Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 388: The Dragon God Temple is coming



Xu Jing seems to have long known about the Dragon King Yù’s resignation as a disciple, so when Ye Chen came to the core elder’s hall and informed her of her intention, she was not too surprised, but nodded and asked: “The last six months , there is news about you everywhere, are you all right?”


Ye Chen smiled and said, “What can I do, but you, don’t seem to care much about the Dragon King accepting you as his apprentice.”


“Actually, I talked to the Dragon King.”


“Have you seen the Dragon King?”


Xu Jing shook her head, “No, it’s just a sound transmission through the air. He said, if I want to know my background, I have to come to the Dragon God Temple. In the whole world, maybe he is the only one who knows my background, and he is currently Can’t be sure.”




Hearing this, Ye Chen was thoughtful. For so many years, he had indeed never heard Xu Jing say anything about her family, nor had he asked himself. Come to think of it, Xu Jing’s life experience was not simple, and it actually caused the Dragon King’s attention. Note, it’s just that it’s too puzzling how the Dragon King noticed.


“If I told you that before the age of ten, my memory was blank, would you believe it?” Xu Jing said suddenly.


Ye Chen is surprised, the memory before the age of ten is blank, how is this possible, unless the head is injured, the previous memory is lost, or the memory is deleted, both of which are very small, and This is the crux of the matter.


“I only know that when I woke up, I looked like I was ten years old. I couldn’t remember everything before, and I didn’t know who my parents were. Later, my adoptive parents found me and took me back to the Xu family. As their adopted daughter, I also have the name Xu Jing.”


“Can you think of something now?”


Xu Jing pondered: “I can remember a bit intermittently, but I can’t connect it together. It’s very broken. Forget it, since Senior Dragon King said that he might know something about my life experience, he will know it sooner or later, and he will recover his memory sooner or later. .”




Ye Chen nodded, the Dragon King is one of the oldest Wangshou of the True Spirit Continent, and he must know a lot of things, even the Battle King can’t compare.


On the second day, people from the Dragon God Temple came.


There are three people here, for the sake of a spiritual sea realm master, about thirty years old, with sharp eyes and straight pupils, not like human eyes, but like animal pupils, although he has restrained his breath , but in Ye Chen’s perception, the other party’s every move seemed to set off a stormy sea, yù was about to drown the Flowing Cloud Sect.


“It’s terrifying, but it’s not as good as Sect Master Long. The breath of Sect Master Long is like being in the fog, making it difficult for people to catch it.”


Ye Chen shifted his gaze and landed on the two young people beside him.


The two young people are a man and a woman, the man is about twenty-four or five years old, and the woman is of average age. Judging from their aura, it is clear that they are at the peak of the late stage of the Star Realm. The aura is extremely powerful. People with a strong aura are not necessarily extremely powerful. They are just like the emperors in the world. Their strength is not the highest, but being in the emperor’s position makes their aura extremely powerful. People of higher rank or stronger than them will be affected by this aura and unconsciously get shorter.


Generally speaking, a person with a strong aura must have a strong spirit and will. Of course, it is also related to the environment he is in. There is a saying that it is better to be the head of a chicken than the tail of a phoenix. A kind of momentum, a kind of momentum that surpasses others.


“The Dragon God Heavenly Palace of the Fifth-Rank Sect is really no small matter. Two young people who come out casually have the aura of a holy Yue Sikong. They are not inferior to Feng Yanrou, a disciple of the Piaoxue Palace, and Xu Jing can become a disciple of the Dragon King. Achievement is guaranteed.”


Taking a deep breath, Ye Chen went up to say hello, “I am Ye Chen, the Supreme Elder of Floating Cloud Sect, who are you?”


“You are Ye Chen?” The young man looked directly at Ye Chen.


“That’s right.”


“Yes, no wonder Senior Sister Long is very optimistic about you.”


The young man didn’t mean to despise, but the tone of his speech gave people an old-fashioned feeling, it seemed to have formed a habit, and there was a faint arrogance.


“Never mind, that’s how he talks to everyone.”


said the young woman next to her.


Ye Chen smiled lightly, “Don’t worry, I don’t care.”


“We are all disciples of the teacher. The teacher’s identity is the noble dragon king of Zhenling Continent, and the palace master of the Dragon God Temple. This is my third senior brother Fang Hai. As for the two of us, because we have not entered the spirit sea realm, All are not ranked, they are just disciples of the teacher, my name is Li Ying, and his name is Roger.”


Li Ying introduced Ye Chen.


“Senior Brother Fang Hai, don’t mind me calling you that!”


Although Ye Chen is not a disciple of the Dragon King, it does not prevent him from calling this Spirit-Sea Realm Great Master a senior brother. After all, Xu Jing will become a disciple of the Dragon King in the future. He and Xu Jing were once disciples of the same generation. identity.


Fang Hai, who is in his thirties and still looks like a young man, smiled and said, “Of course I don’t mind, the teacher once told me that your hope of advancing into the realm of life and death is much greater than mine. I believe it, but seeing you in person, I believe it, I heard the sword cry in you, this is a phenomenon of extremely strong kendo will.”


Fang Hai is a swordsman himself, so he can feel Ye Chen’s hidden sword intent.


“But since the teacher doesn’t plan to accept you as his apprentice, he must have his plans. Here, as the teacher’s third disciple, I need to remind you that Nan Zhuoyu is only a small domain, and Zhenling University 6 There are four domain groups in total, namely the Eastern Domain Group, the Southern Domain Group, the Western Domain Group, and the Northern Domain Group. The Nanzhuo Domain is only one of the Southern Domain Groups. It’s nothing, the genius outside is like the stars in the sky, there are countless, many stars rise every day, and many stars fall, and if you want to make your own star shine brightly, you need to go. The road is long and long. Fang Hai has followed Master for decades, and encountered countless geniuses, some of which even shocked and terrified me. For example, in my Southern Region, there are a few who amazed the teacher. Young people, I believe you will meet them in the future, so don’t be slack and let the teacher down.”


It is not difficult to see that Fang Hai has great respect for the Dragon King, and the Dragon King is optimistic about Ye Chen, so he treats Ye Chen as a close person and speaks bitterly.


“Thank you, Senior Brother Fang Hai, for the warning, Ye Chen will keep it in mind.”


Ye Chen vaguely felt Fang Hai’s kendo, which was as broad as the sea.


“By the way, Senior Brother Fang Hai, Sect Master Long has already headed to Xuankong Mountain, is there nothing to do!”


Ye Chen asked suddenly.


Fang Hai smiled and said, “It’s the second senior sister! It’s okay, King Cang was kind to the King of Prisons. After King Cang died, the King of Prison promised to help the Sikong family to do three things. Now, Sikongba must have contacted the King’s direct disciple. It is a pity that among the six disciples of the Prison King, only the eldest disciple can overwhelm the Second Senior Sister. Moreover, the Prison King knows about the actions arranged by the teacher in Nanzhuoyu, and the direct disciples he sent are only here to coordinate and will not fight. Senior sister obviously knows that too.”




Ye Chen nodded.


His eyes moved to Xu Jing, who was behind Ye Chen, and Haidao said, “Is this the little junior sister? There seems to be something else besides the cultivation base.”


Xu Jing said lightly: “I major in strength.”


“The main strength is the same as the teacher.”


Fang Hai said a fact that surprised Ye Chen. One of the oldest kings in the True Spirit Consortium, the Dragon King actually majored in strength. The knowledge that the Battle King entered into his mind did not mention this. .


“It’s getting late, little junior sister, come back to the Dragon God Temple with us!”


Fang Hai said.


Xu Jing looked at Ye Chen.


Ye Chen smiled “Go! We will be able to mask again soon.”


“This is not necessarily true. With the guidance of the teacher, our progress is not what you can imagine. If you don’t work harder, you will be eliminated.”


Roger said lightly.


“Junior Brother Luo, think about your words, Ye Chen, let’s go first.” Fang Hai waved his hand, and the real essence belonging to the spiritual sea level wrapped Luo Jie, Li Ying and Xu Jing, almost ten times as much. The sound broke through the air and disappeared, disappearing into the sky in the blink of an eye.


When the four of them left, Xian Yunzi said, “The direction is Nanluo Sect. There should be a teleportation stone gate there. I should have thought of it.”


“Teleport Stone Gate!”


Ye Chen is not unfamiliar with this word. He has experienced teleportation many times. He is no stranger to this kind of teleportation across the void, but it is not a simple matter to build a teleportation stone gate. The builder must be life and death. Realm King, the material of the teleportation stone gate should also be very strong and can withstand the backlash of space. As for the energy supply, it is not ordinary things, but extremely rare top-quality spirit stones. The top-quality spiritual veins and top-quality spiritual stones are very precious to other kings of life and death, and it is impossible to use them to build teleportation stone gates at will.


“The Dragon King is the Dragon King, and the qualifications of those two young disciples are estimated to be comparable to Ye Chen. What kind of genius does Shentiangong have?”


Tianlei Sanren sighed.


Ye Chen smiled and asked, “Two seniors, how is the Floating Cloud Sect’s exhibition in recent years?”


“Thanks to you, Floating Cloud Sect is currently prosperous, and it will not take ten years to influx a large number of top Origin Warriors and Star Realm powerhouses.” Speaking of Floating Cloud Sect’s development momentum, Xian Xian said: Yunzi and Tianlei Sanren smiled.


“That’s good, I plan to go home and then leave Nanzhuoyu. Floating Cloud Sect asks the two seniors.”


“Don’t worry! Be careful when you’re out alone.”


“I know.”


Hanging Mountain, a streamer flew out.


“Ye Chen, I have already given you a stable base camp. Next, it’s up to you.” Long Biyun said secretly.




The streamer flickers and disappears quickly.


The main hall of Hanging Mountain.


The young man in his thirties said: “ Sikongba, the teacher already knows about this, don’t provoke the Dragon King’s people in the future, you can’t provoke it either, show your talents well. It’s the king’s way. I think the potential of Sikong Sheng is very good. It’s not that he has no hope of entering the realm of life and death. For other unrelated things, it is best not to point fingers, so as not to set fire to the fire and ruin the ten thousand-year foundation of Xuankong Mountain. Well, this teleportation stone gate has two more. After two times of use, it will automatically collapse, don’t use the teacher’s repayment at will, if there are two more times, the teacher will not care about you.”


With one step, the young man walked into the whirlpool of the teleportation stone gate.


When the young man left, Sikongba had a sullen expression on his face, and immediately ordered: “Let me know, the grievances between Xuankong Mountain and Ye Chen will be written off in the future, and they must not provoke Liu Yunzong, Ye family, and Nanluozong. You, kill without mercy, all retreat!”


This result was completely beyond Sikongba’s expectations. The master behind Ye Chen turned out to be the second disciple of the Dragon King, and he himself was the direct descendant of the Dragon King. Not to mention that Xuankong Mountain is only a sixth-rank sect, even if it is a fifth-rank sect There are kings of life and death in the sect and sect, and they are not comparable to those of the Dragon God Temple. The Dragon King is one of the strongest kings under the Void Emperor, and he is also one of the ancient kings of Shu.


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