Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1186: The Secret Realm of Zihua



Did not stay in the Paradise of God for too long, Ye Chen made an appointment with Emperor Xuekong, Emperor Chifeng, to meet at the end of this month.


Carrying on the ship of God, Ye Chen quietly rushed to the Golden Armor Star in the Xuanwu Star Region.




Jin Jiaxing, Sun Moon Restaurant.


“Haha, I’m just waiting for you, I thought you would be a few days late.” The Emperor Chifeng greeted him with a smile.


Seeing that Emperor Huojing and Emperor Shiren were both present, Ye Chen also smiled: “It seems that I am the slowest.”


“Of course you are the slowest, we came three days ago.”


The Fire Sparrow Emperor pouted.


The five people sat down and started to eat and drink. After eating and drinking, the topic started.


“Brother Ye, last time I made an appointment with you to meet at the end of this month, I think you should have guessed something!” Chifeng Emperor took a sip of wine and said.


Ye Chen said: “It should be a team adventure!”


“That’s right.”


The Emperor Chifeng raised his thumb, admiring Ye Chen.


Ye Chen smiled, “What kind of secret realm, if it is a general secret realm, I am not interested.” His apprentices have begun to enter the secret realm, Ye Chen is somewhat curious, after all, he has already arrived in the four major life star fields. In the past year, I have never crossed the mystical realm of the starry sky once, which is really unreasonable.


“The Secret Realm of Zihua!”


Emperor Xuekong continued.


“Oh? It’s one of the three emperor-level secret realms.”


The secret realm is divided into many levels, the lowest is the king-level secret realm, followed by the king-level secret realm, then the emperor-level secret realm, the emperor-level secret realm and even the most terrifying supreme secret realm.


The emperor-level secret realm is more suitable for the seventh-level heavenly conferred emperor. For the seventh-level heavenly conferred emperor, it is not too dangerous, but this is an ordinary emperor-level secret realm. As one of the three emperor-level secret realms, the Zihua secret realm is dangerous. The degree increased tenfold. Even a top-level emperor would have a lot of danger to enter. Correspondingly, in the Zihua secret realm, there are many treasures, and there are various emperor-level spirit grasses. According to legend, there is a Zihua fairy grass garden.


Purple Flower Immortal Grass is the top Emperor Grade Spirit Grass, which can heal soul wounds. It can also restore soul power, and at critical moments, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a life-saving herb.


In addition to the spirit grass, there are also many other treasures in the Zihua secret realm, as long as they can survive. Generally do not come home empty-handed.


“Have you ever found the fruit of life and death in the secret realm of Zihua?” Ye Chen suddenly asked.


“The fruit of life and death?” Emperor Xuekong said in surprise: “Why do you want this thing, this thing is useless to us, and it is also useful to those warriors who have no hope of entering the realm of life and death.”


Ye Chen said without concealment, “This is for my parents.”


“So it is, but I really don’t know if the Zihua Secret Realm has the fruit of life and death. I think it should. After all, the Zihua Secret Realm is rich in spirit grass.”


besides. Emperor Shiren said: “The fruit of life and death is a rather peculiar kind of spiritual plant in the universe. It does not grow in a certain place, but in any special place. It may exist, and if you want to look for it, you may not find it in your life. Arrived, but luck came. It can be found anywhere.”


“That’s right.” Ye Chen nodded, and then said, “Why do you think of me? Actually, we haven’t known each other for a long time!”


Hearing the words, the Fire Sparrow Emperor said: “Why, are you still afraid that we will cheat you?”


“Not really, just curious.”


Emperor Chifeng explained: “Eighth-level emperors, you don’t have to think about it. They usually choose to explore the secret realm of the emperor level. Although we know a lot of people below the eighth-level emperor, there are not many people who are strong enough. , The most important thing is that everyone has a personal circle, the four of us are a circle, I don’t know if you are willing to join our circle.”


Speaking, Emperor Chifeng looked at Ye Chen.


“Since the few of you don’t dislike it, then it’s better for Ye Chen to be respectful than to obey. I hope to cooperate happily in the future.” Ye Chen was not hypocritical and simply said.


“It was a pleasure working together.”


Scarlet Wind Emperor Xue Kong Emperor smiled.


Ye Chen’s potential and strength are obvious to all. Whether it’s because of Ye Chen’s outstanding temperament or Ye Chen’s potential, it’s never wrong to make this friend.


“When do you leave?” Ye Chen asked.


“Don’t worry, I have a remnant of the Zihua Secret Realm here. Let’s study it first, it’s better than rushing around in it.” Emperor Chifeng found a remnant. This remnant was said to be a remnant, but in fact It is quite complete. The material is similar to sheepskin, but it is many times tougher than sheepskin. It has a faint luster. There are dense lines on it. Ye Chen looked at it and found that the lines are very dense and can’t see anything at all. , only to find out that this is a miniature picture, which needs to be enlarged a thousand times to see clearly. Obviously, the scope of this residual picture is very large.


“I got this residual picture from an auction. If it is true, it can save us a lot of time and avoid a lot of danger. The place marked in red should be a dangerous place. The cyan place is a treasure land, but I have been to the Zihua Secret Realm a few times, but I haven’t found any terrain similar to the one above, let’s take a look, have you seen the familiar terrain?” The Chifeng Emperor completely spread out the remnants of the map.


Ye Chen had never been to the Zihua Secret Realm, so he had no right to speak, and silently wrote down the remnant pictures.


After half a cup of tea, Emperor Shiren pointed to a small dot, which was enlarged a thousand times and turned into a Jade Girl Peak, and said, “I have been to this place.”


“Okay, in this way, this residual image is cracked.”


The Scarlet Wind Emperor looked excited.


As long as the Jade Girl Peak is found, this residual map can be of great use.


“Let’s go in three days! Get ready everyone.”


Put the residual image away, Emperor Chifeng suggested.




Ye Chen nodded.


“We have no opinion.”




Three days later, the five set off.


The Secret Realm of Zihua is not located in the four life star fields, but 300,000 light-years away in the southeast of the Xuanwu star The five people first came to the southeastern edge of the Xuanwu star field through the star teleportation array, Then boarded the small imperial-class battleship of the Red Wind Emperor.


Speaking of this small emperor-class battleship, it was also obtained by the Red Wind Emperor in a secret realm.


In terms of speed, the Emperor-class warship is three times that of the Emperor-class warship, 300,000 light-years, and only takes a dozen days.


The interior of the Imperial-class battleship is very luxurious, much more luxurious than Ye Chen’s Phantom.


“The southern part of the Xuanwu Star Territory is occupied by demons and many other aliens. The Zihua Secret Realm is not too far away from these aliens. This time, we will inevitably encounter aliens such as demons. Be careful.”


In the starry sky, every secret realm is dangerous, but most of the dangers are actually from aliens, unless it is a secret realm inside the four life star fields, but the secret realms inside the four life star fields are all king-level The secret realm is the king-level secret realm, and there are very few higher-level secret realms.


“What are you afraid of, come one, kill one.”


Emperor Firefly’s eyes flashed red. (To be continued)


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