Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1444: The law of death



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The first thousand four hundred and forty-four chapters of the law of death



“You also take my sword.”



Resisting the combined attack of the four, Ye Chen took a deep breath and attacked the four with a wave sword, and the fierce tidal wave of sword beams almost instantly arrived in front of the four.






The ancient hoof war sage Liaotian war sage and the Bone Demon Supreme each spurted a mouthful of blood and flew out backwards. They were extremely embarrassed. The Guangming Supreme is indeed one of the five supremes. Although the realm of the law of light is not as good as Ye Chen’s law of water, But he still blocked Ye Chen’s attack, he didn’t retreat half a step, and there was endless light on his body.






The faces of Battle Saint Guho and Battle Saint Liaotian were ugly. Ye Chen’s strength was beyond their expectations.



“It’s not easy to mess with!”



Ye Chen raised his eyebrows. Although the power of the sword was spread out just now, it wasn’t too strong. Not to mention the Supreme Being, the other three actually just spit out blood. I have the confidence to suppress them, but it is difficult to kill them.



“Everyone, I just took it as a joke, and then the well water will not make the river water.”



Continuing to fight will not benefit anyone, Ye Chen said.



“Okay, but I’m waiting for the villain.”



Bright Supreme is also straightforward. After admitting mistakes, he continued to absorb the blood of God.






The Ancient Hoof War Saint and the Liaotian War Saint snorted coldly and returned to their original positions.



The Bone Demon Supreme let out a haha, as if nothing had happened just now, his face remained unchanged.



“Brother, I am Huya Supreme, I admire it.” Huya Supreme delivered a voice transmission to Ye Chen.



“Under the Qinglian Sword Sovereign.”



Ye Chen replied that he was absorbing the first ray of divine blood.



“Jianzun Qinglian, there is still 80 to 90% of this divine blood, and it is very likely that one or a few of us will break through. You and I are all alone, why not join forces. Once I break through to the primary half God, keep you safe, on the contrary, if you break through to become a junior demigod, you will also keep me safe, of course, I am just a suggestion, and there is no other meaning, the decision is up to you.” Huya Supreme said.



“No problem.”



Ye Chen had a good impression of Huya Supreme, at least the other party didn’t attack him just now.



“Brothers are really crisp.”



There was a smile on the face of Huya Supreme, Ye Chen was much more refreshing than he imagined.



What is divine power?



Divine power is the synthesis of all powers, except the power of law.



Divine power contains energy, mental power, will, and domain, etc. Powerful divine power basically means that your strength is strong, which is proportional to it. It can be said that after becoming a powerful demigod, judging the strength of this powerful demigod is very important. It is the power of divine power and law, and nothing else.



The blood of the true **** is the treasure of heaven and earth, and it contains the most pure divine power. Unfortunately, except for the powerful demigods, no one can directly transform Wuzhu’s divine power into their own divine power. Below the powerful demigods, most People can only use Wuzhu Divine Power to improve their own cultivation, and cannot directly transform them, and there will definitely be a lot of waste in the middle.



Continuously absorbing divine blood, Ye Chen gradually understood the mystery of divine power. This kind of power is definitely the ultimate power, the most violent power, and the power of laws is different. The power of laws is the power of rules. It is a method of using power, just like a skill, it can increase the power of no power many times.



“It turns out that one of the requirements for gathering divine power is to have the light of the soul.”



The peak of the Heart Sword is the Sword of the Heart. The Sword of the Heart is also the Light of the Heart. Only the Light of the Heart can coordinate all power and condense the divine power. Otherwise, the divine power will easily collapse and cannot be preserved.



Knowing part of the mysteries of divine power, Ye Chen’s eyes widened a lot, and some obstacles to his practice seemed to disappear.






In the process of absorbing the blood of God, Ye Chen’s spiritual body continued to improve. From the middle stage of the ninth rank to the late stage of the ninth rank, his vigor increased greatly, and his whole body seemed to have endless strength, which was different from Jian Yuan, the two They are different powers, and they will all become part of divine power in the future, and they will all be useful.



In addition, Ye Chen’s Qinglian sword realm is also slowly improving, transitioning from the early stage of the ninth order to the middle stage of the ninth order.



In fact, the reason why Ye Chen has progressed so fast is because his foundation has not reached a very high level, but Guangming Supreme and others have already reached a very high level in all aspects, so there will be no such thing for a while. With too much progress, the only thing that can improve is a breakthrough in cultivation and become a primary demigod.






Finally, Ye Chen’s Qinglian sword domain broke through from the early stage of the ninth order to the middle stage of the ninth order, and his strength improved again.



Of course, Ye Chen also knows that although the Qinglian sword domain has improved by a stage, it is actually not very useful. At this stage, his opponents are all terrible characters, and the sword domain in the middle stage of the ninth order can only offset the opponent. At most, it can be suppressed a little, and it will not have much impact. The key is to rely on absolute strength.



However, if Qinglian Jianyu can break through to the late ninth rank, it will be able to easily suppress others. It has to be done step by step.



In the blink of an eye, after a thousand years, there are still 60-70% of the blood of the gods left.



During this period, more than a dozen people broke into the fifteenth floor from the fourteenth underground floor. Unfortunately, they were very unlucky, and they couldn’t even absorb the fragments of the law, so they were bombarded and killed by Ye Chen and the six others. They did not allow other People come to share a piece of the pie, and they don’t want to raise tigers. After all, they absorb a lot of law power and are difficult to kill. Ye Chen is a living example.



Another thousand years have passed, and half of the divine blood remains.



“Haha, how can I be less absorbed in the absorption of divine blood.”



On this day, a figure came from the fourteenth floor underground to the fifteenth floor. It was a sky-defying supreme being filled with the breath of endless His eyes exuded a terrifying light.



“The dead are supreme.”



A look of fear appeared on the face of the Supreme Being.



The Supreme Being of the Dead is one of the five Supreme Beings. What he comprehends is the law of death. Like the law of light, it is one of the top laws, and looking at the appearance of the other party, he should get a lot of benefits from other places. The breath of death is extremely strong. , the realm is no less than his law of light.



“Join us against him.”



Bright Supreme suddenly opened his mouth and said.






Including Ye Chen, everyone agreed.






The six sent a powerful blow to the Supreme Being of the Dead.



“Hey, if you want to kill me, in the next life, what I comprehend is the law of death, which itself is a state of death, how do you kill me.”



The Supreme Being of the Dead didn’t care about the attack that slammed into him at all, and he endured it abruptly.



In this way, the Supreme Being of the Dead also joined the ranks of absorbing the blood of God, from six people to seven people.



In the fourth millennium, only the last 40% of the divine blood was left, and the battle broke out again. This time, it was Ye Chen’s five people who dealt with the Ancient Hoof War Saint and the Liaotian War Saint. The main reason was that the speed at which they absorbed the divine blood was too high Soon, the five decided to take some time to kill the two, even if it took a thousand or two thousand years. (To be continued) [This text is provided by the Qihang update group @华林主] If you like this work, you are welcome to vote for the recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation. )


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