Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1373: Kojin will



The Iron Star Snake is very powerful. Although Ye Chen’s sword burial can hurt the opponent, he can only drill a blood hole the size of a bowl in the opponent’s body. Unfortunately, the Iron Star Snake is exactly that kind of Ye Chen’s sword-burying style couldn’t work every time for the beasts with the bloodline of time and space, and out of the five times, at least four times were avoided by the opponent.


The sword lights are crisscrossed, and they land on the iron star snake in a flash. In terms of power, the chaos style is not as good as the tyrannical sword style, let alone the buried sword style, but it is undoubtedly the most comprehensive attack. , The Iron Star Snake knew that it could not be avoided, so they simply coiled together to reduce the attacked area.


Chi Chi Chi Chi…


A trail of bloodstains appeared on the Iron Star Snake, and the Iron Star Snake screamed in pain as if it had been strangled by a sharp fishing net.




Seizing the opportunity, Ye Chen held up the Heavenly Sword and slashed down vertically, targeting the spherical head of the Iron Star Snake.


Card wipe!


How sharp is the Heavenly Sword, when combined with the Supremacy Sword, it is like opening up the world, splitting half of the Iron Star Snake’s head at once, revealing the gray-white brain inside.




A sword hit the opponent hard. Ye Chen didn’t have a fever in his head. When he realized that the crisis was coming, his figure flashed, and he flew out obliquely. The tail of the star snake, the iron star snake is a medium legendary beast, the tail is its sharp weapon, the piercing power is very terrifying, enough to penetrate Ye Chen’s immortal sword body.


The almost split head closed, iron star snake’s eyes burst with fierce light, his head bulged, his mouth opened, and a black line shot at Ye Chen.


It’s Venom.


Ye Chen hurriedly avoided.


Next, the Iron Star Snake attacked Ye Chen with a violent storm of venom. These venoms were extremely poisonous. After falling to the ground, the venom volatilized and turned into gas. Ye Chen, who accidentally inhaled a little poison gas, became dizzy. The limbs are weak, if it is not for the inextinguishable power to eliminate the poisonous gas in the body in time, I am afraid that Ye Chen will really capsize in the gutter.


“It’s really tough.”


For the first time with a mid-level legendary murderer, Ye Chen found that his attack power was not strong enough. Although the beast did not have supreme armor or holy weapon armor, its defense was not trivial. If the attack power did not reach a certain level, It is difficult to completely kill the opponent.




In the distance, Split Sky suddenly screamed in a low voice.


Ye Chen’s face turned pale. He knew the meaning of Splitting Sky’s cry. A terrifying beast was rushing towards him. According to Splitting’s meaning, this vicious beast was stronger than the gold-eating beast.


“What kind of beast is stronger than a gold-eating beast?”


The leaders of the five major tribes are all Peak Legendary Supremes, and the Gold-Eating Beasts are also Peak Legendary Fierce Beasts, but they are stronger than the leaders of the five major tribes. Is it a quasi-holy beast?


Ye Chen was startled.


The demigod-level beasts are holy beasts. After the beasts become holy beasts, they will possess spiritual wisdom that is not inferior to warriors, and become truly terrifying beings. Although quasi-holy beasts are countless times weaker than holy beasts, they are also It is extremely terrifying, the peak legendary beast is no different from a child in front of him.


The gust of wind came, and Ye Chen finally saw this terrifying beast. It was a beast in the shape of a baboon. The blood-red eyes were different from ordinary beasts. Wisdom creatures usually don’t act too ferocious, but seeing this baboon beast, Ye Chen’s scalp numb, his body froze, the other party’s blood red eyes, there is infinite cunning and cruelty, giving people a sense of guilt and cruelty. With endless negative emotions, it is no exaggeration to say that ordinary supreme beings will lose their souls and die as long as they are looked at by baboons.


In an instant, Ye Chen woke up. Fortunately, he possessed the three major eighth-order extreme sword souls, and there could not be any distractions or negative emotions in the soul sea. Otherwise, there was no way to wake up in a short period of time.




The baboon beast couldn’t really rush over. When it was only a hundred miles away from Ye Chen and the Iron Star Snake, the whole body shot back, as if there was an invisible force blocking it. For this reason, the baboon beast was very Annoyed, sprinting again and again, but getting bounced back every time.


Iron Star Snake has long been frightened and paralyzed, and the invisible power of obstructing the baboon beast cannot isolate the other party’s breath. Therefore, except for the baboon beast who can’t come over, the coercion of the beast exudes from its body is real. Without a trace of falsehood and weakening, in the distance, Split Sky was also lying on the ground, shivering.


It is said that when a weak beast encounters a powerful beast, it will lie directly on the ground. Even if the other party wants to eat him, he will not dare to escape and let the other party bite and swallow it.


Ye Chen stood there dumbfounded, and seemed to be frightened.


Not really.


Although the oppression brought by the beasts of baboons to Ye Chen is very powerful, Ye Chen is not a beast after all, and the oppression is countless times smaller. In addition, Ye Chen’s soul is strong, and the soul sea contains three 8th-order extreme swords. Soul, and the holy eye of the nether that contains the will of hell, has always had a strong immunity to coercion.


He stood there motionless because he felt an invisible, colorless, and invisible wave of will. This wave of will was very subtle and could not be felt by ordinary people at all.


The reason why Ye Chen could feel it was that the black silk on his martial arts soul was actually disintegrating. It seemed that this wave of willpower could naturally stifle evil forces.


The black silk on Ye Chen’s martial arts primordial spirit is the chaotic will formed by the entanglement of countless evil forces. This chaotic will hinders Ye Chen’s progress, like an invisible big net, firmly netting With Ye Chen, if Ye Chen’s Sword Intent can reach the ninth rank, he will naturally be able to kill this chaotic will, but the ninth rank Sword Intent is out of reach.


But now, the chaotic will is disintegrating “quickly”.


“Is this the will of Aragami?”


Ye Chen once felt the will of the true god, it was in hell, the will of the puppet true god, now is the second time, the two wills, to him, are equally powerful in nature, stronger than the laws of heaven, maybe Only the will of the universe can contend.


“By the way, the will of **** is the negative of the will of the universe, and it is equivalent to the will of the universe. Why can’t the will of **** disintegrate the will of chaos?”


A question arose in Ye Chen’s But soon, the doubt disappeared. Ye Chen guessed that the holy eye of the nether is an innate ability. Although he can use it, he cannot separate the will of hell. , beheading Chaos Will, maybe one day he can do it, but not now, he can’t control the Will of Hell.


The baboon beast attacked again and again, and finally, it gave up, glared at one person and two beasts, turned around and ejected, and quickly disappeared.


“Well? Aragami’s will has disappeared?”


Ye Chen frowned.


“How to trigger the will of the wild god?” Ye Chen didn’t dare to attack the invisible force like the baboon beast. The baboon beast is fine, it doesn’t mean that he is fine.


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——(To be continued…)


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