Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 386: Spiritual sea level fight



“Who is hiding his head and tail!”


The gray old man’s face changed, but he was not amazed at the power of the big hand. In fact, the move just now was just a casual blow. What really made him dread is that the person’s concealment skills are very good. He actually didn’t notice the existence of the other party, the spiritual force radiated out, and the gray old man finally sensed a movement on the lake ten miles away.




A thin layer of water curtain falls, this layer of water curtain is invisible, almost rubbed into one with the void, looking at it with the naked eye, it seems that there is nothingness there, even if the spiritual force radiates past, it will be absorbed by the water curtain, He couldn’t sense the slightest movement, and only when he tried his best to release his spiritual power did he realize it. How could the gray old man know that the concealment skills of the master behind Ye Chen were so terrifying, so he didn’t pay attention.


As the water curtain dissipated, a dignified woman in her thirties appeared in the sight of Ye Chen and the gray old man.


“Dragon Sect Master.”


Ye Chen was relieved. As early as three years ago, he had guessed that the owner of the Great Hand Covering the Sky was Long Biyun, the sect master of Nanluo Sect, and it was exactly as he expected.


Long Biyun glanced at Ye Chen suspiciously. For some reason, she knew very well that the gray old man didn’t notice her, but if Ye Chen knew about her, could it be her illusion? No matter how strong the combat power is, there will not be much achievements in the spirit, and you can see through her deeds.


“Maybe I’m overthinking it.”


Long Biyun dispelled this doubt.


But this time, she miscalculated. Ye Chen did sense Long Biyun’s movement, and that faint aura was the same as that of a big hand that covers the sky, otherwise he would not ignore the warning of the gray old man. Going his own way, he killed three Shen Tujue.


“The gray old man didn’t sense Sect Master Long’s whereabouts, which means that his spiritual power is not as strong as mine. It seems that I underestimate my own spiritual power.”


Ling hún is the origin of a person, it is difficult to detect. Ye Chen only knows that his spiritual hún is not inferior to the spiritual sea realm power, but he does not know how far it has reached. Compared with the gray old man, Ye Chen realizes that his own advantage ratio imaginary high.


“Who are you?”


The gray old man had never seen Long Biyun before, and his eyes were clear.


Long Biyun’s tone was indifferent, “You don’t need to know my identity, now you can go, where you come from, where you go back.”


“Hmph, I don’t care who you are, this son killed my three core elders of Xuankong Mountain, and there are more than a few deaths. If you were scared away by Long Biyun’s words, wouldn’t it be laughable and generous.


“The killing at the star-extremity level, let the star-extreme realm solve it. You and I are both in the spirit sea realm. It is inappropriate to meddle in the star-extreme realm. Go back.”


Although Long Biyun is a female, her bearing is as vast as the sea, with a trace of domineering in her indifference.


“Fight me back, I’m afraid you don’t have the ability, or I’ve wanted to test the power of the next crack, so I’ll use you to try it out.”


The gray old man laughed, his voice was like a dull thunder, and the surrounding barren mountains trembled violently. The laughter didn’t stop. The gray old man raised his hand and attacked Ye Chen, “No one can save you today, neither can she. , suffer to death!”


He wanted to fight with Long Biyun, but after killing Ye Chen.




In front of Ye Chen, a mass of mysterious azure energy emerged from nothing, turned into a large grinding disc, and quickly rolled towards Ye Chen, as fast as thunder.


“Since you insist on doing this, there is nothing to say.”


Long Biyun slapped with one hand, and the large grinding disc shattered. At the same time, a soft force acted on Ye Chen, pushing him ten miles away.




The gray old man was furious, and he was soaring. With a flutter of his arms, the white wind blades condensed into pieces, suspended three feet away from the body surface. These wind blades are not simple wind blades. If you observe carefully, It can be seen that there are small wind blades circulating inside the wind blades. That is to say, these wind blades are composed of smaller wind blades, and the artistic conception of the wind can no longer be explained. Only the profound meaning of the wind can It is enough to push these wind blades and make their power reach a more terrifying realm.


“Wind Blade, go!”


As soon as the shouting fell, the wind blades shot out collectively, several miles away, which was useless.


Ye Chen was amazed, wherever the wind blade passed, dense vacuum cracks appeared in the void, like a broken piece of cloth, but the powerful ones were not here, the space around the wind blade was distorted, as if it could not bear the wind blade cutting.


It can distort space, what an amazing lethality.


“Wuji Water Ling!”


Long Biyun’s face did not change, her left hand stretched out, and the water dangling, forming a quadrangle at an incredible degree. The quadrangle was placed horizontally, protecting Long Biyun, like a horizontal quadrant. Pyramid with ridges, front wind blade at the tip.


Boom boom boom boom boom!


The wind blade hit the transparent quadrangular pyramid, either bounced off or fell into it, the speed dropped by 90%, and it couldn’t wield its original power at all.


The flying wind blade lost half of its strength, but it landed on an uninhabited island. The whole uninhabited island was shaking. The ground was plowed out with bottomless ravines, and the gully spread. The uninhabited island has Signs of disintegration, the sea gradually poured in.


“What a powerful low-level defense mystery, it can actually block my wind blade.”


Even if the gray old man hated Long Biyun very much, he had to admit that the defense-type low-level profound martial arts that the opponent used was very powerful. His wind blade was not created by himself, but created by a senior in Xuankong Mountain. In order to attack the low-level mysterious martial arts, once it is used, there are small wind blades circulating inside the wind blade, adding more power, and the lethality is quite terrifying.


“You also pick me up with a move to Tengyunlong.”


Supporting the Wuji Water Ling with her left hand, Long Biyun turned her right hand in a circle, the water shook, and a giant hand the size of a mountain pressed against the gray old man. The giant hand was so vast that it covered the sun and the sky. , the texture on the palm is clearly visible.


“So what if I pick you up.”


The gray old man is full of confidence, his whole body is shocked, his true essence expands, and it evolves into an ethereal stone sculpture phantom. This stone sculpture phantom has a clear structure, every connection is tight, there is no flaw, and it is even more mysterious. The streamer diffuses like a crystal.


“My ‘Stone Crystal Protector’ is one of the three major defense types of the Stone King’s secret martial arts. Although it is only a low-level level, it is absolutely extraordinary in terms of defense. Back then, the Stone King had a small reputation among the ordinary kings of life and death. , relying on the strength of the defense.”


With this defense-type low-level secret martial arts body protection, the gray old man did not believe that Long Biyun could break through.


The giant hand hit the phantom of the stone sculpture, the sky was gusty, and a huge ripple radiated, and to the area dozens of miles away, the lake around the uninhabited island squeezed in all directions, reaching a height of thousands of meters. It’s like a big iron pot, and the uninhabited island is just at the bottom of the iron pot.


As for Ye Chen, who was standing ten miles behind Long Biyun, he felt unsteady on his feet and tended to be blown away. One could imagine how terrifying the battle between the two was.


Card wipe!




A crack appeared on the phantom of the stone sculpture, and the crack quietly spread throughout the body.


“Impossible, how could the stone crystal protector not be able to stop her blow.” The gray old man roared, and his figure retreated sharply.


The giant hand chased for more than ten miles, exhausted and collapsed.


“Very good, you are qualified for me to make a move. Once this move is used, no matter how strong your defense is, you will be defeated.”


The face was ashen, the gray old man let out a long whistle, his true essence was like a volcanic explosion, fiercely pouring into his right arm. , exploded to pieces.




A punch with terrifying power was thrown, and the gray old man’s body was shaken back three steps, and there were circles of space wrinkles in the space ahead, and the wrinkles spread wildly. In the back, the space wrinkle takes on a bursting texture.


Hmph, I created the fission myself, and it is the most suitable for me. However, after all, the wind blade and the stone crystal protector are mysterious martial arts created by others and cannot be used to the limit. Only those created by myself are the most suitable for me Yes, try it’s awesomeness!


Thus the gray old man thought.


In the face of the oncoming force, Long Biyun frowned slightly. She already felt the horror of this move. Not only did the distance fail to hinder it, but instead it allowed its power to stack up layer by layer. When encountering external force, she would go crazy. Exploding, Wuji Water Ling may not be able to resist.


As she expected, Wuji Water Ling disintegrated as soon as it came into contact with the dynamic force, and the water splashed up to 10,000 meters in the air, and she herself took more than ten steps to resolve the impact. force.


“This move is really good, but unfortunately, the gap between you and me is irreparable, slash against the current!”


Without the slightest sign of panic on her face, Long Biyun raised her palm as a knife, and a hand knife cut through the extremely condensed dynamic force.




The dynamic cracking force is extremely powerful, but Long Biyun’s counter-current slash seems to restrain The force of the knife rushes, the force splits in half, and the water curtain-like knife slashes in the ashes on the old man.




A mouthful of blood spewed out from the sky, and the phantom of the stone sculpture on the gray old man’s body was completely shattered, and it was shaken and flew more than ten miles away.


“It’s over!”


Seeing this, Ye Chen already knew that there was a gap between the gray old man and Long Biyun, and there was not much suspense. He really could not have imagined that the ordinary Nanluo Sect Sect Master would be a great Spirit Sea Realm master. Yes, it is an irony that the four major sect masters, including the Floating Cloud Sect Sect Master, can be side by side with her.


“I remember this palm, and he will definitely visit in the future.”


The gray old man didn’t dare to pester Long Biyun any more, so he threw down a cruel word and shot into the distance, in the blink of an eye, he was already dozens of miles away.


Long Biyun’s voice came out, “You don’t need to visit me, I will go to Xuankong Mountain on another day, and you will tell Sikongba for me.”


Vaguely, Ye Chen seemed to see the gray old man stagger. a.


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