The ground burst, and the demon king’s roar came from the ground. It was visible to the naked eye. The granulated buds of the broken demon arm wriggled and recovered quickly. The next moment, the injured area was as good as before, but the breath of the demon king was weaker. Obviously Injured.


“Five Thunder Seals, burst!”


The Black Thunder King’s attack was the strongest, and ten pieces of ink blue light were emitted from his hands, blasting open on the Demon King’s shoulders, blowing up dust.


The Shining King is not to be outdone, the light of Shining is always attacking the arm of the Demon King, and the sound of Zizi can be heard endlessly.


The Beastmaster’s attack was heavy, and he kept attacking the Demon King’s wrist, causing the place to be tattered and broken, and the bones were broken.




Suddenly, the head of the Demon King burst out of the ground, and the head covered with bone fragments was like a demon, his eyes locked on the strongest Black Thunder King, and a black wave of light was emitted. The speed of the light wave was too fast. It was so sudden that even the Black Thunder King didn’t dodge all of them and was wiped by the light wave.


Half of the body was blurred with flesh and blood, and the bones were uneven. The King of Black Thunder sucked in a breath of cold air and scolded in a low voice: “Damn it, this has cost me at least half a year of cultivation.”


When you cultivate to the realm of life and death, the real essence and flesh and blood are So when you recover from the injury, you need to consume real yuan. It was too terrifying, so that it took a long time to recover. In the past six months, the Black Thunder King needed a week to make up for it. Of course, there were rare treasures that were counted separately.


Between the words, Black Thunder King’s injury was quickly healed, and he recovered as before.


“Awesome repair ability!”


Whether it is the Demon King or the Black Thunder King, the body repair ability is in a mess. If Ye Chen suffered such an injury, he was seriously injured and dying, unless he could repair the undead body to the first level. In that case, maybe will feel better.


“Demon, eat my hammer!” The Beastmaster’s hammer-like treasure is a semi-superior item. The hammer light circulates, and it slams on the Demon King’s head all at once.




The sparks splashed, and the Demon King broke one of his horns. The fiery sparks burned through the ground. You can see the lower body of the Demon King, as well as the hexagram seal formation that firmly bound his body. The hexagram seal formation There was a gap, and the Demon King climbed out of it.


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