Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1445: Senior Demigod



“You really think that we are soft persimmons, you can knead as you please? Hmph, since you want to expel us, then you don’t want to absorb the blood of God.,ybdu,”


The Ancient Hoof War Saint and the Liaotian War Saint are fearless. They absorbed most of the blood of the gods, and their cultivation improved rapidly. The Golden Martial Dao Primordial Spirit has reached the peak of the mid-term. Compared with before, the strength has increased by an unknown number of times.




Light Supreme took the lead to kill the two of them, and countless light holes penetrated.




The ancient hoof warrior and the Liaotian warrior retreated with difficulty, bleeding from the corners of their mouths. The attack of the Supreme Light was very domineering. The power of each beam was extraordinary. Thousands of beams attacked, and they had no way to fight back.


The attack of the Supreme Being of the Dead is relatively strange. I saw that he rubbed his hands together, and hundreds of black mist poisonous snakes rushed towards the ancient hoof war saint and the Liaotian war saint, leaving a trail of shallow marks on the two of them. These shallow marks Like living creatures, slowly squirming, absorbing the vitality and breath from the two of them. Of course, the intermediate demigods are intermediate demigods. The light flashed on the two of them, and all the shallow marks disappeared, as if they had never existed.


The Supreme Being of the Dead is not surprised by this. The Ancient Hoof War Saint and the Liaotian War Saint are top intermediate demigods. Except for the advanced demigods, no one can easily kill them. If you want to kill two people, you must spend long years.




If Guangming Supreme’s attack is very domineering, Dead Supreme’s attack is very strange, Ye Chen’s attack is mighty and endless.


In terms of attack power, the Supreme Being of Light is inferior to Ye Chen. In the void, the ocean waves formed by the gathering of blue sword lights impacted on the Ancient Hoof War Saint and Liaotian War Saint. make them keep flying back. There is no power to fight back.


As for the strength of Huya Supreme and Bone Demon Supreme, although they are much worse than the three. However, it can more or less consume the source power of the Ancient Hoof War Saint and the Liaotian War Saint, and the effect cannot be underestimated.


One hundred years have passed, and the aura of the Ancient Hoof War Saint and the Liaotian War Saint has obviously weakened.


“Damn, really nasty.”


After being beaten for a whole hundred years, the ancient hoof battle sacred fire rose three feet, and his eyes almost spit fire.


“Let you be arrogant first and see how long you can continue to attack.”


Liaotian Zhansheng said viciously.


A thousand years later, the auras of the Ancient Hoof War Saint and the Liaotian War Saint have weakened by more than 30%.


“It’s so hard to kill?”


Although mentally prepared. Ye Chen and others were still amazed. Originally, they estimated that they should be able to kill two people in a thousand years, but they did not expect that their aura would be weakened by 30%. Killing two people will definitely exceed two thousand years.


What surprised Ye Chen and others even more was that in the next five hundred years, the aura of the Ancient Hoof War Saint and Liaotian War Saint not only did not decrease, but instead increased. Back to eighty percent.


It turns out that the two have been beaten all the time. But it also played a role in tempering, and the divine blood absorbed before was quickly transformed into ‘nutrition’ to supplement itself.


“No, if this continues, they won’t necessarily die, but we will be consumed.”


The Supreme Light frowned.


“Yes, they are borrowing our hands to transform the power in the blood of God.” Ye Chen exhaled.


“Or, let’s take turns to attack them, and the rest will absorb the blood of the gods?” The Supreme Dead suggested.


“How to assign.”


Bone Demon Supreme’s eyes flashed.


“It’s very simple, three people attack, two people absorb the blood of God, and rotate once a hundred years.”


In the first hundred years, it was Ye Chen, the Supreme Being of the Dead, and the Supreme Bone Demon attacking the Ancient Hoof War Saint and the Liaotian War Saint, and the Supreme Light and the Supreme Tiger Fang absorbing the blood of God.


Seeing such a situation, the eyes of the ancient hoof war sage and the Liaotian war sage will be split open. Before, they had the mind and Ye Chen and others to spend it, but now they have no such mind at all. After a long time, the rest The blood of the gods will definitely be absorbed. Without their share, they still want to be promoted to high-level demigods by relying on the blood of gods.


“Damn, give me death.”


The ancient hoof warrior and the Liaotian warrior broke out with the strongest combat power, which was only ordinary combat power before that.


Unfortunately, Ye Chen and the Supreme Being of the Dead were not vegetarians, so they were easily suppressed, and there was nothing they could do if they roared again and again.


One hundred years later, it was replaced by the Supreme Light, the Supreme Huya, and Ye Chen to attack the two, and the Supreme Dead and the Supreme Bone Demon to absorb the blood of the gods.


Because only two people can absorb the blood of God each time, so this time it was still not Ye Chen’s turn, but it doesn’t matter, it will be compensated later, no one wants to suffer.


Soon, a thousand years have passed, and the blood of the gods has shrunk slightly, but not much has changed.


After all, the five people are Heaven-Defying Supremes, and the efficiency of absorbing the blood of the gods is far lower than that of the intermediate demigods. In particular, three people have to be assigned to deal with the ancient hoof war saint and the Liaotian war saint.


“Too slow!”


Six or seven thousand years have passed, and Ye Chen feels that the efficiency of absorbing divine blood is too slow. If this continues, it will take at least tens of thousands of years.


“The stronger the cultivation base, the faster the absorption of divine blood, which has little to do with strength.”


Ye Chen secretly said in his heart.


Unconsciously, Ye Chen had been on the fifteenth underground floor for nine thousand years.




A scream sounded, and Liaotian Zhansheng instantly turned into a golden flame and burned.


This is the golden martial arts primordial spirit burning.


Golden ashes are flying all over the sky, and the next moment, it returns to nothingness.


The Liaotian War Saint has fallen.


It took five thousand years for five people to finally kill Liaotian Zhansheng.


This is also mainly related to distribution. Every hundred years, two of the five people can always take a to absorb the blood of the gods, and the ancient hoof war saint and the Liaotian war saint are fighting all the time, There was no rest at all, and the exit to the fifteenth underground floor could not be found, so there was no way to escape.


In the 9500th year, the ancient hoof warrior was pushed to the limit, and there were faint golden sparks shining on his body, which was a sign of the burning of the golden martial arts soul.


“Asshole, I’m not reconciled!”


The ancient hoof war saint roared in the sky, and the burst of combat power even shocked the Supreme Light, the Supreme Dead, and the Supreme Bone Demon.


“Go hard!”


Light Supreme accelerates the frequency.


The Supreme Dead and the Supreme Bone Demon nodded. As long as the ancient hoof war saint is solved, they can calm down and absorb the blood of the gods. Anyway, the absorption speed of each of them is very slow, and there is no need to worry about the lack of gods. The blood can be absorbed, and as for the future, no one can be bothered.




Golden flames burned, and the Ancient Hoof War Saint was engulfed by the flames.


“Be careful.”


Suddenly, the Supreme Being of the Dead seemed to have discovered something and disappeared in its original position.


The Supreme Light reacted a little slower than the Supreme Dead, but the Supreme Light was faster and flew away at once.


Only the Bone Demon Supreme was too late to react and was hit by a strong flame hoof print.




The Bone Demon Supreme didn’t even snort, and there were no bones left. (To be continued..)


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