Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1352: ‘Time’



Chapter 1352 “Time” word



“Come again!”



Ying Tianjie was very unconvinced. Ye Chen did not defeat him, he just suffered a little loss. As long as he was not affected by the illusion, the opponent would definitely not be his opponent.






At this moment, Ying Lixiong spoke, and his voice spread directly to the square.






No one dared to disobey the orders of the leader of the Eagle Tribe, and neither did Ying Tianjie.





The Great Hall of the Eagle Tribe.



“You are very good, and you are qualified to replace the Eagle Tribe of the Unfallen Eagles in the Desolate Pagoda.” Ying Liexiong looked at Ye Chen and nodded secretly.



Ye Chen felt very uncomfortable when the other party looked at him. The other party’s eyes were like the sharpest scalpel in the world.



“Silver Wudao Yuanshen, and it’s not an elementary silver Wudao Yuanshen.” The stronger the martial arts Yuanshen, the stronger the observation, and can see through all the secrets of other people. It’s not too far away, and in a single thought, the world can collapse and the other’s body can collapse.



“It’s my pleasure.”



Ye Chen said.



Ying Liexiong smiled and said: “Very modest, but modesty requires confidence. Lanyue should have told you the details of the Godly Pagoda. This time, the details have been changed. Only those who have reached the top nine will be able to If you get one time share, you will get two for the first place, one time share is ten years, and two is twenty years. If you can get to the top nine, I can let you learn the martial arts for one year. If you reach the first place, you can gain enlightenment for two years, what do you think?”



“No problem.”



Ye Chen nodded without hesitation. If it were someone else, he might think that time was too short, but Ye Chen didn’t think so. First, he didn’t have the chance to participate in it at all, even if he was fighting for the Eagle that never fell. It is impossible for others to give him too much time to comprehend the time to hold the martial character. Second, the Eagle Tribe is so large, everyone wants to learn the martial arts, and he has more time to comprehend it. Naturally, there are fewer others. When there are more monks and less porridge, a year or two has become very extravagant.



“It’s not over yet. What I said just now is that you don’t need external force. However, with your strength, you can only make it to the top nine at most. There is no hope for the first, but I have a way to make you To improve your strength faster, the premise is that you have to halve the time for comprehension of martial arts, to reach the top nine, to comprehend martial arts for half a year, and to reach the first one, and the time to comprehend is one year.”






Ye Chen frowned.



Ying Lixiong explained: “I, the Eagle Tribe of the Unfallen Eagle, have mastered the words left by thirteen demigods. I can let you comprehend these words. For example, your time is only in the 70% realm. Here is a word for ‘time’ left by a demigod, as long as your understanding is not low, you can improve the realm of time’s profound meaning to some extent before breaking into the **** tower.”






Ye Chen’s heart moved. It was very difficult to improve the profound meaning of time. With the word ‘time’ left by the demigod, there is indeed hope to improve the realm of the profound meaning of time.






The opportunity is rare, and Ye Chen doesn’t think that with his current strength, he can get to the first place. It is a good thing to use external forces. “Are there any other words?”



“There is still another word for Shouzi, but it should be too late. In another year, the century will come. In this year, it will be amazing if you can comprehend a little bit of the essence of Shizi.”



Actually, Ying Liexiong doesn’t have much hope for Ye Chen, mainly because he doesn’t have much time for the other party. He didn’t expect that this time only the top nine will get the time share, and the first place will get two copies. .



“Ye Chen, you should understand the words first, don’t be too impatient.” Lan Yue reminded Ye Chen.



“Yes.” Ye Chen nodded. One year is a little shorter. Whether it is the time character or the keeping character, it is very important to him. Defense swordsmanship flourished and declined. If he could understand these two words, his combat power would be greatly increased.



“This is the word of time, you should study it carefully. In addition, I have arranged a yard for you, which will be your residence in the future until you leave.”



Ying Liexiong threw a stone to Ye Chen, with the word “hour” written on it. Just one word can affect the time. Ye Chen clearly saw that the time near the stone stopped flowing, like a pool of stagnant water.



When Ye Chen left, Ying Liexiong said to Lan Yue: “The opportunity has been given to him, it depends on his perception.”



Lan Yue said: “Dad, Ye Chen’s comprehension is very high, much stronger than me, otherwise I won’t bring him back.”



“That’s the best way, by the way, tell me what happened to you along the way.”



Ying Lixiong and Lan Yue had a chat about family life.





In the yard, Ye Chen didn’t waste a moment, and began to comprehend the words of time.



“What a weird word.”



Ye Chen found that once his mind entered the strange space of Shizi, it immediately stopped working.



As time flies, Ye Chen’s time mystery is slowly improving. Since his mind cannot withdraw, Ye Chen has been comprehending. Eating meat, Ye Chen was already skinny, and there was still a point or two left in his strength.



Blink, three months have passed.



Ye Chen was too thin to be human.



Lan Yue came here once, and when she saw Ye Chen like this, she frowned for a long time. Until now, she finally understood why her father told her not to rush to comprehend the words of enlightenment. People with low understanding can’t even comprehend the words of time, otherwise their minds will forever be trapped in it, unable to extricate themselves, and they will weaken and die.



Another month passed.



“Good risk!”



Ye Chen’s mind His mind was able to withdraw because his time profound meaning had hit the 80% realm, and when he understood the essence of time words, he had to make progress in time meaning before he could withdraw, otherwise his mind would not be able to withdraw. extricate themselves.



After a full week of recuperation and eating a lot of Supreme Meat, Ye Chen regained his strength.



When the profound meaning of time has reached 80%, Ye Chen’s sword burial and death cutting power have greatly increased. They are already equivalent to Dacheng swordsmanship. They are not weaker than the tyrannical sword style and the magic sword style, especially the burial sword. Above the stance, the magic sword stance wins with illusion, and the burial sword technique can make the opponent unable to move, unless the opponent’s time is not lower than Ye Chen’s, and his mental strength is not weak.



“Not enough!”



Ye Chen continued to comprehend the words of time.



The 80% realm and the 90% realm of the profound meaning of time are one heaven and one earth. 80% of the profound meaning of time can make the swordsmanship of time and space have the power of the supreme swordsmanship. As for the supreme swordsmanship, one must know that the Profound Truth of Time and Space is the strongest in combat, which is one level stronger than other complementary profound meanings, and can compete with the most common Supersupreme Swordsmanship.



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