Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1189: Well chopped



Emperor Shiren is very strong, even stronger than Emperor Chifeng, but once he is entangled in his hands, feet and body, he is very powerful and can’t even play a point or two, just like a strong man Insects are stuck on cobwebs and can only do some dying.


At this time, Emperor Shiren has given up, and it would be good to delay others for a while.


But he didn’t expect that Ye Chen would choose to save him.


“Ye Chen, what are you doing, hurry up and don’t die.”


If Ye Chen has the strength to save him, that’s all, but no matter how strong the opponent is, can he be strong enough to compete with the emperor-level death vine? Emperor Shiren didn’t want Ye Chen to die because of him. He was very satisfied that the other party had this intention. This young man was one of the best young people he had ever seen, both in terms of potential and character.


“Don’t worry, I haven’t had enough.”


Ye Chen is about seven or eight points confident that his confidence comes from the profound meaning of space.


Eternal Night Emperor’s sword was unsheathed, Ye Chen didn’t have time to use the strongest ultimate move, and directly burned the past with a two-turn limit sword technique, the fierce burning sword energy suddenly cut through the vines and disconnected The connection between the Shiren Emperor and the vines, with the power of the Eternal Night Emperor Sword, even if it is only to use the second-turn limit swordsmanship, the power of Liefengchun is very powerful, and this Ml vine and @Pnxs God Ml’s #Ml is only divided. The vines on the vine are not difficult to cut.


The terrifying thing about the vine of death is that it is entangled, and its firmness is not too terrifying. Of course, if it is replaced by the main vine, Ye Chen will definitely not be able to cut it. It is too strong.


“Go!” With a flash, Ye Chen grabbed the Shiren Emperor’s shoulder and quickly fled back.


Break apart the remaining vines on his body, the Stone Man Emperor felt like he was escaping from death, but he knew very well that the matter was not over yet, and during this period of time, the distance between the death vines and them had narrowed a lot. The main root vine is like a black dragon that stretches for thousands of miles, giving people a strong sense of oppression, and those branch vines cover the area of ​​​​Nuo Da, and it is about to cover the two of them.


Whoosh whoosh…


As expected, there were seven or eight vines as thick as the wrists, and they were drawn towards the two of them, and the speed was as fast as the extremely powerful whip technique displayed by the strong.


“Be careful.”


Emperor Shiren was caught by Ye Chen, so he couldn’t fight back at all, and he died faster.


However, he underestimated Ye Chen, and saw that Ye Chen stepped forward with his right foot, and with a slam, not only did the speed increase by one lk, but the height also rose ten meters. The process in the middle was like teleportation, seven or eight Vines took a breath.


90% Space Profound Truth cannot make Ye Chen teleport, but it can reach the point of close to teleport. This is a kind of manipulation of space, a kind of leveraging force.




Emperor Shiren’s eyes lit up, and he thought he was going to be drawn.


With the control of space, Ye Chen flickered from left to right, and could always avoid the slamming of the vines in a dangerous and dangerous way, as if the attacks of the vines were not in the same dimension as him.


Gradually, Ye Chen was about to catch up with the three people in front of him. Although he was with one person, Ye Chen’s speed was a little faster than the three people in front of him.


It’s near!


The five of them, one after the other, gradually approached the edge of the green continent. In the purple air current, lightning flowed like purple electric snakes. However, compared to the emperor-level death vines at the rear, these purple electric snakes were not too much. Dangerous, the big deal is to enter the Red Wind. With the amazing defense of the Red Wind, ordinary purple lightning can’t hurt them.


“Ye Chen, come on!”


The three people in front of the Red Wind Emperor said silently.


They are in front, there is not much danger, the emperor-level death vine will not attack them first, they are worried about the safety of Ye Chen and Shirendi.




Suddenly, the airflow in the air swirled violently, as if the calm lake water was disturbed by people, which greatly affected the speed of everyone.


“No, it’s about to dispatch the main vine.”


In the soul force induction, everyone saw that the main vine, which was tens of thousands of miles long and hundreds of meters thick, was violently drawn. Although the distance between the main vine and Ye Chen was still two thousand miles, the countless branch vines on the main vine, The vines on the vines are like a big net, covering the sky and the ground, twisting the airflow in the huge area into a mess, sometimes forming a vortex, sometimes forming a sharp energy, and sometimes turning into a tornado.




There are too many vines, Ye Chen can’t guarantee that he can dodge them all, and he can’t use the sword. Once the sword is used, the speed will definitely be affected. When his mind moves, the silver snake sword on Ye Chen’s waist moves out of its sheath and melts. For a silver light, he slashed towards the countless vines we ushered in, puff puff puff


Although the Sword Mastery is not very powerful for Ye Chen today, it is not that Ye Chen has not studied the Sword Mastery. He has been able to control the sword from the air and perform a set of swordsmanship. Of course, at present, he can only use it. When it comes to the second-turn swordsmanship, the third-turn swordsmanship cannot be performed, and there are still many differences between using it from a distance and using it by yourself, and it is impossible to be exactly the same.


Lightning and fire!


Spring is on fire!


The Autumn Kills!


Wanhua took his life!


The White Dragon is Destroyed!


The five major second-turn swordsmanships were unfolded one after another, especially the most powerful White Dragon Destroyed the World. With one sword swing, a white dragon formed by sword energy was thrown out, and a large number of vines were torn and burned, helping Ye Dust fought for a silver lining.


“Play the sword from the air!”


Emperor Shiren admires Ye Chen more and more. As a swordsman, Ye Chen is amazing.




Suddenly, a ten-meter-thick vine swept the Silver Snake Sword out, and his mind was connected, Ye Chen’s face turned pale, his swordsmanship was a little bad, but he was easily implicated and his soul was shaken. The defensive power of his soul was still bearable. He hurriedly retracted the Silver Snake Sword. Ye Chen gritted his teeth and increased his speed again. With the naked eye, he could already see the edge of the Green Continent.


“Ye Chen, let me down, at such a distance, I can rely on the secret technique to increase my speed.”


Stone Emperor Dao.


Ye Chen nodded, and let go of Shiren Emperor’s left hand.


Before Ye Chen let go, Shi Rendi had already lit up with blood. After Ye Chen let go, Shi Rendi rode the blood and galloped at a speed no slower than Ye Chen. Obviously, this is a kind of Consuming a very huge secret technique, with this secret technique, Shi Rendi can be comparable to Ye Chen in speed.


Without the burden of the Stone Man Emperor, Ye Chen’s movements became more flexible, and the feeling of letting birds fly in the sky struck again.


Ahead, the three of the Emperor Chifeng had already entered the purple air current. Emperor Chifeng took out the Chifeng and began to accumulate energy for the main gun. No matter whether the Emperor-level Death Vine was injured or not, the Emperor Chifeng planned to let out a bad breath. .


A thousand miles!


Five hundred miles!


Three hundred miles!


“Flash off!”


Emperor Chifeng reminds Ye Chen and Emperor Shiren.




Ye Chen and Shi Rendi quickly separated, entering the purple air flow from left to right, and an extremely condensed red beam of light flashed between the two, booming, and the next moment, a huge fireball was in The emperor-level death vine exploded on the main vine, visible to the naked eye, and the main vine was directly blasted out of a hole


“Go to hell!”


The Red Wind Emperor fired another shot.




The main vine suddenly breaks, and the sap is directly evaporated.


However, this also completely angered the emperor-level death vine. A strong branch vine with a thickness of dozens of meters rushed into the purple airflow and slammed on the Chifeng.


The Chifeng was hit and flew backwards. The energy shield flickered a few times, and then went out immediately. This tens of meters thick vine can be regarded as one of the more important vines of the emperor-level death vine, and its attack power is quite terrifying. , which directly broke the energy shield of the Chifeng.


The speed did not decrease, and the emperor-level death vine also rushed into the purple airflow.


Looking from the, it can be seen that this emperor-level death vine is a humanoid plant life with a height of 10,000 meters. The main vine extends from its right arm, getting thicker and stronger than The body is many times larger, and there are seven vines tens of meters thick spreading out from the left arm. The one who slammed the Chifeng just now,




The purple electric current is not particularly sensitive to Ye Chen and others, but as soon as the emperor-level death vine rushed in, the purple electric current immediately gathered and turned into thick lightning strikes on the emperor-level death vine in an instant. , Hundreds of thousands of lightning bolts hit it, causing smoke to rise.


With a scream, the emperor-level death vine hurriedly withdrew from the purple airflow and returned to the green continent. His body was scorched black, as if it was scorched, and he was quite embarrassed.


“Haha, well chopped.”


In the Scarlet Wind, all five people were there, and when they saw this scene, they couldn’t help but smile.


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