Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1370: 200 years of Ye Chen’s disappearance



Chapter 1370: The Two Hundred Years of Ye Chen’s Disappearance


In the thirty-third year since Ye Chen disappeared, Sword Saint Baiji officially retreated. He needs to work hard to recover to his peak and condense his physical body. The loss of a demigod’s physical body seems to have little effect, but it will have a significant impact on future development. certain limitations.


In the thirty-fifth year of Ye Chen’s disappearance, Yan Qingxuan broke through to become supreme.


So far, in just a few short years, there have been three thousand-year-old Supremes in the universe. They are Dugujue, God Bless Supreme, and Yan Qingxuan. These three people broke through to become Supremes within a thousand years.


Being the Supreme Being is a good thing, but it also brings a lot of trouble to Yan Qingxuan.


More than 90% of the supreme beings in the universe are men and there are very few women, which also makes the female supremes very popular. After all, everyone hopes that their partner is the female supreme, so that they can grow old and live with themselves. On the day when the sea was withered and the rocks were rotten, so, on the bright side, secretly, many Supremes came to Yan Qingxuan, hoping that Yan Qingxuan could become their partner, including a legendary Supreme.


In this regard, Yan Qingxuan refused one by one. Even if she wanted to find a partner, she would not find these people. Many of them were hundreds of times older than her.


I know from some secret information that Yan Qingxuan is Ye Chen’s confidante and good friend. Therefore, most of the Supremes are very restrained and will not do things that are forced, only those who came out of Moro’s death prison The Legendary Supreme Heaven Hook Supreme does not care who Ye Chen is, he is very fond of Yan Qingxuan, such a woman who is beautiful in the world is rare in the world, and those who can cultivate to the highest level are even rarer to the extreme. Supreme and God Bless Supreme are excellent bloodlines, so Yan Qingxuan is a collection of female excellence.


There is another reason why Sky Hook Supreme wants Yan Qingxuan to be his partner. He has no successor yet.


In fact, many Supremes are before becoming Supremes. They will try their best to leave their descendants, because once they become supreme, if they want to have their own children, the other half must also be supreme. For example, Ye Chen wants children. Then Xu Jing and Murong Qingcheng must become supreme, otherwise it is impossible to get pregnant.


Supreme Skyhook doesn’t know how many years he can live, so before dying, he needs to cultivate a Supreme, and this Supreme is naturally his child.


Yan Qingxuan, who looked ‘smart and lovely’, naturally became a sweet pastry in the eyes of the old guy.


Fortunately, at a critical moment. Zhenwu Supreme stopped Sky Hook Supreme. Peerless geniuses like Ye Chen came out of the sea of ​​corpses and blood. They usually seem very gentle, but once they anger him, they will suffer from his anger, if they wait for Ye Chen to come back. Knowing that Sky Hook Supreme forced Yan Qingxuan to be his partner, he would undoubtedly fall out with Sky Hook Supreme. Maybe Ye Chen was not the opponent of Sky Hook Supreme at first, so he would suffer a little, but as long as he gave Ye Chen time, he would always There are times beyond the skyhook supreme.


Whether it was Ye Chen’s loss, or Ye Chen’s strong suppression of Sky Hook Supreme. It is not what Zhenwu Supreme wants to see. Within the Human Race Alliance, harmony must be maintained.


With the help of the holy weapon armor and Zhenwu God’s mace, the Zhenwu Supreme repelled the Skyhook Supreme several times and warned the other party several times.


“Damn, I am a legendary supreme, how noble, and dare to obstruct me.”


As a Legendary Supreme, Sky Hook Supreme is very proud in his heart, thinking of the beginning. He is also a peerless genius, and it is possible to become a demigod if he hadn’t been imprisoned in Mora’s death prison.


“I will retreat to recover my strength first, and no one can stop me when I go out.”


The Skyhook Supreme has decided to retreat. The resources to restore power have been collected almost, enough for him to use in retreat.


In the second hundred years of Ye Chen’s disappearance, the unparalleled emperor Ajiu successfully broke through and became the supreme. He almost stepped the threshold of the thousand-year supreme to become the supreme. This also means that his potential is very terrifying, but the light has always been blocked. Ye Chen covered it up. As for Dugujue and Yan Qingxuan being able to become supreme within a thousand years, it is actually beyond the expectations of many people, but many things may not be possible. If you want to become supreme, you also need to look at your personality, not just talent. comprehension.


A Jiu, who became the supreme, is titled as the top ten supreme. As for the unparalleled supreme, it is definitely not desirable, it is too exaggerated.


So far, three young people from the human race have become supreme, and they are all thousand-year-old supreme. Of course, except for the human race, other races have young people who have become supreme.


There are two Demon Races, one is God Bless Supreme, and the other is older, more than 2,000 years old.


One of the evil spirits.


A member of the Yasha tribe.


Two barbarians.


Two giants.


Originally, it was impossible for the Demons to have only two, and the same goes for the Evil Spirits and Yashas. It was impossible to have only one. Unfortunately, the top geniuses among them all died in the arena of the Asura Realm, killing them. It was Ye Chen, and it was by stepping on their corpses that Ye Chen finally became the supreme.


Excluding the 2,000-year-old new Supreme of the Demon Race, the Millennium Supreme of the Universe Stars has suddenly reached eleven from the original one. If you add the Evil Star Supreme and Ye Chen who have been missing for many years, that is twelve.


If Ye Chen is the sun, then they are stars, blooming with their own brilliance.


However, few people know that there is another sun shining brightly. Ye Chen is a white sun, and the other party must be a black sun – the blood of the great devil.


“There are so many thousand-year-old Supremes all at once, is this going to make the universe more chaotic?”


Some Supremes are communicating secretly.


There are too many thousand-year-old Supremes. Usually, in a long time, it is not bad to have one in each era. This time, there were more than a dozen at once.


“The Millennium Supreme is the trump card. I am afraid that in the future, more young Supremes will be born.”


“Well, this is inevitable, the Millennium Supreme is just the first batch.”


“Our potential is exhausted, let’s watch these young supreme performers.”




Aragami Continent.


In the past two hundred years, Ye Chen had already integrated the Sword Stance into the Profound Truth of Power, and even the most difficult phantom sword stance had successfully integrated the Profound Truth of Power.


During this period Climbing the Wilderness Pagoda has been carried out again.


This time, Ye Chen is still the first in the tower break. The sword-guarding style is too powerful. Maybe fighting alone, he may not be able to defeat the first demon of the Great Demon King’s bloodline, but in breaking the tower, he Undoubtedly the strongest, with the sword guard style, he broke into the seven hundred and eighty-eighth floor, while the first Demon Venerable broke into the seven hundred and eighty-seventh floor, still one level behind.


As for the third place, there is a big gap between the two, and I don’t know when the others have been far surpassed by the two.


It’s just that among the top five, only Ye Chen is not a Legendary Supreme, even Kang Xueli and Zhan Xiong have become Legendary Supremes.


Not being able to become a Legendary Supreme has such strength, which is shocking, but also very limited. After becoming a Legendary Supreme, you can continue to develop, but without becoming a Legendary Supreme, the basic strength is too poor. There is also one less accumulation, and I can’t see anything at the moment, and it will become more and more obvious after a long time.


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——(To be continued…)


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