Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1351: Just enough time



“You turn and leave now, there is still a chance, otherwise you will be embarrassed and thrown home, behind Ying Tianjie, a peak super supreme said.


“You can try.”


In a world where the strong are respected, it is necessary to fight until the opponent serves.


“Looking for death, Tianjie, I’ll teach him a lesson first, you can watch from the side.” This peak super-supreme is called Ying Feihai, one of the four heroes of the Eagle Tribe that does not fall. The head of the four heroes is Ying Tianjie, Lanyue is also one of them.


Ying Tianjie nodded slightly, made enough space for the other party, and said, “Hurry up.”


“Don’t worry, it shouldn’t take long.”


Ying Feihai walked to the opposite side of Ye Chen, stretched out his right hand, a blue spear appeared in his hand, the spear head was blood-blue, judging from its aura, it was clearly a three-star sacred artifact.


“Look at the gun!”


With the holy spear in hand, Ying Feihai shouted and stabbed Ye Chen with a spear. In that instant, thousands of spears burst out, as if thousands of little eagles were flying, full of freedom and unrestrained feeling.


“The marksmanship is not weak!”


Ye Chen is a little surprised. Although the opponent’s marksmanship has not yet been completed, it is not far from it. Before becoming Supreme, he had always been dominant in martial arts. After becoming Supreme, martial arts became his own. The short board of his, if he hadn’t obtained the tyrannical character and the magic character, he would not even have a master sword move.


“Sword Burial!”


In the face of the thousands of spears and flowers, Ye Chen used the time and space sword technique to bury the sword. The burial technique incorporates the essence of broken characters. It may be a little worse than the tyrannical sword style and the magic sword style in terms of power, but it is powerful. The sword of time and space can kill the opponent’s time. I saw Ye Chen stab out with a sword, and the thousands of spear flowers were frozen. Ye Chen’s sword passed through the spear flower little by little, and finally landed on Ying Feihai’s chest, pfft. , the blood flower blooms, Ye Chen can take it at one point, and he doesn’t intend to completely hurt the other party.




The sword of time and space disappeared. Ying Feihai took a few steps back. “If struck by lightning, his face was full of anger and anger.


“You are not my opponent.” Ye Chen said to Ying Feihai.


Ying Feihai was about to speak, but Ying Tianjie said coldly: “With the benefit of the holy artifact, what is there to be proud of? If I guess correctly, the sword in your hand should be the seven-star earth holy artifact.”


“Seven-star artifact!”


Everyone is horrified. Let’s not talk about the Heavenly Saint Artifact. There are not many in the entire Desolate God Continent. The Earth Saint Artifact is what everyone considers. , generally only the Legendary Supreme can have it, and I can’t think of the other party to have one.


“It’s a coincidence, I also use a sword. The Tianying sword in my hand is a six-star earthly holy weapon.” Ying Tianjie took out a sword from his waist. The sharpness of the eagle, the four heroes of the Eagle Tribe that does not fall, everyone has an Earth Saint Artifact, and they are all three-star level. If you want to upgrade the star, you can only rely on yourself to upgrade the Heavenly Eagle Sword to the six-star Earth Saint. The device, Ying Tianjie did not know how much energy and time it took.


“Go ahead!”


Ye Chen became serious.


“Eagle Wind Breaks!”




Ying Tianjie’s sword speed is very fast. Although it is unbelievably fast, it gives people a taste of elegant flying, as if gliding and swimming in the wind.


“Dacheng swordsmanship!”


Ye Chen took a deep breath. The other party had the opportunity to learn the martial arts and improve the supreme swordsmanship to the realm of mastery. Ye Chen was not surprised. Now, he is even more looking forward to the martial arts.


It is still the sword burial technique. If Ying Tianjie’s sword is a flexible sword, then Ye Chen’s sword is a static sword. When two extreme swords collide, no one knows what will happen. .




The sound of gold and iron clashing filled the entire square, Ye Chen’s sword burial was just broken by Ying Tianjie’s sword, because the opponent’s sword was also a time-space sword, and it stabilized Ye Chen’s head, if not At the critical moment, Ye Chen took a defensive stance with prosperity and decline, unable to guard against the opponent’s swordsmanship at all.


“Amazing, the profound meaning of time should be 80% realm.”


Ye Chen is very clear, it’s not that the swordsmanship is not as good as the opponent’s swordsmanship, but that his time is lower than the opponent’s. In terms of martial arts, the gap is definitely more than a hundred times a thousand times, that is to say, the opponent’s time-space swordsmanship is thousands of times more powerful than Ye Chen’s sword burial, and it is not at the same level at all.


Of course, Ye Chen’s Heavenly Sword is a Seven-Star Earth Sacred Artifact, and the opponent’s sword is a Six-Star Earth Sacred Artifact, narrowing the gap a bit.


From the perspective of the scene, Ye Chen naturally fell behind and was beaten by Ying Tianjie.


“Tianjie wins.”


Seeing this, many young masters of the Eagle Tribe are confident.


“Yue’er, the kid you brought back is not weak, but he doesn’t seem to be Tianjie’s opponent.” In the tribal hall, Ying Lixiong smiled lightly.


Lan Yue said: “Daddy, don’t underestimate him, he hasn’t shown his real trick yet.”


“Oh, is there a trick?”


“Just wait and see!”


Blue Moon is very confident in Ye Chen.


Passive beating is not Ye Chen’s style, nor is his sword burial technique his strongest sword move. His strongest sword move is the phantom sword stance. For masters who are not strong enough, the phantom sword stance is definitely their nemesis , Ye Chen doesn’t think that from the word martial arts, you can comprehend the realm of mental power. Even if you can comprehend it, it is estimated that the time is not enough, and the difficulty is very high.


The sky sword was swayed, and the bubbles of the sword light spread out, covering the entire square in an instant. Everyone was within the range of the magic sword-like sword potential and was affected by the hallucination.


“What’s the matter?”


“What happened.”


The young masters found themselves alone in nothingness, unable to see other people. The sky was full of meteors and swords, and occasionally strange sights appeared.


Illusion sword style, according to the personality characteristics of the individual, the hallucinations that appear are also different.


Ying Tianjie has a strong personality, and the hallucination he produces is an incomparably huge sword qi sweeping over. This sword qi almost splits the entire grassland and is unstoppable.


“Impossible, this is an illusion.”


Ying Tianjie is the youngest master of the Eagle Tribe that never falls, and the head of the four heroes. He instantly withdrew from the hallucination, and was greeted by a bland sword light.


The extremely embarrassed Ying Tianjie blocked the sword light, but in a hurry, he didn’t have time to gather his strength, and the whole person was collapsed and flew out.


“Dad, how are you?” Lan Yue said with a smile.


Ying Liexiong nodded, “Yes, this move quickly produces hallucinations, and can eject everything in his mind, subconscious in his heart, and it is difficult for people who are not strong enough to block this move, well, I agree with him instead of not. The Fallen Eagle Tribe broke into the Desolate Pagoda.”


“You agreed?”


Blue Moon said excitedly.


“Wait a while you call him, I have something to talk to him, it’s not that simple.”


Ying Liexiong is still quite interested in Ye Chen, but the test has just begun. With Ye Chen’s current strength, it is not enough to compete with the three young masters. It is difficult to enter the top five. Everything depends on whether the other party still has potential. If the potential is enough, there is enough time.


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