Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 479: Under the King’s War



“You guys are joking! Leiyu is so big, you all have to get a share of anything that falls here, so no one can get a share. If you have a solution, I’d be happy to hear it.” The Black Thunder King did not have the strength to overwhelm the two, and left the problem to the Shining King and the Beastmaster.


The Shining King said: “This superb axe belongs to me, and I can compensate you for other things.”


“Humph!” The Black Thunder King sneered and said to the Beastmaster: “Beastmaster, do you agree?”


“Of course I don’t agree. I know that you have a lot of good things, King Shining, but I don’t care. In turn, I can make up for your losses. I want the best axe.” The axe was undoubtedly to his taste, and he would not agree with The Shining King’s solution.


The Shining King said angrily: “Then what do you say?”


King Hei Lei said: “King of the Beast, you are cultivating earth element true essence, I have two earth element crystals obtained from Fengchen Xing, these two earth element crystals are enough to increase your cultivation by 40. Years, forty years of cultivation is quite a lot, your current cultivation is no more than three hundred years at most!”


“What, you have two earth element crystals!” The Beast Master was shocked. The cultivation base of the king of life and death is calculated from the realm of life and death. Generally speaking, when you first enter the realm of life and death, the cultivation base will not exceed one. In a hundred years, even the original Queen Xuan only had a cultivation base of eighty or ninety years, and when the Beast Master stepped into the realm of life and death, his cultivation base was even lower, only thirty years. He cultivated for a full two hundred and twenty years and gained some improvement The treasure of the cultivation base is only about 290 years old, so the forty years of cultivation base is indeed quite a lot, which is enough to make his combat power rise a lot, although it is not as good as the battle of the top-quality axe. He is powerful, but if he can forcefully fight for it, his hope of getting the best axe is no more than 30%. He is very clear about the power of the Black Thunder King.


“How is it?” The Black Thunder King Chengzhu was in his chest.


The King of Beasts smiled and said, “King of Black Thunder, it’s useless to settle me. Even if I quit, is there still a Shining King you need to settle?”


The King of Black Thunder shook his head, “You don’t have to worry about this matter, as long as you promise not to participate, the two Earth Yuan Crystals are yours. Anyway, I’m planning to exchange them with other kings, the cultivation soil of the True Spirit Continent. There are also some kings of true essence.”


The Beastmaster took a deep breath and laughed loudly: “Okay, I promise you, the best axe belongs to you two, I will not participate.”


“Happy, I’ll give you the earth element crystal.” Hei Lei Wang threw his hand, and two bright spar with a khaki halo shot out.


He stretched out his hand to catch Tu Yuanjing. The Beast Master checked it carefully. It was indeed Tu Yuanjing.


“I believe you won’t do that. Besides, I, the Black Thunder King, are not so easy to deceive.” There is rarely hatred among kings, and once hatred occurs, it will never die. Therefore, the Black Thunder King does not I think the Beastmaster is ready to be with him forever.


“Hehe, if you win, how could my Beastmaster go back on my word.” The Beastmaster took a pity look at the top-quality axe, waved his hand, and the people at the Beast Gate were enveloped in a khaki halo. He stepped back hundreds of miles, and he himself sat in the void, not planning to leave immediately.


The King of Black Thunder didn’t care about watching the fire from the other side of the Beastmaster. He turned his head and looked at the Shining King, “Shining King, you still don’t step back.”


“Black Thunder King, don’t go too far.”


The Shining King was stunned for a moment, and then became furious. The other party sent the Beastmaster, but he didn’t mean to compensate him. Although he was already prepared not to accept compensation, he couldn’t accept the attitude of the Black Thunder King ignoring him. The dignity of the king cannot be provocative, even if the other party is also the king.


“Khan, this Black Thunder King is too dark, fortunately he chose me first.” The Beastmaster pouted, the Black Thunder King is stronger than any of them, and without one of himself, the Shining King is obviously not his opponent. , and removing a Shining King, he is not his opponent. If the other party chooses the Shining King first, he will neither be compensated nor won the top-quality axe, and he will lose a lot.


The people of The Shining Cult are also very humiliating, but the majesty of the king is not something they can judge, and no one dares to expose their angry expressions.


The King of Black Thunder sneered, “I’m too much! Last time you and King Youlan smothered me. I haven’t settled the account with you yet. Today, the old account and the new account are settled together.”


“You can’t stop what I want!” Without saying a word, the Shining King turned into a hazy light and blasted towards the superb axe.


Thunders erupted from his eyes, and the King of Black Thunder slammed into the sky, cutting off the misty light, and slapped the top-quality axe into the air.




The misty light flashed again, and a fingerprint of the Shining King shattered the true essence and will of the Black Thunder King on the superb axe.


The two are entangled around the top-quality axe, and the void is like a broken mirror, with cracks and cracks.


“The Emperor’s Fist!”


Above high in the sky, the roar of the Black Thunder King is like a world-destroying thunder. A move Jing Aoxuan used to perform in the low-level profound martial arts, but this move of Huangji shocking fist fell into the hands of the Black Thunder King, and its power increased. It is more than a hundred times larger, and the void is directly penetrated, and the space debris is surging.


“The mere low-level esoteric martial arts, break it for me! Shining light!” The Shining King’s body was like a small red sun, bursting with boundless rays of light, and the rays of light suddenly annihilated the fist of the Black Thunder King strength, and shrouded the Black Thunder King in it.


“Hehe, stupid, Huangji Jingshiquan is only used to consume your ultimate move, Five Thunder Seals!” Hei Lei Wang’s left hand stretched out behind his back, his five fingers spread out, each finger A dark blue light print burst out, and wherever the light print went, the light was scattered.


“It’s you who is stupid, my Shining Light is not only about power, but also speed. The best axe belongs to me.”


The Shining King shuttled through the undissipated light, and the speed was extremely fast, as if he was the light, and the light was him.


“It’s stupid to say you’re stupid, five thunder seals, seal!”




In front of the Shining King, the five light seals suddenly stopped, forming a thunderous blockade, cutting off the opponent’s way.


Angry flashed in the eyes of the Shining King, and with a swipe of his palm, a large black hole opened in the void, and the whole person rushed in, but in the depths of the void, there was also a surge of thunder. Of course, it was weaker than the outside world. Many, unable to pose a threat to him.


Just as he was about to emerge from the void near the top-notch axe, a large hand slammed him into it again.


“Black Thunder King, you hate it, don’t think it’s so easy to get it.”




The chain of light condensed dragged the superb axe into it.


“Okay, I have to beat you this time!”


The Black Thunder King stepped out and entered the depths of the void.


When the two of them disappeared, the space between heaven and earth returned to normal again. The warm sunlight shone down, and there was a mess everywhere. Some places were pierced through the crust of the earth. Thrilling.




The King of Beasts landed on the magma, the khaki halo on his body suddenly enlarged, the cracks on the ground were quickly healed, and the fractured crust recovered and thickened at an alarming rate, and immediately said without turning his head: “You should do it. Whatever you do, I’ll take a look.”


After speaking, he plunged into the depths of the void.


The three kings have left, and the rest look at each other.


“It’s terrible. This is the battle of the king. It can be called destroying the earth and destroying the earth’s crust!”


“Never of their attacks landed on the ground, they were all caused by the aftermath. If they attacked directly, I don’t know what the situation would be.”


“What do we do next?”


“Into the plane, of course.”




“There are fewer and fewer corpses of kings on the plane battlefield. It seems that only the one we came in has the most range, and some king corpses don’t even have psionic crystals in them.”


The broken bones are boundless, Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng are standing on a dark red high ground with a black aura above their heads.


Murong Qingcheng said: “It’s not bad. The environment of this battlefield is special, and even the bones have been preserved. Otherwise, after hundreds of thousands of years, there will be nothing left.”




As the two of them spoke, the Void Thunder in front of them flickered, with light splashing everywhere.


“Hey, there is thunder and dazzling light on this battlefield?” Ye Chen looked shocked.


A black light flashed in Murong Qingcheng’s eyes, he shook his head and said, “No, that void is about to shatter, someone is fighting!”


“Who is fighting so loudly?”




As soon as Ye Chen finished speaking, the void twisted and shattered, and two figures rushed into the plane battlefield. One was wrapped in endless thunder, and the other was like a small dark red sun. Immediately, the surging will suddenly covered To live with them makes them lose their judgment of the environment.


“No, they are two kings of life and death.”


The two took a breath of cold air and retreated in unison, but no matter how they retreated, they couldn’t get out of the dark environment. It seemed that there was an endless starry sky.




The axe the size of a hill entered the plane battlefield with the two of them, and slammed into the ground.


“Shining King, you are not an opponent. It is too late to give up now, otherwise your vitality will be greatly damaged and your cultivation will drop sharply.” Hei Lei Wang glanced around, his face was slightly surprised, it was actually a plane battlefield. The face is difficult to find. I think it is because the plane is automatically opened, so they can come in from the depths of the void, otherwise they can’t do it at all. Taking a deep breath, the King of Black Thunder put his eyes on the King of Shining again, and said solemnly. .


The Shining King came back to his senses and hummed: “King of Black Thunder, who are you fooling, this time even if the strength of the fight is seriously damaged, I will still take this axe. Don’t be delusional.”


“Since you don’t eat or punish you for toasting, don’t blame me for being ruthless, five thunder marks, burst!”


The King of Black Thunder spreads his hands with five Ten pieces of ink blue light prints flew out, bursting in the air, blasting the Shining King hundreds of miles away.




I don’t know if the battle between the two was too loud. The black aura in the sky rioted and converged towards a certain point, forming a dark funnel one after another. The funnel continued to rotate and flashed black lightning. It is a solid black light.


“What’s the matter?” The Black Thunder King stopped fighting and looked sideways at the dark funnel.


The Shining King also withdrew his angry gaze, looking puzzled.


The void was shattered, and the Beastmaster walked in. Seeing that the two were not fighting, he was quite curious. When he saw the dark funnel, he realized what was going on.


Card wipe!


Under the dark funnel, the ground suddenly exploded, and a giant hand covered with scales and sharp nails emerged from the ground. The Optimus Jade Pillar is surrounded by black arcs.


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