Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1188: I’ll save him





Emperor Chifeng is not a good person, not to mention that the opponent is the Yasha clan, one of the mortal enemies of the human race. On the outer wall of the Chifeng, twenty-four puppet cannons are aimed at the past, banging…, twenty-four scarlet cannons. The beam of light flew, and the two Yasha emperors wanted to speed up and throw away the death vine, so they couldn’t dodge.


The Chifeng is an emperor-class battleship. The power of the puppet cannon is amazing. Even if a top-level emperor is directly hit, he will be severely injured and lose his combat effectiveness. The firelight and the emperor-level armor were all damaged, showing how terrifying the power of the emperor-level puppet gun was.




The screams sounded one after another, and the two were dragged down by the death vine that was chasing after them.


The trouble was solved, and the Red Wind Emperor continued to control the Red Wind’s extreme flight, but he did not feel that he could easily get rid of the death vine and began to accumulate energy for the main gun.


The Chifeng has 24 puppet guns, 22 of which are secondary guns, and two are main guns. A single shot of the secondary guns costs about 200,000 stone. The secondary guns are similar, but the main guns are made of better material, and the formation is more powerful. It can continuously accumulate the energy of the primeval stone. When the primeval energy is accumulated to the limit, a shot is fired, and the power is dozens of times that of the secondary gun. The emperor will be seriously injured or even die. Of course, the puppet cannon is a dead object and can only attack in a straight line. Unless the elementary emperor stands still, the probability of being hit is infinitely close to zero.


“I don’t think I’ll meet the death vine here?”


Emperor Xuekong has a worried expression on his face. The Death God Vine is named after the God of Death, so naturally it is not based on falsehood. The emperor-level death vine is an overwhelming existence for any seventh-level heavenly conferred emperor. One-on-one, there is almost no chance of winning. And the emperors who are less powerful than high-level emperors are completely cannon fodder to be killed in seconds.


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!


Reaper vine chases after him.


“Go to hell!”


Emperor Chifeng controls twenty-two secondary guns and begins artillery fire.


Unfortunately, the puppet cannon can only attack in a straight line. The flexibility is not enough, and it is difficult to attack the death vine. Fortunately, the attack speed of the death vine is slightly suppressed.


“Turn right, there is also a death vine ahead.”


At this moment, Ye Chen spoke quickly, reminding Emperor Chifeng.




The Emperor Chifeng was startled, and quickly controlled the Chifeng to turn right, drawing a beautiful and rapid red arc in mid-air, which was able to avoid the attack of a dead vine.


“Hold on a little longer. The main battery’s energy is almost accumulated.”


The Scarlet Wind Emperor began to sweat on his forehead. Not just worrying about escaping this botanical field. He is even more worried about whether his Chifeng will be unpredictable, this is his lifeblood, if he sells it. Billions are easy and priceless.




The Red Wind breaks through the purple airflow. In extreme flight, Ye Chen reckoned that if it was his Phantom, it would have been torn in half by Death Vine long ago.


After taking a dozen breaths, Emperor Chifeng said happily: “Okay, these two hateful guys, try the power of the main guns of the emperor-class battleship!”


The main gun is turned and aimed at the back.


Boom! boom!


Two earth-shattering loud noises sounded, and the Chifeng trembled violently, as if it could not withstand the shock force of the main gun firing.


The soul force of the five people scanned the back, and saw two crimson beams of light slanted down into the ground. The next moment, two terrifying fireballs exploded, and the fireballs became larger and larger, and finally became hemispherical, covering each They lived on the ground for hundreds of miles, and finally joined together, as if a red ball had been split in half.


The black vines of Reaper Vine were blown up by the fireball, shattered, broken in the middle, and hung down weakly, making it difficult to pursue the Chifeng anymore.




Scarlet Wind Emperor has a smile on his face.


“The power of the main guns of the emperor-class warships is really great.” Ye Chen was shocked. The Zihua Secret Realm is similar to the life planet, and the rejection of energy is extremely serious. Even so, the main guns of the emperor-class warships can destroy hundreds of miles. The square ground can be seen from this.


“Can it be big? Two shots cost 10 million yuan of stone.”


Emperor Chifeng said proudly.


“Cut, isn’t there an emperor-class battleship?” The Fire Sparrow Emperor disdainfully said.


Emperor Xuekong said with a smile: “Little Huoque is jealous?”


“Am I jealous of him?”


“Don’t be arrogant, we seem to have provoked a real powerful creature.” The Stone Man Emperor’s face was heavy, and he pointed to the right.


Tens of thousands of miles to the right, a terrifying black vine that is tens of thousands of miles long and hundreds of meters thick broke out of the ground. This black vine is not only a bare one, but also has many branches. There are many vines on the branches, it is like a net of heaven and earth. Compared with him, the previous death vines are not worth mentioning.


“Is this the emperor-level death vine, when did the Zihua secret realm become so dangerous?”


This time, everyone is a little stunned.


“You can see the edge there, go there.”


There is no way out of the sky. Through the eye of the soul, Ye Chen finally saw the edge of the green continent. There is a purple air current, and the electric light is flickering. Although it does not look very safe, it is better than the emperor level. Grim Reaper Vine to contend.




At this time, everyone couldn’t have any fighting spirit at all, and was overtaken by the emperor-level death vine, and there was no life. This green continent should be the site of the death vine.


The Chifeng is fast, but the Emperor-level Death Vine is even faster.


Twenty thousand miles.


Ten thousand miles.


Five thousand miles.


Two thousand miles.




A slightly thinner, but a dozen meters thick vine also extends from the main vine, and slams the Chifeng on the Chifeng. Suddenly, the Chifeng is thrown out by the slap, and the energy cover is extremely distorted. , almost shattered.


“Leave the Red Wind, everyone.”


As soon as the Chifeng was thrown into the air, the Emperor Chifeng knew that it was not good, and he quickly opened the hatch to let everyone out. After a few swoops, all five rushed out, and the Emperor Chifeng put away the Chifeng. .


In terms of speed alone, the Chifeng is not as fast as it is on its own, but the Chifeng is safer, and the energy shield can withstand the repeated attacks of the elementary emperors.


But that’s out of the question now, the huge Chifeng is completely a living target.


Leaving the Chifeng, the speed of the five people immediately increased sharply, getting closer and closer to the purple airflow on the edge of the green continent, but also getting closer and closer to the emperor-level death vine behind.


Coming soon!


Coming soon!


The five people raised their speed to the Among them, Ye Chen was the fastest.




At this moment, the slowest stone man emperor suddenly stopped. His feet were entangled by a vine as thick as a wrist. Body.


“Go away!”


Seeing the four of them turn around, a struggling look flashed across the Shiren Emperor’s face, and he immediately roared.




Emperor Huoque is usually carefree, but she was the first to rush over.




Abruptly, a figure appeared in front of Emperor Huojing and knocked her back, “What are you doing?” Emperor Huojing glared at Ye Chen with fire in his eyes.


“I’ll save him.”


Speaking, Ye Chen quickly flew towards the Shiren Emperor. (To be continued)


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