Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1447: 9th-order late sword intent


Beside Divine Blood, Ye Chen opened his eyes and turned to look at the Ancient Hoof War Saint.

With the fall of the Supreme Being of Light and the Supreme Being of the Dead, Ye Chen knew that the Ancient Hoof War Saint was no longer the original Ancient Hoof War Saint, and had the ability to kill the Five Supreme Beings, which no intermediate demigod could do. thing.

“The ancient hoof war saint, I didn’t expect the Supreme Being of Light and the Supreme Being of the Dead to die in your hands, they must be very unwilling.” Ye Chen said lightly.

The Ancient Hoof War Saint grinned, “They are indeed very unwilling, but unfortunately, they brought it on themselves, but they were also lucky to be killed by a high-level demigod. Except for the legendary heaven, there is probably no one else. I’ve seen high-level demigods.”

“Indeed, this is the first time I’ve seen a senior demigod.”

Ye Chen nodded. In his eyes, the ancient hoof war saint is billions of times brighter than the sun. This is the phenomenon that the golden martial arts primordial spirit is so powerful.

“How about it, do I still need to do it?”

The ancient hoof war saint looked at Ye Chen cruelly.

Stepping into the ranks of high-level demigods, he will absorb divine blood faster, and it will not take many years to absorb the remaining divine blood, but before that, he has to deal with Ye Chen first. As for how to deal with it , He hasn’t decided yet, how to be interesting.


Ye Chen pulled out the sword of the sky.


The Ancient Hoof Fighter suddenly punched Ye Chen.


The sparks scattered, Ye Chen’s face turned pale, and he flew out.


The ancient hoof war saint was a little surprised. He only used one or two points of strength for this punch, but if it was replaced by the Supreme Light and the Supreme Dead, he would definitely be seriously injured, why the other party just turned pale.

Something wrong?

“Come again!”

The Ancient Hoof Battle Saint slammed Ye Chen with another punch, and this punch took three or four points of force.


A mouthful of blood spurted out, Ye Chen continued to fly upside down.

“Come again!”

“Come again!”

For the last punch, the Ancient Hoof Fighter used 100% of his strength, and he didn’t hold back.


An invisible force was transmitted to Ye Chen, and Ye Chen’s body was shocked. The next moment, he opened his mouth and spewed out a lot of blood, and a trace of cracks appeared on his body.


The ancient hoof war saint was shocked. The reason why the Supreme Light and the Supreme Dead can resist for a long time is because the two became incorporeal bodies, and the damage they received was very small, only one thousandth of the actual damage each time. One to one ten thousandth, if Ye Chen uses the law of water to become incorporeal, the ancient hoof warrior can still accept it, but Ye Chen did not use this ability at all.

“How did you do it?”

The Ancient Hoof War Saint stared at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen breathed a sigh of relief and smiled lightly, “Thank you for giving me enough time, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to upgrade Sword Intent to the late ninth rank.”

That’s right, Ye Chen’s three supreme sword intents have broken through to the late ninth-order realm. The further back the sword intent is, the more difficult it is to improve, especially the supreme sword intent. Correspondingly, once it breaks through, the increase in combat power will be very large. big.

You must know that when Sword Intent has reached the late ninth-order stage, it is only one level away from the peak of the ninth-order, and the ninth-order peak is the limit of Sword Intent.

Of course, the Heaven-Defying Supreme is the Heaven-Defying Supreme after all. If you replace it with any one of the five Supremes, the Supreme Sword Intent will break through to the late ninth order, and it is unlikely to be an opponent of the ancient hoof war saint. Among the three supreme sword intents of Chen, there is the immortal sword intent. The immortal sword intent is called immortal and has indelible attributes. In addition, he also has the Xuanwu holy armor and the immortal sword body. Ascension, Ye Chen’s immortal sword body has broken through to the seventeenth floor, and can alone resist the attack of the primary demigod.

“The Supreme Sword Intent in the late ninth order?”

The Oldhoof Warlord narrowed his eyes.

What he comprehended was not the supreme martial dao will, but the second-class martial dao will. Despite this, he still failed to break through to the late ninth rank and was always stuck at the peak of the ninth mid-rank. Ye Chen was a mere sky-defying supreme. One step ahead of the promotion of the Supreme Sword Intent to the late ninth order, the ancient hoof war sage does not know whether to admire the other party or be jealous of the other party.

“Even if you can stand it for a while, I don’t believe you can stand it for a hundred years and a thousand years.”

The more amazing Ye Chen’s performance was, the more unbearable the Ancient Hoof War Saint could tolerate Ye Chen’s life, otherwise once the opponent became a junior demigod, no one would be able to restrain him.

A trace of golden flames burned on his body, and the aura of the Ancient Hoof War Saint increased thousands of times.


Ye Chen was shocked.

“Suffer to death!”

The Ancient Hoof Fighter punched Ye Chen. The punch was so fast that he couldn’t understand it. Time and space began to flow backwards, and Ye Chen’s reaction was stretched.


Unprepared, Ye Chen opened his mouth and spewed out a large amount of blood. Countless cracks appeared on his body. He was seriously injured in an instant, and even his martial arts essence was wiped out a lot.

No matter how powerful the Immortal Sword Intent is, it cannot be perfectly defended against extreme combat power.

“Actually burn the golden martial arts soul to gain destructive power?”

Ye Chen didn’t dare to be careless, activated the law of water, and instantly turned into a water man. At the same time, a circle of ripples appeared around him, as if he were in a world of water.

The next moment, the ancient hoof war saint’s attack came again, the water world was penetrated at once, and the water man that Ye Chen turned into was also defeated, but soon, the water flow condensed and turned into a water man again.

It turned into an incorporeal body, allowing Ye Chen to ignore most of the damage, just like the Supreme Light and the Supreme Dead.

A year has passed.

Ten years have passed.

A hundred years have passed.

The ancient hoof warrior finally stopped burning the golden martial arts primordial spirit.

He stared at Ye Chen was promoted to a high-level demigod. He could burn gold martial arts primordial spirit to improve his combat power, but it couldn’t last for a hundred years, thanks to the remaining divine blood. Despite this, the consumption is still very large. On the other hand, Ye Chen did not consume too much. The divine blood in the opponent’s body can keep him for a longer time.

Damn, if my Martial Dao will can be raised to the late ninth rank, I will definitely be able to kill him, Guho Zhansheng secretly said in his heart.

“Jianzun Qinglian, let you go first, get out of the fifteenth floor as soon as possible!”

The Ancient Hoof Warlord turned and flew towards the blood of God.

Since he couldn’t kill Ye Chen, he could only absorb the remaining divine blood, and maybe he could make a breakthrough.

“Now you want me to go, and I won’t go either.”

Ye Chen also flew towards the blood of God.

“You are courting death.”

The Ancient Hoof War Saint snorted coldly. He didn’t expect Ye Chen to be so daring and dare to stay. It’s okay, when he breaks through again, it will be the death of the other party.

In this way, the ancient hoof war saint and Ye Chen each absorbed the blood of the gods, and the well water did not make the river water.

“Too slow!”

Looking at the efficiency of the ancient hoof warrior absorbing divine blood, Ye Chen frowned. His absorption speed was only 1% of the opponent’s, which was a huge disadvantage.

“First understand the power of the law!”

Ye Chen gave up absorbing the divine blood. Anyway, the divine blood in his body had not been used up, and it had been stored.

Jin produces water, water produces wood, and Ye Chen targets the fragments of the Law of Wood.

If he can comprehend the law of wood, the combination of the law of water and wood will make his strength reach a new peak. (To be continued.


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