Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1116: Review



“It’s not easy.”


Seeing that King Mole was dead, Ye Chen let out a heavy breath. He was able to kill King Mole with two points. The first was the strength of a medium war emperor. With such a soul attack secret technique, if he loses any point, he will not be able to kill King Mole smoothly, and he will definitely be escaped by the other party.


With a breath, King Mole’s low-level Heavenly King-level suit, blood-colored warhammer, and storage spirit ring were pulled over by invisible forces and landed on Ye Chen’s hand. This is a blue-black suit with a breastplate. It was shaped like the head of a demon beast, but it was flattened. It had endured Ye Chen’s two diaries, leaving only two marks on the breastplate.


Under normal circumstances, the price of a low-level Heavenly King-level suit is not less than three million yuan stone. The reason why it is so expensive is because there is no market for it.


What is rare is more valuable, and this principle works everywhere.


Erase the soul imprint on the storage spirit ring, and Ye Chen’s soul force penetrates into it.


King Mole brought a lot of primeval stones, 500,000. Ye Chen found out that the war might make him a fortune. So far, he has received more than 600,000 stones. Count the wealth to come.


“The leader is dead, run away!”


Many Yasha soldiers saw this scene and immediately retreated.


King Mole is the blood diamond commander, ten times more powerful than ordinary commanders. Such powerful beings have been killed, how can they stop Ye Chen? After all, Ye Chen is not alone, and there are thousands of people present. Clan soldiers, it is no exaggeration to say that if they do not escape, Ye Chen alone can kill them all in a short time.


“Impossible, how could the captain die at his hands?”


The most unacceptable is undoubtedly the members of the Blood Hammer team. They can’t believe that Ye Chen, who was still the emperor two years ago, has the strength to kill King Mole. It’s not that King Mole has not fought against the middle war emperor. Out of the five times, every time he was able to retreat completely, it is reasonable to say that only a high-level war emperor can kill King Mole in an instant.


“Let’s go without further ado.”


King Mole is dead, and the six members of the Blood Hammer team fled without any hesitation. They have the strength of a quasi-emperor, and it is too easy to escape.


“Where to go!”


The King of Arrows shoots fourteen arrows in a row. Each arrow has the lethality to seriously injure ordinary Zhundi.


Lu Wenjie’s marksmanship exploded to the limit, and a huge blood flower bloomed in the ruins. This blood flower was composed of countless small blood flowers, with the center of the blood flower. It is a spear that chooses to devour.


Liu Di, Sima Fei, Zhang Yinyin, and Yuan Hong also attacked their opponents with all their strength, and the ultimate move was frequent. Unfortunately, the two sides were equally powerful, but their strength was limited, and there were melee warriors and Yasha soldiers everywhere. , hindered them to some extent. How to keep each other.




The King of Arrows stopped chasing and set the target on the Yasha soldiers. Every time the bowstring was loosened, three or four Yasha soldiers would fall. Arrow kills.


The soldiers of the Yasha tribe began to collapse and fled in a panic. Ye Chen killed more than 400 soldiers in the chaos, but only a thousand people escaped.


Of course. The human soldiers are also miserable here, at a glance. There were only less than 3,000 people left, plus the 500 people led by the King of Arrows.


As the saying goes, kill one thousand enemies and lose eight hundred.


Five thousand versus five thousand, a situation of total annihilation is basically impossible, unless your soldiers are ten times stronger than the opponent’s soldiers.


In addition to the 40 or 50 people killed earlier, Ye Chen killed a total of nearly 500 people in this battle, obtained more than 400 storage rings, more than 100 armors, and more than 300 weapons. Quite abundant.


“Everyone, thank you for your help, Liu is very grateful.”


The old man in purple clothes had good luck. The commander died, but he lived to the end. There is a saying that Jiang is still old, and the old man has more experience.


Wanjian Wang Dao: “Everyone in the ruins of Xuanwu is a comrade-in-arms, no need to be grateful.”


The deceased are dead, and the wealth they left behind has made everyone a small fortune. The Yasha tribe lost nearly 4,000 soldiers, and the Human tribe lost more than 2,000 soldiers, adding up to more than 6,000 soldiers. In other words, There are more than 6,000 pieces of wealth in the entire battlefield. Among these more than 6,000 pieces of wealth, some of them may be big wealth, which can save them from struggling for decades or even hundreds of years. Of course, Ye Chen and others have collected a lot of wealth. About three or four thousand were left on the battlefield.


Ye Chen didn’t go to check how many primeval stones were in the storage spirit ring one by one.


“Liu Dutong, we still have 3,000 people left, why don’t we make persistent efforts and continue to hunt down the enemy. You should see Ye Chen’s strength. His strength is comparable to that of Zijin Commander. Don’t be afraid, a team of 1,000 people, come and eat a few, we don’t need to be afraid of a team of 5,000 people.” The King of Arrows tried hard to persuade the old man in purple.


The old man in purple pondered for a while, and then nodded vigorously, “Okay, the daring starves to death. If you do this once, you won’t need to take risks in the next ten years.”


He sees Ye Chen’s strength. As King Wanjian said, as long as Ye Chen is here, they really don’t need to be afraid. If they don’t take advantage of this time to make some money, they will have no chance in the future. , The King of Arrows and the other six are also terrifying masters, and the seven of them are worth thousands of people for their role on the battlefield.


“But I still have to discuss it with the other two Dadu.” The purple clothed old man said again.


The King of Arrows nodded.


After a while, the old man in purple flew over with a smile, “They agreed.”


No one is a fool, anyone who is willing to give up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and the cowardly will not join the army and enter the ruins of Xuanwu.


In this way, the two teams merged and became one team. The old man in purple was temporarily the chief commander, and the other two were mostly deputy. As for Ye Chen and other seven people, although their ranks were slightly lower, they It can be said that, after all, it will depend on the seven of them to contribute.




Time is like running water, and soon, one and a half months have passed.


In the past month and a half, the 3,000-strong team led by the old man in purple and assisted by Ye Chen and others killed 15 enemy teams, nine teams of 500 people and six teams of 1,000 people The team wiped out about 10,000 enemies in total, and no one escaped. During this period, Ye Chen also found a team of 5,000 people, but Ye Chen didn’t say it. With their strength, they can indeed defeat 5,000 people. The enemy team, but the loss will be very heavy, after all, no matter how powerful he is, it is impossible to destroy too many enemies in a short period of time. He does not want to cause too many human soldiers to die because of his own reasons.


After another three days, everyone finally decided to leave the ruins of Xuanwu.




On the emerald-green battleship of the King of Arrows, everyone was drinking and chatting loudly, looking very excited.


500 people when they came, but only 20 fewer people when they returned. The loss is very small. The most important thing is that everyone who went back has gained a lot, and some soldiers even got tens of thousands A piece of primeval stone, more than twenty pieces of top-quality treasures, and even a few thousand yuanstones, four or five top-quality treasures, how can you not be excited.


You must know that the ordinary king of life and death has a net worth of one or two thousand yuan stone. This is still saved by frugality. In the universe, there are so many kings of life and death, they are just ordinary members. , they have been worrying about earning primeval stones or improving their cultivation all their lives, so when the opportunity comes, they are willing to take risks. Joining the army may seem dangerous, but it is actually a way to make money.


Of course, whoever gains the most is Ye Chen.


Ye Chen obtained a total of more than 1,200 storage spirit rings and 1,000 top-quality treasures.


Among the more than 1,200 storage spirit rings, the primeval stone added up to 2 million, which was several times Ye Chen’s net worth, making him a millionaire all of a sudden.


As for the value of 1,000 high-quality treasures, although the value is less than 2 million yuan stone, it is not a lot. In the weapon store, the price of a high-quality low-quality treasure is two or three hundred yuan stone, and the price of a high-quality medium treasure is 200 yuan. The price is 500 to 700 yuan stones, and the value of a top-quality high-grade treasure is 1,000 to 1,500 yuan stones. Calculated on an average of 700 yuan stones, Ye Chen’s thousand pieces are The total value of the superb treasures has reached 700,000.


This doesn’t even include King Moller’s Bronze Demon suit and Scarlet Warhammer, because the two alone are worth millions of stone.


In short, Ye Chen’s harvest exceeded 5 million Yuanshi during this trip to the Xuanwu ruins.


“Don’t worry about it now.”


After taking a sip of wine, Ye Chen smiled. He never thought that war was a way to make a fortune, no, it was a way to make a fortune.


Several times a year, ten years later, my net worth is tens of millions.


Excluding the wealth, Ye Chen’s number of kills is shocking. In the past two months, the total number of kills is 1,550, including one leader, five generals, and eleven small capitals. , Forty-three centurions, more than 200 soldiers at the upper level, more than 400 soldiers at the intermediate level, and more than 700 soldiers at the lower level.


In this way, Ye Chen can already be promoted to Dadutong. As for promotion to commander, he is still a little short. To be promoted to commander needs to kill two commanders, ten Dadutong, Ye Chen is still half way, after all, a thousand people can only There is a great commander, and there is only one commander for a team of 5,000 people.


Back to everyone teleported to Jinjiaxing through the teleportation array.


The north hall of Jinjia Xingjia Bingcheng.


Here is dedicated to counting records.


“The team numbered 1,000, lost 420, killed 832, and achieved a moderate record.”


“The team numbered 5,000, lost 1,842 people, killed 1,500 people, and had a low record.”


“The team numbered 500, lost 300, killed 252 enemies, and had a low record.”


In the hall, there is a cold voice from time to time, it is the voice of a woman.


It turns out that every time you lead a team to battle, the performance evaluation will be carried out. If the number of people lost exceeds the number of enemies killed, the record will be significantly worse, and the number of people lost is less than the number of enemies killed. , but so far, there is not a single superior, but the most inferior.


Think about it too, with the same number of people, the Terran doesn’t actually have any advantage. (To be continued) 8


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