Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1184: Seal jade plaque



After staying at Qinglong Star for a while, Ye Chen decided to leave.


As for Xu Jing and Murong Qingcheng, they need to cultivate without distractions, and Qinglongxing is just right for them.


“Little guy, this is a gift from our dragon family!”


On the square, the Golden Armored Dragon Emperor threw his right hand, and two jade medals were shot at Ye Chen, one was cyan and the other glowed with iridescent light.


“What is this?”


Taking over the jade plaques, Ye Chen looked at them. Both jade plaques had dragon reliefs on them, which looked quite extraordinary.


“The cyan jade token is the token of our dragon clan’s guest, that is to say, from now on, you will be the guest of our dragon clan. If there is anything that cannot be solved, you can ask our dragon clan for help. Of course, the corresponding , My Dragon Clan members are in distress outside. You can help me. As for the colored jade card, it is a sealed jade card. This jade card is very rare. It seals the power of the Holy Dragon Fist. In times of life and death crisis, you can Unseal the jade card and release the power of the Holy Dragon Fist. Whether the power of the Holy Dragon Fist is strong or not is closely related to your realm. With your cultivation of the sixth level of life and death, it is estimated that you can only release the power of the seventh-order Holy Dragon Fist. .”


The Golden Armored Dragon Emperor smiled.




Even the power of the seventh-order holy dragon fist is already very powerful. It can completely kill the elementary emperors in seconds, and the middle emperors will be seriously injured by a punch.


“No need to thank you, your longevity is good for my dragon family.”


“Hehe, then I’ll try my best!”


The Phantom took off and flew out of the atmosphere of Qinglong Star.


“Do your best to save your life! Aliens will not tolerate you growing stronger.”


The Golden Armored Dragon Emperor said to himself that he has seen too many geniuses fall into the hands of alien powerhouses. He himself is not an earth-shattering genius, but he has also encountered countless dangers in his life. As long as there is one danger If he didn’t survive, he would be gone now. It can be said that the more terrifying the talent Ye Chen showed. The more dangerous his situation is, the alien race will eradicate him without compromise, lest the human race have another Supreme Being.


Suddenly, the Golden Armored Dragon Emperor smiled, “The human race is not in a hurry, but our dragon race is in a hurry.”




God’s Paradise.


“I’m too sharp right now, I’m afraid the alien race has long been planning to eradicate me. If I show a stronger, more terrifying point, it is estimated that the alien race will start a bigger plan for insurance, and send a stronger killer.”


“It’s not unreasonable to say that Mu Xiu will blow in the forest wind. It seems that for a long time to come, it is best not to irritate the aliens too much, and I will talk about it when I have some confidence.”


Looking at the God of War Tower, Ye Chen shook his head and turned to leave.


The Tower of the God of War has ten floors, and reaching the tenth floor is the strength of the God of War. If you pass the tenth floor, you will have the strength of the war emperor. Ye Chen has the so-called ‘war emperor’ strength very early. Passing the tenth floor is no problem. Legend has it that after passing the tenth floor of the God of War Tower and the tenth floor of the survival tower, God The coin reward is very high, and it is more than enough to exchange three high-level Heavenly King-level suits. The high-level Heavenly King-level suit is equivalent to the high-level emperor-level armor. In addition, the high-level heavenly-level suit can increase the energy and increase the combat power several times. In terms of preciousness, it is several percent higher than the high-level emperor-level armor.


But Ye Chen didn’t plan to clear the God of War Tower and the Survival Tower so early. This is mainly because once you clear the War God Tower and the Survival Tower, you will leave your name on the War God Monument and the Survival Monument on the tenth floor, you know. The God of War monument and the survival monument in all parks are the same. Once the name is left, other members of the park will know it. As a result, they can’t hide it if they want to hide it, and they can only wait for the assassination of the alien race! You can’t stay at home all the time and don’t go out.


Of course, this is mainly due to the fact that the **** coin reward is not high enough. If the **** coin reward is enough for Ye Chen to exchange for a top-level king-level suit, Ye Chen might consider it.


A high-level Heavenly King-level suit requires 5 million divine coins, and a top-level heavenly-level suit requires 30 million divine coins. In terms of defense power, the top-level heavenly-level suit is comparable to the elementary emperor-level armor, and the life and death realm is below the seventh heaven. The energy can be increased ten times, which is equivalent to ten times the combat power. At the realm of Ye Chen, ten times the combat power may not be a lot. If the martial arts are improved a little, it is dozens or hundreds of times the combat power, but sometimes it is It’s very important, after all, there is a critical point in defense power, and maybe you can kill the opponent just a little bit.


In the next time, Ye Chen stayed on the second floor of the Time Tower all day, not to improve his cultivation, but to work hard to penetrate the sword domain.


The higher the sword field, the harder it is to improve. Although the sword field has great benefits for improving the sword field, one must have a deep understanding of the sword field, otherwise, it will not be able to absorb too much of the essence of the sword.


Now that Ye Chen’s sword domain has reached the peak of the fifth level, he is only one step away from reaching the sixth level.


The fifth level peak and the sixth level seem to be separated by a step, but the gap is like the sky and the earth.


The realm is the difficulty for all the powerhouses, even the supreme ones have a headache for the realm. The appearance of the heavy peak, if Ye Chen can push the sword domain to the sixth level, this is undoubtedly a qualitative improvement.


Time flies fast.


Blink, it’s time to enter the Advanced Hunting Field.


The Demon Hunting Team has become a taboo in the advanced hunting battlefield. Basically, no Alien Paradise team dares to approach. As soon as they see the Demon Hunting Team, they run away, which makes the rest of the Demon Hunting Team feel depressed.


What Ye Chen didn’t realize, there are gains and losses, and everything has two sides.


Without their opponents, the Demon Hunting team focused all their attention on killing worms. They could only accumulate coins by killing worms. Fortunately, now everyone is afraid of them, and they search everywhere without any scruples. Divine insects, the more powerful the divine insects, the better.


Ordinary Divine Elite Divine Insect, Commander Divine Insect.


Kill batch after batch.


After seven days, the Demon Hunting team killed a total of 100 ordinary worms, 30 elite worms, and 10 commander worms. The total team income plus team rewards reached 121. Ye Chen alone occupied most of the 11,000 **** coins, with 700,000 **** coins.


It’s not as good as it used to be, but it’s a lot.


Leaving the hunting tower, Ye Chen continued to return to the second floor of the time tower.


At the same time, the outside world of genius is surging. Ten years have passed, and the trial field of God will be opened again. It is rumored that the quota for entering the paradise of God will be relaxed. In the past, there were only about ten people. This time Maybe there will be twenty or even thirty people, mainly because there are too few members in the Paradise of God, and a certain amount of new blood needs to be replenished, which has also happened in the past years.


Of course, the number of places is in the hands of the gods of the Paradise of God. He is the manager of the Paradise of God. In his eyes, there must be a standard line. Enter the Paradise of God. (To be continued…)


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