Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1040: Death Sword



Whether it is for Luo Yinkong Yuanqing or Leng Feihan, Ye Chen is a mysterious person, a mysterious swordsman. He doesn’t know where he came from or his identity. Luo Yinkong Yuanqing Even if Leng Feihan is the seventh-ranked person on the Heavenly Kings List, except for a few very mysterious geniuses on the Heavenly Kings list, he has seen or heard of others, but he is unable to connect with Ye Chen.


Obviously, Ye Chen is not a genius on the Heavenly King List.


But Leng Feihan was sure that most of the geniuses on the Tianwang Ranking only had the fate of being killed instantly when they met Ye Chen.




The bidder was an indifferent yellow-clothed old man. His eyes were half-open and half-closed.


“It’s the King of Silence, and he actually participated in this auction.”


The King of Jingjing, the Fire Bird Star became a famous king, the realm of cultivation is as high as the peak of the fifth heaven of life and death. A few, these kings of life and death died extremely tragically. They exploded and died from the inside out, and there was no drop of blood.


“It’s really bad luck, I wanted to photograph this small Uranus-class battleship.”


The face of a slightly fat middle-aged king who stood up changed several times. Finally, he had to sit down in a slump. Compared with the small Tianwang-class battleship, his own life was the most important thing. King Jingjing was not a good person. Moody, can not be deduced with common sense.


The name of the person, the shadow of the tree, due to the appearance of King Jingjing, the auction was cold. The auctioneer smiled bitterly. It seems that this small Tianwang-class battleship is likely to fall into the hands of King Jingjing. , although not reconciled, but there is no way, fortunately, the price has climbed to 170,000 at this time, and there is still a little profit.


“Eighteen thousand.”


In the VIP room in the corner, Ye Chen’s voice came out indifferently.


“Good courage, dare to fight against King Jingjing!”


Many people looked at the VIP room where Ye Chen was. There is both admiration and imperceptible pity in his eyes.


“180,000, okay, someone has bid again, does anyone continue to increase the price?” The auctioneer smiled happily. As long as someone raises the price. The final price of this small Heavenly King-class battleship will definitely not be low. As for whether Ye Chen will cause trouble because of this, it is not in his scope of consideration. Nothing else.


“One hundred and ninety thousand.”


The King of Jingjing continued to make an offer. At the same time, he glanced at Ye Chen in the VIP room in the corner through the transparent glass of the VIP room, his eyes. At this time, it has been fully opened, and it is gray and white, which makes people feel chills in their hearts.


However, Ye Chen didn’t seem to notice that King Jingjing was looking at him, and immediately quoted the price of 200,000.


“Young people have too much appetite, which is not a good thing. This small Tianwang-class battleship will be temporarily kept with you.”


The King Jingjing gave Ye Chen a deep look, his eyes closed slightly. No more bidding.


“It’s really courageous to grab the small Tianwang-class battleship from King Jingjing.”


Some people shook their heads in their hearts and said: “I’m still too young, I don’t know how to advance or retreat, so what if I can take pictures of a small Tianwang-class battleship. Offend King Jingjing, he is destined to lose money and money, and eventually lose his life, Jianghu. It’s not that easy to mess with, and if it’s a little bit wrong, it’s a life-threatening situation.”


No one spoke again, and the auctioneer excitedly said, “Once 200,000, twice 200,000, 3 times 200,000, the deal is done, this small Tianwang-class battleship is now in the forty-eighth VIP room, congratulations .”


At this point, the Lihuocheng auction has ended successfully, but many people know that the matter has just begun. Before, Mr. Cangyue said that he would challenge the lifeless swordsman Leng Weiwei. Now, Ye Chen has offended King Jingjing again. Two things, either one, were enough to arouse their interest and curiosity.


After delivering 200,000 yuan of stone, Ye Chen got a light-gold Tianwang-class battleship about 100 meters long. After receiving the battleship into the best storage spirit ring, Ye Chen turned and left the auction.




In the wilderness outside the east gate of Lihuo City, there are huge crowds of people. Everyone is staring at Leng Feihan and Cang Yue Gongzi in the sky. On a huge dead tree in the wilderness, Ye Chen floats on it, and Jingjing King is now He didn’t seem to have any plans to trouble him, and he also stared at Leng Feihan and Cang Yue in the sky.


Young Master Cangyue doesn’t care, the lifeless swordsman Leng Feifei is not a good generation, even if he is the King of Jingji, he should be treated with caution, genius is enviable, even if you have accumulated thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years, Maybe it can’t match the efforts of the other party for decades, the universe starry sky is an era of great genius.


“Leng Feifei, maybe you think that my son Cangyue is beyond our own power, but I will soon let you know that I am no longer the son of Cangyue nine years ago. Now, even if I can’t bring you to threaten, and no one should take it lightly.”


Young Master Cangyue’s face became solemn, and there were strands of light black saber aura from his body.


“What a vicious sword.”


The eyes of many famous legends narrowed. The light black sword qi on Cangyue’s body is not simple. This is not an ordinary sword qi. It contains fierceness and defeat.


“Go ahead, I’ll give you a chance.”


Leng Feifei didn’t mean to draw a knife.


“Okay, then I’m welcome.”


Young Master Cangyue never thought of defeating Leng Feihan, because it was impossible. Leng Feihan ranked seventh on the list of heavenly kings, and even Master Jinghong was far behind him. Young Master Jinghong, let alone Leng Feihan, who was ranked more than 80 places higher than Young Master Jinghong.


This challenge, he wants to verify how much progress he has made in the past nine years, how far he has achieved, and whether he can survive a knife in Leng Feihan’s hand.


If he can survive this knife, it will greatly promote his Dao of the Blade.




Unexpectedly, Young Master Cangyue did not pull out the treasured saber either. He leaned back and his muscles tightened. The next moment, like a bow stretched to the limit, he suddenly loosened the string, woo Wuwu, a piercing scream sounded, and a bright black sword qi burst out from inside Cang Yue’s chest. As soon as this sword qi appeared, it brought a huge sense of crisis to the people present. It seemed that this sword qi appeared. What a horrible thing.


“Does the body contain sword energy?”


A trace of surprise flashed across Ye Chen’s face, the black sword qi was not the sword qi emitted normally, but the sword qi stored in the body of Young Master Cangyue. With an extremely murderous aura, and then tempered with his own will of the Dao of the Blade.


No one knows that the reason why Mr. Cangyue disappeared for nine years is because he was looking for the place of death, in order to absorb the aura of death in the place of death, and all this was because of a movie called The secret method of the Dao of the Sword in “Knife of the Dead”. “Ferocious Sword Qi” is a secret method of the Dao of the Sword created by the Emperor of the Dead Sword hundreds of thousands of years ago. This secret method of the Dao of the Sword needs to absorb a lot of murderous Qi, and then use the secret method to make it into the sword. Consistent with the will of the Dao of the Blade, it can only be successful after a thousand trials and tribulations.


The murderous sword qi is divided into three levels, the first level is black sword qi, the second level is purple sword qi, and the third level is colored sword qi.


Achieving the first realm, the murderous sword qi has a huge power, the second realm is enough to instantly kill most of the kings below the seventh realm of life and death, reaching the third realm, and can even compete with the eighth realm of life and death. The emperor-level king of the realm, after all, the murderous sword emperor himself is an emperor-level king of the eighth heaven of life and death.


Once the Fierce Death Sword Qi is successfully cultivated, a wisp of sword qi will appear in the dantian in the body. After this wisp of sword qi is released, it will not lose control and is very spiritual. From the ordinary sword-fighting technique, the murderous sword qi is not known how many times more powerful.


With the murderous sword spirit, Cangyue Master dared to challenge the lifeless swordsman Leng Weiwei.




Under the control of Young Master Cangyue, the murderous sword slashed through the sky and slashed at Leng Feihan with one blow.


“Not the right way.”


Leng Feifei took a look with his left hand, as if catching the sun and the moon, holding the murderous sword aura.


“The way of the sword is like the ocean, who is the right way and who is the deviant way, who can tell clearly, scattered!”


Young Master Cangyue’s expression remained the same, and his right hand was spread out.




Induction of each other’s qi machine, the murderous sword qi is like a black mist, and it suddenly spreads out.


Ferocious Saber Qi, which can be gathered or dispersed, is equivalent to a treasured sword in the form of energy.


However, no matter how powerful the Fierce Death Sword Qi was, it would be difficult for him to break through Leng Fei’s line of defense. I saw his footsteps move slightly, and his left hand pinched the Fierce Death Sword Qi again. Few people could clearly see how he moved.


“Let’s go!”


Young Master Cangyue drank violently.




An astonishing scene happened. This time, the murderous saber aura did not disperse smoothly. Like a poisonous snake that was pinched seven inches, it kept shaking and struggling.




Young Master Cang Yue lost his voice.


“Sure enough, he has already entered the room in terms of power control. Entering the unpredictable Ye Chen’s eyesight is so sharp, the five fingers of the cold and extraordinary left hand, each finger exudes different strength, five The root finger is the five forces, and the five forces act on the murderous sword qi, making it difficult for the murderous sword to disperse as a whole.


These five fingers, I am afraid that even the spirit body without physical body can be easily grasped, just like the Five Finger Mountain of the Buddha.


“You also take me a knife.”


Pinching the murderous saber qi in his left hand, his right hand turned into a palm saber, and Leng Feifei swung the palm saber at Young Master Cangyue in the air.




Young Master Cangyue didn’t even have time to react. His body was divided into two parts. Because he was wearing a high-grade treasure armor, although Master Cangyue’s body was divided into two parts, it didn’t fall apart, but it wasn’t over yet. , Young Master Cangyue’s body, which was divided into two halves, suddenly burst out with millions of tiny sword qi.


I didn’t even pull out the sword, even if Leng Feihan had a palm knife, it was not something Cang Yue could bear.


The people watching the battle gasped, and their bodies went cold.


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